Mentally regressed

Another psychologist-inspired story. This was part of a set I commissioned over a decade ago. This is the last photo of the set, where — well, you should have it figured out by now. In my opinion, this woman NAILED the pose. I hope those of you seeing it agree. One thing about it, though the woman is completely naked, it’s a PG or PG-13 nude. No naughty bits are showing. It’s something that could possibly be shown to a child. Of course, it might imprint itself in a way that could give a child a lifelong interest in age regression, which could be problematic to some people. Anyway, enjoy.

Lady Circe had fun with Ms. Mettler. The psychologist had tried to have Lady Circe institutionalized, in spite of Lady Circe’s explanation that astronomical conditions had nullified her powers temporarily. But, as Lady Circe knew, her powers would return before her final interview with Ms. Mettler. The first thing done was to make the psychologist’s clothes vanish. Then, she thought she was a duck — a quack, thought Lady Circe to herself. Then, Ms. Mettler was put through the paces of being a bitch, and found herself on all fours, her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth. She tried begging, and Lady Circe let her regain her human facilities again. And, then, Ms. Mettler asked to be returned to what she originally was. Lady Circe smiled at this request and granted it. She left the office and told the receptionist (whom Lady Circe knew had just returned from maternity leave) that Ms. Mettler would need some special care.

After Lady Circe left, the receptionist, puzzled by what Lady Circe had said, walked into Ms. Mettler’s private office, and was aghast at what she saw. But Lady Circe was right. The receptionist could care now for her boss.

“Hello, lady. Are you my mommy?”

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