Book review: The Shrinking and Tiny Woman Collection by Amber Collins

It has only been very recently that I found out about Amber Collins. On Amazon, she is described as a microphiliac and an macrophilic — a writer of stories about people shrinking and about people growing.

This collection has fourteen stories in it, all of them about people, especially women, shrinking. And, first thing to know: These are NOT stories for kids!

Most of these stories are very adult in nature. Ms. Collins is fond of describing women being shrunken down to six inches or less and entering the vaginas of other women, moving around to make them climax, and the enjoying the flow of the juices washing over them.

I also would not read more than one story at a time. They’re all good stories and I enjoyed them. But, read one after another at a time and things might get a little repetitive.

I will say, for stories about people shrinking, and about the people shrinking the people, these are relatively non-violent. Especially if the shrinking is caused by accident, the people around the reduced are out to take care of them. And they’re rewarded with what they, and the shrunken ones, regard as great sex. The only exception to this rule is the last story in the book, “Get Off Get Small,” in which the two main characters are not nice people, and they go out of their way to think or do nasty things to each other.

Also, the books don’t care about the main rule set forth in Richard Matheson’s The Shrinking Man (turned into the movie The Incredible Shrinking Man) — in nature, there is no zero. At least two stories mention people who shrink to nothing.

Some of the stories have shrinking caused by rays and outside forces so the clothing shrinks with the person. Others have people shrunk by gases, potions, etc, and so they have to deal with being engulfed by their suddenly too big clothes. And there are a lot of tiny naked people walking around (or sometimes being picked up and carried around in these stories. And, as a metamorphiliac, I know there are people for whom those images alone will cause the most sensual sensations to wrack their bodies.

This book can be found on Amazon both in paperback and Kindle at

I learned too late that this and its follow-up volume have been combined into a single book. You can also find it on Amazon, though it’s easier to find and order the Kindle edition than it is the paperback, at least for the poor cyber-illiterate that I am. But give the books a try. If you like shrinking and sex as story topics, you’ll love these books.

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