LEWD Career Day

I originally wrote “Career Day” for someone playing on our shared interests of the idea of a child using magic on an adult. The following version is going to only be here for a few days. It breaks one BIG taboo in our society and is downright obscene toward the end. THIS IS PORN. If you don’t like porn, DO NOT READ THIS STORY! If you are below 18 years of age, DO NOT READ THIS STORY!!!

The beginning of this story is the same as the earlier posted version. Once you leave behind the part you’re familiar with, BRACE YOURSELVES!

It was Mother’s Career Day at Jefferson A. Elementary School.  Several students had brought in their moms to talk about what the mothers did for a living.  So far, there had been a a weather lady , firewoman, a factory forewoman, and a psychologist.  But the highlight so far was definitely Claire Garner, the head of Garner Cosmetics, the biggest employer in the small town of Coesse.  Claire was using the speech to promote the new line of perfumes, and she was every bit as strong (and subtle) as a politician running for office.  Most of the girls were entranced by what she was saying, and each one of them was dreaming of working for Claire one day.

Except for one:  Beth Garner, Claire’s daughter.  She was embarrassed by the way her mother carried on, especially every time her mother pointed Beth out in the class, which was too many times.  Beth wished that Claire paid as much attention to her at home.

Claire finally finished her presentation, and Mrs. Frederickson, the teacher, called on Georgie Nelson, who walked up to the front of the classroom by himself.  He was carrying a very ornate bottle in his hand. 

“Georgie,” said Mrs. Frederickson.  “Where is your — ”  She hesitated.  She knew Georgie was an orphan.

Before Georgie could answer the question, a very striking woman entered the classroom.  Claire was startled both by the sudden appearance by, and the appearance of, the woman.  She had never seen anyone so beautiful.  The woman was almost — otherworldly.  The woman had a pet carrier with her.

“Do you have an animal in there?” asked Mrs. Frederickson.

“Yes,” said the woman, noticing that this teacher was looking at her a little intently.  “It’s here to help me demonstrate what I can do.”

“Are you a veterinarian?”

“No, I’m a djinn.”

“A djinn?” said Susie Parker, one of the girls in the class.  Mrs. Frederickson and the other women in the room looked among themselves and snickered.

“A djinn is what you probably call a genie,” said the woman.

Everyone in the class laughed.  Georgie and Aunt Ginni looked at each other and smiled.

“This is my Aunt Ginni,” said Georgie.  “And she is a djinn.”

“You don’t look like any genie I’ve ever heard of,” said Claire in a voice of disbelief.

“And how do you think a genie should look?” asked Aunt Ginni.

“Oh, shoes with curled toes, harem pants, arm bracelets, a little vest, and maybe or maybe not a top under the vest.”

“You mean like this?”

Aunt Ginni extended her arm at Claire and made some gestures with her fingers.  Suddenly, all the children were staring at Claire.  The mouths of some of the boys dropped open.  Claire looked down at herself and saw that, in place of the sensible but sensational outfit she’d chosen to wear for her speech, she had on the outfit she’d just described:  Shoes with curled toes, harem pants (SEE-THROUGH harem pants, and everyone in the classroom could see she was wearing nothing underneath), arm bracelets, and a vest, under which there was — NOTHING!  Except for the vest, she was topless.  

“I don’t know how you did this,” said Claire, coldly, to Aunt Ginni.  “But get this outfit off of me, NOW!”

“As you wish,” said Aunt Ginni with a smile.  Instantly, Claire could no longer feel her feet in the curled-toes slippers.  She was feeling the floor instead.  Claire didn’t feel the harem pants or anything.  Claire realized she had used the wrong words for her demand.  She was now standing completely naked in front of her daughter’s class, both girls AND boys, the teacher, and the other women!  Bulges were appearing in the crotches of some of the boys in the class.  Mrs. Frederickson looked a little excited by the sight, too, Claire thought.

By instinct, Claire covered herself with her arms, the left arm over her breasts and the right over her bush.  As she did so, she saw one boy lean over to another and whisper, “I saw her pussy!”

Claire decided modesty be damned!  She made her hands into fists and walked up to her daughter, who had been given the duty of guarding Claire’s shoulder bag and sample case.  Claire reached into the bag and pulled out her cell phone,

“Boys and girls, you’re about to see an important lesson,” Claire said.  “This ‘Aunt Joanie’ — “

“Aunt Ginni,”  corrected Georgie.

“I don’t care.  She’s going to find out what a real bitch I can be when I want to  be one!”

Aunt Ginni said nothing, but smiled and gestured again at Claire.

“Hello, Fred?” said Claire.  “I want — ” suddenly, Claire dropped her phone.  She bent over to pick it up and heard the kids laughing loudly.

“She’s growing a tail!” cried one of the girls.  Claire, still bent over, glanced over her shoulder and found that there was indeed the tip of something furry coming from the vicinity of the base of her spine.  She stood up and reached over to grab it.  But, when she pulled on it, it not only didn’t come off,  she felt pain when she pulled it.  And then, she couldn’t pull on it at all.  She looked at her hands and saw that her fingers were shrinking, becoming toes!  Instead of hands, she had forepaws, covered with skin instead of fur, but still paws.  And then fur, dull, white fur began to grow on the paws.  And on her arms.  And on her entire body.

“What’s ARF!-ening to ARF!” said Claire.  She put a paw to her mouth in surprise at — she couldn’t have barked!  “What ARF!  WOOF!”

Then, she saw her nose, her mouth extending from her face.  There was no pain, just the unreality of seeing her face changing.  She was getting a snout!  At the end of the snout, her nose was turning black!  Also, she could feel the tops of her ears starting to droop over and become longer.  (She was glad she had decided not to put on earrings today.)  Her thighs and shins were merging over her knees on each leg and her feet were changing.  She began to hear things she couldn’t before, and smells were stronger.  (And a roomful of fourth graders was a pretty strong smell.)

“Woof!  Rr-or!  Rrr-or!” she said.  Then, Georgie gave the bottle to Aunt Ginni, who took out the stopper and turned the bottle upside down.  Something small and reflective fell out into Ginni’s hand.  She set the item on the floor and it grew into a full-length mirror.  Claire looked into it and whined.  Instead of her reflection, which she’d expected to see, even on all fours, Claire found a dog was looking out of the mirror back at her.  A poodle? she thought.

“Excuse me for just a second,” said Aunt Ginni, scooping Claire up into her arms (making Claire yelp in surprise) and taking her out of the classroom.  Everyone else in the classroom wondered what was going on, except for Georgie.  Aunt Ginni came back into the room without the dog.

“Where is she?” asked Beth.  Where did you take her?”

“I took her to earlier today,” said Aunt Ginni.  “I had to take her into the vet and groomer just after they opened so they could arrange this.”

Aunt Ginni opened the carrier and pulled out what looked like another poodle.  But this one was groomed, trimmed except for tufts of hair on its feet, plus a “poodle do” on it’s head and frilly ears.  Plus, its fur was dyed pink!  And, it had a bejeweled collar around its neck and a tiny bow on its head.

“Where did you get this poodle?” asked the forewoman.

“Oh, it’s the same poodle I left with a moment ago,” said Aunt Ginni.  “Ms. Garner.  Like I said, I took her to a vet earlier so they could examine and groom her “

“That’s not really Ms. Garner!” said one of the boys.

 “It is. Watch!”

Aunt Ginni gestured at the poodle.  It began to change.  The ears “rolled up” until they were human ears.  She lost her snout and tail.  The bow and collar remained, though the collar grew as the poodle’s neck enlarged and, finally, what had been a dog was now Ms. Garner, on all fours and completely naked — except for the dog collar.  And the trimming had made some changes.

“She doesn’t have a pussy anymore!” cried the same boy who’d seen it before.  Claire, recovering from her change, couldn’t register what the boy was saying until she covered her vagina with her hand.  Her pubic hair was gone, shaved off when she was a poodle.  “Bald beaver” her ex used to call it.

The children, and the adults, were trying to stifle laughter.  (Claire was the richest, but not the most popular, person in Coesse.  It seemed everyone was accepting what had happened to her, how she was really and truly a bitch, and they were enjoying it.)  Shakily, Claire crawled over to a nearby empty chair and sat down on it.  No sooner had she done so than she stood bolt upright again.  She massaged her butt and Aunt Ginni realized what had happened.

“Oh, yes,” said Aunt Ginni.  “At the vet’s she also got shots.  They also chipped her and took her temperature.”

Nearly all the women stifled laughs and some winced in sympathy as Claire slowly lowered herself back onto the chair.  

Then, one boy in the class raised his hand.

“Yes?” said Aunt Ginni.

“How are you Georgie’s aunt?” asked the boy.

“A good question, one that I think Georgie can answer best.”

“I think you all know,” Georgie started, “my Mom and Dad were killed in a car crash about seven months ago.  My Dad traveled all over the world on business and he had just bought the bottle with Aunt Ginni in it before he came back home.  That night, he and Mom went out to celebrate his coming home when they were hit by a drunk driver.  The bottle was something I got because I was their sole heir.  I have no other family and was going to be sent to an orphanage.  I was going through what they left me, and I opened the bottle, and Ginni came out.”

“Did your dad know that she was inside the bottle?” asked one classmate.

“I don’t think so,” said Aunt Ginni.  “No one had opened the bottle for centuries before Georgie opened it.”

“Aunt Ginni and I talked a lot,” said Georgie.  ” She answered a lot of questions.  And I found out, like in that old movie Aladdin, that djinns can’t bring back the dead.

“So I wished I didn’t have to go to the orphanage and Aunt Ginni arranged for me to win the lottery so I could afford to have a guardian.  Before that could happen, though, she stayed with me and we got to like each other.  So I wished that she could be my guardian, and she was able to make documents appear proving she was my Aunt.  I miss my Mom and Dad, but Ginni loves me and cares about me as much as they did.”

A girl raised her hand.  “That’s two wishes,” she said.  “Is she the kind of genie that grants only three wishes, or can you keep granting them?”

“Only three,” said Georgie.  “And I’ve used them all.”

Claire bolted from the chair and grabbed the bottle.  “I wish that everyone in this room who laughed at me would turn into, into PIGS!”

Nothing happened.

“I wish you were all pigs!” Claire repeated, apparently not caring that her own daughter would also be a pig.

Again, nothing happened.

Georgie smiled at Claire, then addressed the classroom.  “As I just said, I used my third wish.  I wished that, after I wasn’t around anymore, Aunt Ginni would be free.  So whether anyone has the bottle or not, Aunt Ginni isn’t granting wishes anymore.  Any magic she does is of her own free will.”

“And THIS is of my own free will!” said Aunt Ginni, with a voice like the rumbling of a volcano on the verge of eruption.

Aunt Ginni looked at Claire.  An unseen force took the bottle from Claire’s hands and it floated to the djinn’s side.  Claire got up from the chair and started for the door when she felt that unreality wash over her again.  She began to shrink, to change again, returning to canine form.  But she stopped sooner than when she had changed before.  The mirror where she had learned of her “dog-dom” before was still there.  

She walked up to it.  If the strangeness of being a dog had been hard to deal with before, what she saw now was beyond her ability to cope with it.  She was a hybrid of dog and human, a sort of dog sphinx!  Her head and her breasts were unchanged.  The rest of her was poodle.  Again, the class laughed at Claire.

“Oh, I almost forgot something I wanted to do,” said Aunt Ginni, gesturing at Claire.

Claire braced herself for another change.  But she looked in the mirror and nothing was happening.

Then she felt it.  Her temperature was up, her breathing more rapid, her heart was beating hard.  She started to pant.  While she did so, she looked in the mirror and saw that her tongue was a dog’s tongue again and it was hanging long out of her mouth.

“What’s happening to me now?” asked Claire.

“You’re in heat!” said Aunt Ginni.


“Here, let’s not waste it!”

Another Ginni gesture and there was another dog in the room.

“Is that my neighbor’s dog?” asked one boy.  “Ramrod?”

“RAMROD!?” said Claire.  While she was speaking, the other dog, a pit bull, had circled around behind Claire.  Suddenly, he had MOUNTED Claire and began to thrust eagerly into her.  “Oh my God,” said Claire.  “Oh.  MY.  GOD!!!

It looked like Ramrod was very happy.  Like Claire, he was panting heavily.  Claire had to admit to herself that the doggy sex felt good.  But she couldn’t help but notice that no one in the classroom was saying a word.  They were all too busy staring open-mouthed at the canine coitus.  Claire saw that went double for Beth.

Claire found she liked the sensation of her breasts jiggling under her while Ramrod was — ramming his rod into her.  And it did feel good, having that hot doggie penis sliding back and forth inside her.  She began to make soft moaning sounds, but they were getting louder.  Finally, at what the adults recognized as climax, Claire broke out into a full-volume HOWL!

The sex over, Claire laid on her side and stretched out her bitch body.  She was still panting, her tongue still hanging out of her mouth.  She had to hold her head up slightly so the tongue didn’t touch the floor.

“You are her daughter?” asked Aunt Ginni after Georgie whispered in her ear.  Beth nodded.  “Would you like to wait and see if she gets any puppies from this?”

Claire sat up at looked at her daughter, beseechingly.  To her relief, Beth grimaced.

“No!” said Beth.  “They’d be my brothers or sisters.  No!”

Claire, still panting a little heavily, got on her four feet and trotted up to Aunt Ginni.

“Please,” she said, standing before Ginni.  “First, can you send — Ramrod — back to his home?”

“You do not want seconds?” said Aunt Ginni.  Claire shook her head vigorously.  Aunt Ginni gestured and Ramrod vanished, confused, but happy to be back in his back yard.

“Now,” said Claire.  “Change me back.  Please!”

“I don’t know.  You might be an interesting entrant at a dog show.”

Claire thought about that idea with distaste.  Worse, what if the genie decided to leave Claire as she was?  She’d be a freak in the news, something that could never be the head of a billion-dollar corporation.  Then, Claire knew what she had to do to be changed back into herself.

“Please change me back,” Claire repeated.  And then, she balanced herself on her hind feet, held her forepaws limply in front of herself, and opened her mouth to let her tongue hang out.

“Begging!” laughed Aunt Ginni (along with both kids and adults in the room), clapping her hands.  “What a good dog you are!  I will be delighted to restore you to your true form!  But don’t move!”

Claire obeyed Aunt Ginni, worried that any movement would result in Claire’s returning to canine status.  Seconds later, Claire was herself again — still balancing on the balls of her feet, still letting her hands dangle at the end of her arms, still letting her tongue hang from her mouth.  She was a woman, but still begging like a dog.  She didn’t realize she was doing this until several of the people in the room, kids and adults, had taken pictures of her with their phones.

Claire regained her composure (as much as she could under the circumstances).  She stood up, shakily, and explored her body with her hands.

“Is all as you wish it to be?” asked Aunt Ginni.

“The only thing I wish now,” said Claire.  “Is to be as I originally was!”


Aunt Ginni gestured at Claire again.  Before Claire could ask what was happening, she began to shrink.  Her breasts were flattening into her chest.  Her legs were losing strength and balance.  With her tongue, she could feel her teeth sinking into her gums.  Claire had a bad feeling she knew what was happening to her, one confirmed when she ran her hands over her head and felt that what hair she had was fine and soft.

Before she stopped dwindling, Claire crawled back in front of the mirror.  As she’d feared, what looked back at her was the very young (newborn?) Claire Garner.  And this baby was aware of one thing in particular.  Her stomach was empty!

Everyone had to cover her ears when Baby Claire began to wail.  

“Is she that upset about being a baby?” asked one girl.

“I don’t think that’s it,” said Aunt Ginni.  She asked Beth “Do you know how long it’s been since she’s eaten?”

“Probably not since breakfast,” said Beth.  “She usually skips lunch.”

“That just isn’t healthy for a baby.”  Aunt Ginny held up an open hand, and a full baby bottle materialized in it.  “Would you like to feed your mother?”

“Sure,” said Beth laughing.  “But first, could you put an outfit on her?  A pink and white baby dress, a cute little bonnet, booties, and, oh, yes!  A diaper!”

Aunt Ginni laughed and waved.  Beth, now holding her infant mother and the baby bottle, walked to the front of the mirror.  In a reverse strip tease, the diaper, booties, dress, and bonnet appeared on Baby Claire.  Beth gave out a soft “Awwww!” and turned so everyone could see the baby.  All the females in the room (and some of the boys) repeated Beth’s “Awwww!” as Beth sat down and put the nipple of the bottle in her mother’s mouth.  Beth did reflect for a moment on the weirdness of bottle feeding her own mother.  But she knew the natural way babies are fed and decided this was better than feeding her mother THAT way!

“Aunt Ginni,” said Georgie.  “Schools’ almost over for the day.”

Aunt Ginni looked at the clock and nodded her head.  “It was nice meeting all of you.  In case you’re wondering, part of you will remember what you’ve seen here today, but you will not be able to speak of it with anyone outside of this room.  Nor can you record it in anyway.  I’ve enjoyed being myself in this class for all of you today, and especially for Georgie.”

“What about Mom?” asked Beth.  

“After she finishes her bottle, after you have returned to the inside of your home, she will regain her true age.  And SHE, more than anyone else, will remember what happened in this classroom.  Because, as with any classroom, she has been taught a lesson.”

The school bell rang and everyone began to file out of the classroom.  It was Friday and everyone was ready start the weekend.  Soon, only Georgie, Aunt Ginni, and Mrs. Frederickson were left in the room.

“I have to tell you,” said Mrs. Frederickson to Georgie and Aunt Ginni.  “I wish you could do to me some of what you did to Claire Garner when you turned her into a  baby.”

“I can,” said Aunt Ginni with a smile.

“Oh, no!  Thank you, but no!  I’d never be able to explain the change to everyone!”

A half-smile appeared on Aunt Ginni’s face.  She held up a hand and a card appeared.  

“This is where Georgie and I live.  If you can, come over about 6:30 tonight.”

“All right,” said Mrs. Frederickson, curiously.

More quickly than it seemed, 6:30 arrived.  There was a knock at the door and Georgie answered.  As he expected, Mrs. Frederickson was standing there.  “Come in,” said Georgie.

Georgie led Mrs. Frederickson into the dining room.  The table was set with a lush meal.  There was roasted pheasant, yams, crackers with caviar, and a  very rich-looking creme pie.

“Oh, thank you,” said Mrs. Frederickson.  “But I’ve been a diabetic for 10 years now.  I can’t eat the pie!”

“You’ll be able to eat it,” said Aunt Ginni.  “Come here into the hallway, in front of the mirror.”

Anita Jordan Frederickson was in her very early 60s, not far from retirement.  She had an idea of what Aunt Ginni was going to do, but couldn’t believe it would happen.  Aunt Ginni made another gesture at Mrs. Frederickson, who saw in amazement what was happening in the mirror.

Mrs. Frederickson’s face lost its jowls.  They pulled into her face like the greatest facelift the world had ever seen.  The lines on her forehead disappeared. The slight cloudiness over her eyes went away and those eyes were now in sharp focus and her beautiful violet irises were  back.  (Friends used to tell her that her eyes were like Elizabeth Taylor’s.)  As she took off her glasses, her hair went from grey to black, and it regained its long, lucious body.

Then, she noticed the changes going on under her dress.  What she knew to be large blobs of fat were going away, folding in on themselves.  Her legs were “skinny-ing up.”  She laughed at the sight of how her now far-too-big “granny pants” and support hose were sliding down to her ankles.  

Georgie laughed, too, and then covered his mouth, embarrassed.

“It’s okay, Georgie,” said Mrs. Frederickson.  “I’m glad to see that happen!”

She stepped out of her practical, sensible shoes and her stockings and stood barefoot in front of the mirror.  She turned to her side, grabbed the front of her dress and pulled it around to her back to see her newer, younger figure.  She gasped in delight.  Then she pulled the dress away from herself and peeked down the front.  She nearly cried to see the two pert, not too small, not too big breasts inside her now WAY too big bra!

Mrs. Frederickson looked at Aunt Ginni and could barely mouth the words “Thank you.”

“We’re not through,” said Aunt Jinni.  “Here’s the next step.”  Another gesture and Mrs. Frederickson’s clothing began to change.  Her dress turned into a tight, sexy, black number with a skirt almost too short and a neckline almost too long.  Her support hose slid back up her legs, but then tightened and turned black.  Mrs. Frederickson gasped to realize they were no longer even pantyhose but black nylons — held up by a garter belt?!  Finally, her sensible shoes turned into a sexy but still somewhat modest pair of high heels.

“I’m beautiful,” she whispered to herself.  “Thank you.  If only there were someone here to be beautiful for!”

“Oh, but there is!” said Aunt Ginni.  She glanced at Georgie who nodded — consent?  Then, she walked up to Mrs. Frederickson and kissed her full on the mouth while Aunt Ginni’s hand grabbed the teachers left butt-cheek.  Mrs. Frederickson pushed herself away, not too hard, and looked into Aunt Ginni’s eyes.  “I saw how you looked at me in class today.  I’ve had many masters — and mistresses! — such as you over the years, and I know that look.  And I’m more than pleased to indulge you in your feelings, if you wish.”

Mrs. Frederickson began to full-out bawl!  “You don’t know what that means to me!” she said to both Aunt Ginni and Georgie.  “I’ve had these feelings all my life!  But in my day, when I started teaching — I didn’t dare show them!  Bret, my late husband, knew and understood.  I pleased him as best I could, and we did love each other.  But we could both tell, it just wasn’t — right.

“But there are still people in this community who won’t understand or accept me.  And, again, how do I explain these changes?”

“We shall talk about that over dinner,” said Aunt Ginni.  “Come.”

Before they could sit down, there was another knock at the door.  Aunt Ginni opened it and there was …

“Beth!” said Aunt Ginni.  “What a nice surprise!”

“I invited her for dinner,” said Georgie.  “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all!  But what about your mother?”

“She changed back like you said,” said Beth.  “When it happened, she was still sucking on the baby bottle, and she  burst out of her baby clothes.  She then went straight to the bottles in our liquor cabinet and did her darnedest to drink the memory of today away.  Then she crawled into bed to sleep it off.  So I snuck over here.”

“Well, come in!  It was nice of you to invite her, Georgie.  And, Beth, you know Anita — Mrs. Frederickson.”

For what felt like too many times in one day, Beth’s mouth dropped open.  And then she smiled.  “This is right,” she said.  

During the seven-course meal, Aunt Ginni and Georgie explained the plan.  Mrs. Frederickson — or Anita, as Aunt Ginni started calling her, at Mrs. Frederickson’s request — was Georgie’s favorite teacher EVER!  She told Anita that she could be Georgie’s special, live-in tutor in all subjects.  She wouldn’t have to explain her sudden youth to anyone, and Aunt Ginni promised her a more-than satisfactory salary.

“Oh, me too!” said Beth.  “Mrs. Frederickson is my favorite teacher, too!”

“I don’t see why not,” said Aunt Ginni.  “As long as your mother approves.”

“After today, I can’t see Mom going against you in anything!”

They finished the meal while talking eagerly about the new arrangement.  It didn’t surprise Mrs. Frederickson or Beth when all the dinnerware vanished from table.  There were many  clankings heard in the cupboards.  Beth looked inside when the noise abated, and found all the dishes where they belonged and all completely cleaned.  

“Now, at this time, Georgie likes to play games,” said Aunt Ginni.  “What would you like to play tonight, Georgie?”

“We’ ve never played harem with anyone besides ourselves,” said Georgie.  “Could we do that?”

Aunt Ginni looked a little concerned.  “That depends on Beth and Anita, on if they want to play harem.”

“What’s harem?” asked Beth.

Aunt Ginni led them all down a hallway to a door.  Inside was a bar, with a long narrow floor down the middle, and a silver-plastic pole at the end.

“Is this a strip club?!” said Mrs. Frederickson in dismay.

“It is,” said Aunt Ginni.  “But you and Beth don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to.”

“But couldn’t you make us want to do something?” asked Beth.

“The human heart, feelings, are one thing I have no control over.  I could make you do something like a puppet, but that would be rape.  I will not do that and, after I explained things to Georgie, he doesn’t me to do it!”

“But then, what are we here for?” asked Mrs. Frederickson.

“As we explained earlier, I am Georgie’s guardian, and he calls me ‘Aunt.’  But I am not really his relation, and I use our TRUE relationship to play special games with him.  Games that come with VERY valuable lessons.

“Before I begin, would you like something to drink?”

“A screwdriver,” said Mrs. Frederickson.  “Double vodka?”

“Done!” said Aunt Ginni, laughing as the drink materialized.  “Beth?”

“I got to visit a sports bar that let kids and adults insde.  They gave me a drink they called a Shirley Temple.  I’d like that.”

When Beth had her drink, and Georgie had his usual (a Virgin Mary), Aunt Ginni climbed onto the runway.  “What shall it be tonight, Georgie?”  she asked.  “Captain Genie?  The dog-walker?”

“Just ‘The Stripper’ tonight,” said Georgie before sipping his drink.  Mrs. Frederickson noticed Georgie’s glass, nearly empty, refilled itself.

“We saw ‘Thor — Ragnarok’ a while ago.  That gave us that idea.  Your drinks will do it, too!”

The brass opening of “The Stripper” began.  The music  brought back memories for Anita.  One of her introductions to being a lesbian was at her sorority in college.  She was with Queenie in their dorm room.  They were both pretty well blitzed.  Queenie had her record player, and she dug her 45 of “The Stripper” out and put it on.  Loud enough for them to hear, but not so loud that it could be heard outside the room, Queenie began dancing to the record, slowly taking off all of her clothes.  Queenie had set the record player to repeat, and, when it did, it was Anita’s turn to strip.  They were both nude and  began exploring each other’s bodies, all the orifices, the cracks, the erogenous zones.  When “The Stripper” began for the fourth time, Queenie reached over to the outlet and unplugged the record player with her toes.

When they woke up the next morning, they were in each other’s arms.  Queenie’s eyes went wide and she pushed away from Anita.  They never spoke of what happened again.  But Anita never forgot it.

She came back to the present and found Ginni (Anita could no longer think of her as anyone’s “Aunt”)  bent over her, swinging her breasts back and forth near Anita’s face.  Anita stood up and Ginni stood relatively still while Anita leaned over and kissed — and lightly bit — Ginni’s right nipple.

“Can you put me in an outfit like yours?” Anita asked Ginni.  Immediately, Anita was in the same outfit as Ginni was wearing.  Anita looked down at herself and said “Let’s just go with a g-string and tassels.”  Anita was then wearing the most revealing outfit she’d ever had on.

But it wasn’t the first time Anita had worn tassels.  She had gotten a set to entertain Bret a few times.  (And once, to entertain a widow who lived next door.)  It had been a long time.  But Anita was young again!  She began to twirl the tassels in opposite directions.)

“That is something I’ve NEVER been able to do!” said Ginni.

“I am a teacher,” said Anita, suggestively.

Georgie was watching Ginni and Anita intensely.  But then he realized Beth hadn’t said anything for several minutes.  He looked at her and saw that she was looking sadly at the floor.

“Beth?” he said.  “Are you okay?  If this is bothering you, I’ll have them stop.”

Beth shook her head.  “It isn’t that!  It’s just that I feel a little — outclassed, I think is the word.  They’re grown up, they’ve got their  boobs and everything!  I don’t!”

That’s when Beth began to grow.  Unlike when Mrs. Garner and Mrs. Frederickson changed, Beth’s clothes changed with her.  As she grew, eventually stopping at, she figured, age 21, and her body changed, her clothes lengthened to fit her.  Her shoes enlarged, a bra appeared under her dress to fit her new breasts, and her legs were long and shapely.  She climbed on top of the runway to better see herself in the mirrors that surrounded the room.

“I’m pretty,” she whispered.   She turned around to look at herself at all angles.  Finally, she said “I wish I were wearing a stripper’s outfit, too!”

Beth’s clothes turned into a bikini bottom with purple sequins.  Instead of a bikini top or even tassels, Beth was topless.  She fondled her new breasts, cupping them, tweaking the nipples.  The breasts were big enough that she could lift the nipples to her mouth and suck on them.

“Hey, Georgie!” she said.  “What do you think?!”

To everyone’s surprise, now Georgie seemed downcast.  “I liked it better when you were your real age,” said Georgie.  “So we could grow up together.”

Beth looked down at herself.  “You’re right.  Aunt Ginni, please make me my right age again.”

“I have a better idea,” said Aunt Ginni.  Georgie looked up, suddenly excited.  He loved Aunt Ginni’s better ideas.  She gestured, and Beth began to shrink.  But so did Aunt Ginni and Mrs. Frederickson.  This time, their clothes shrank with them.  Soon, all three were fourth-grade age — in stripper outfits!

“What’s the big idea?” asked Anita.

“You’re pretty!  You’re all so pretty!” said Georgie.  At that, Anita began to grin, and the other two girls did the same.

“C’mon, girls!” said Beth.  “Let’s finish this strip tease.”

All three of them began to gyrate and remove what was left of their clothes.  Aunt Ginni made the tassels vanish.  Soon, the three little girls were completely naked.  

“Oh, you LIKED that, didn’t you Georgie?” asked Aunt Ginni.  She and the other two noticed that Georgie was apparently having the hard-on of his life so far.  “Georgie, would you like to be naked, too?”

Georgie nodded, and, instantly, he was also completely nude.

Mrs. Frederickson had a funny smile on her face.  “What’s so funny?” he asked.

“I’m sorry, Georgie,” Mrs. Frederickson asked.  “It’s just — I know you’re hard as a rock right now, but — you’re just so LITTLE!  It’s cute!”

Georgie flushed with embarrassment and a little anger.  Then, his face lit up.

“Do you want me to make you bigger, Georgie?” asked Aunt Ginni.

“No,” said Georgie.  “I wish that all three of you were little!”

Aunt Ginni, Mrs. Frederickson, and Beth all began to shrink.  Georgie watched them carefully and, when they reached about eight inches tall, he said “That’s enough!”

“Georgie, this is scary!”

“Aunt Ginni, I wish that nothing could hurt any of you while you’re little!”

The little girls suddenly felt something happen and they knew they were now invulnerable.  Georgie climbed over the bar and up to the runway, where he got on his knees to dangle “boyhood” near the ladies.  “Now am I big enough, Mrs. Frederickson?” Georgie asked.

Before Anita could answer, Beth ran toward Georgie and jumped up.  She wrapped her arms around his dick, hugging his dick.  Out of instinct, she spoke:  “It’s so big!  So warm!  So HARD!!!  It’s the best thing I’ve ever felt!”

“Georgie, lay on your back on the runway,” said Aunt Ginni.  Georgie did as Aunt Ginni suggested.  Then Ginni and Anita climbed over Georgie’s thighs, over his balls (which were still hairless at this time), and to his penis.  Beth was still straddling it with her legs, rocking her upper body back and forth.  With help from Anita, Aunt Ginni began to raise Georgie’s penis erect, though it wasn’t long before Georgie was able to do that on his own.  Each of the three tiny, prepubescent females massaged Georgie’s dick on every side.  They marveled at how it got taller, thicker, harder.

“This thing’s gonna blow any second!” said Mrs. Frederickson with a grin.  As Aunt Ginni was massaging her “nephew,” she was also rubbing her clit.  She had found her G-spot.  Beth and Anita saw what she was doing and followed her lead.  Aunt Ginni decided to use her magic to synchronize everyone.

Suddenly, Georgie’s dick erupted.  Torrents of white, viscous liquid were ejaculated in big, wonderful, geysers!  At the same time, ecstasy exploded inside the little girls.  Aunt Ginni noticed that Beth was going to lick at some of the cum on her hand.  Ginni made a quick gesture to improve the taste. “Oh, it’s so warm!” Beth cried.  “It tastes like vanilla!”

Anita looked at Beth, and then at Ginni, who was smiling sheepishly.  Anita licked the cum, and smiled.  She gave Ginni a thumbs up.

That was the first of many weekends that Georgie and the three women had together.  Sometime, the women were little girls.  Sometimes, they were ponies or horses.  (They REALLY liked what a stud Georgie was during those sessions!)  Sometimes, they had other women join them.  (Every now and then, Georgie would let himself be turned female to see what the experience was like.)

And, yes, even Beth’s mother joined them, learning to like the experience.

And they all lived happily ever after.  And many times at that.

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