The Boy, the Wand, and the Mom

WARNING: This story has elements that are NOT intended for young readers.

It was a long walk home from school that day,  Dr. Adams, his science teacher, had found some of the stories he’d written about her.  Now, she was going to stop by Matty’s home and tell his mother about them.  And that might be just the punishment Mom might need to take Boulder to the shelter  

But then, if he weren’t so downcast, Matty might not have seen the — stick? — No, the WAND just lying there by the sidewalk.  Was Matty meant to find it?

At first, it could be mistaken for a twig, a wooden rod, something like that.  Matty picked it up to examine it.  There were no markings.  It was the same color from top to bottom.  It reminded him of some of the wands in Harry Potter.  Matty wanted it to really be a magic wand.  It would save him a LOT of trouble right now.

Matty’s mother, Octavia Giordano, was his birth mother, but that was the only way she was his mother.  In behavior, she was just a woman who lived with him.  After his father, Frank, died in a Piper Cub crash, she told him that the only reason she became pregnant with him was to get his father to marry her.  She didn’t love Matty and she HATED Boulder, his bulldog.  He thought of the trouble he’d been having lately with his mother and Boulder.  Almost absent-mindedly, he waved the stick and said ”Mom, you will love Boulder as much as any lady can love a dog.”  He continued walking down the street, waving the stick in his hand.

At about the same time, Octavia was walking naked through the mansion.  She loved jaybirding when Matty wasn’t there, giving the servants a chance to catch a glimpse of her as nature intended.  Her boobs, her legs, and, especially, her butt.  She had worked hard to keep her butt large and firm and she liked when her servants could see her walking by, wagging her tail.

Wait, wagging her tail?  She had intended to think she was shaking her booty.  Why did she think of it as wagging her tail?

She heard — and felt — a snort behind her.  IN her behind!   She looked behind her and, as she’d expected, there was Boulder.  Boulder was the bulldog Frank had gotten for Matty a couple of years ago.  He was given the name because he was heavy and SOLID!  

And, to Octavia, he was an embarrassment.

When he was still a pup, Boulder had picked up the habit of humping people’s legs.  Family, friends, neighbors, anyone who came through the door, he wrapped his legs around their legs.  She had begged Frank to get him fixed, but Frank wanted to breed him.  And Matty loved him.  But she didn’t.  She didn’t love Matty that much.  And, when Frank was killed, that had made her rich.  She really didn’t need Matty any more.

She was going to get rid of Boulder soon, and then ship Matty off to military school.  She’d gotten a phone call from his science teacher, and she was sure it would give her a reason to do both things.

“Back ARF! dog!” yelled Octavia.  Wait, back ARF? Did she just bark?  It was becoming a very strange day.    

She climbed the stairs and walked to her bedroom, Boulder still behind her.  She grabbed the doorknob to pull the door shut before the dog could follow her inside the room.  Suddenly, there was a sharp pain at the base of her spine.  No, BEYOND the base!  She walked to the full-length mirror and looked at her backside’s reflection.

“What the fuck??!” she exclaimed.  There, growing out above her beautiful butt, was a tail!  A long. curly tail, kind of like a pig’s, she thought, except for its length and its thickness.

Boulder was in the room with her.  She hadn’t been able to close the door because of her tail.  She tried to grab Boulder to shove him out of the room, but her fingers weren’t working.  She didn’t HAVE fingers, or hands, anymore.  Instead, at the end of her arms — were those PAWS!?

She fell on all fours suddenly, and took the opportunity to look at herself.  She indeed had paws, not hands.  She looked at herself in the mirror.  Something was happening to her face, her gorgeous face!  Her cheeks were puffing out and sagging!  She was growing jowls!  The shock caused her to drop to her butt.  Her mouth opened and a flat tongue, maybe six inches long, fell out from her mouth and hung there.  

Then, her hair, her dark, long, full, luxurious hair began to go away.  It didn’t fall out.  Rather, it began to recede into her scalp!  The sight was bizarre, heartbreaking, and ITCHY!  And it wasn’t just the hair on her head, either.  Her eyebrows were also vanishing into her skin. In seconds, Octavia was completely, COMPLETELY bare-skinned, no hair on her head, on her eyebrows — even her pussy was completely denuded.  She had considered waxing, but she liked having a hirsute womanhood.  Now, through no intent or desire of her own, she had a bald beaver.

But then, new hair began to grow, ALL OVER her body!  It was short hair, no, FUR!    It was light, stubby tan fur.  And, as the fur was growing, her eyes changed.  They went from green to brown with HUGE pupils,

She had also always been proud of her breasts.  They were not huge, but sufficient, firm and perky.  Now, they were flattening, receding into her chest.  But that was nothing compared to what was happening beneath them.  Two pairs of teats were appearing!  And her legs had reformed into canine legs.  She stood up on all fours, sideways, from the mirror.

There was no doubt about it.  She was no longer a woman!  She was a bitch, a bulldog, just like Boulder.  And something was happening inside her, too.  Not in her mind, that was still hers, even though she wished it wasn’t.  She didn’t want awareness of what had happened to her.  She was heating up, and there was a very strong scent coming from her doggy vagina.  Oh, no!   she thought.  I can’t be in —

That’s when Boulder mounted her and she got her first taste of canine coitus.  She began heavy panting, both enjoying the sex and ashamed of it at the same time.  She wanted to just submit to the feeling.  She remembered Frank had named the dog Boulder partly because the dog was SOLID!  Octavia could tell that now.  That doggie dick was hammering into her, repeatly, forcefully, and it felt GOOD!

But there was one thing that wouldn’t leave her mind.  She was , or she had been, a woman!  A hot woman with a beautiful body, especially that beautiful butt, the butt that Boulder had a secure grasp on!  And she LOATHED Boulder.  For him to have that butt in front of him, to be FUCKING that butt — she shouldn’t be accepting that it was happening, shouldn’t be LOVING that it was happening.  That it was sent her into a new kind of despair she couldn’t imagine was existing.  Doggy despair.

She let her humanity leave her brain and let the bitch take over.  She was about to climax, when Fiona, Octavia’s ladies’ maid, came in the room with a bundle of sheets.

“What in hell?” she said, setting the sheets down on the bed.  “When did Madame get you?  Or did she?  Where is she, anyway?”

Octavia yipped and WOOFed, trying to tell Fiona “I AM MADAME!”  But doggie sounds were all that came out of her.

“Well, Boulds, I’m glad you’re finally fucking something that enjoys it  Just looking at your — friend? —  I can see you’re having a hot time in the old hound tonight!

“But I can’t see Madame wanting to have another dog in the mansion.  So, you’re coming with me!”

Fiona bent over and scooped Octavia the Bulldog up in her arms.  Octavia whimpered a little, feeling ashamed that such weak little noises were all she could make.  Fiona carried her out of the mansion, down its walk, and set her outside the gate.

“Now, don’t you hang around here,” said Fiona.  “Or I’ll call the animal shelter.  From what Madame’s been saying lately, you and Boulder might both be going there soon.  There, at least, you can get your brains fucked out.”

Octavia had enough humanity in her to know Fiona would keep that promise.  It hurt her inside.  She had always felt Fiona was the most responsible, and loyal, of her servants.  And the one who most appreciated Octavia’s human butt.  She knew Fiona’s tastes and didn’t mind them, even entertained indulging them herself.

But, now, to Fiona, her mistress was just another dog, another unwelcome mutt,  (If she had to be a dog, why did Octavia have to be another damned ugly bulldog?)

Walking away from the mansion, Octavia considered where she should go.  She decided to head for a nearby park.  She knew for a fact, many dogs, strays and otherwise, headed there.  Sure enough, when she arrived, she saw a half-dozen dogs, some mutts, but also Wendy Carlowe’s great dane, Sizehound.  It had gotten out of Wendy’s yard again.  Luckily, he was chipped so the shelter knew who he belonged to and would get him home.

Matty arrived back home, well aware of what the rest of the afternoon and evening would be like.  As he walked down the hallway, he found Fiona awaiting him.

“Matty?  Do you know where your mom is?  I haven’t seen her.  And did you bring a new dog home?”

“i thought Mom would be here.  And I don’t know anything about a new dog.”

“I found them together in your mom’s room.  And was Boulder happy to see her!  They were busy fuc, er, making love to each other like there was no tomorrow.  It’s a shame the new one was here, considering your mom is planning to get rid of Boulder.”

“Wait, did you say the dogs were ‘loving’ each other?”

“Were they ever!  Hey, what’s that in your hand?”

“It’s  a stick I found on the way home.  I thought I might use it to play Harry Potter.

“You’re just trying to make your mom mad at you, aren’t you?  You know she doesn’t approve of that wizarding stuff.”

Matty said nothing, but headed up to his room.  When he got there, he closed the door and stared at the wand.  It couldn’t be! he thought.

“Mom is not a dog!  She’s my mother, a woman, and if she did turn into a dog, she’ll change back, right now!”

Octavia’s first clue to what was about to happen came when the animal shelter truck pulled into the park  “We got bitch bait!” yelled a man in the truck.  Octavia had discovered how popular she was to the male dogs in the park.  They were literally lining up to take turns with her.  She’d read once how dog catchers LOVED to find bitches in heat and then use them to lure other dogs.  Sure enough, over a half-dozen dogs  were rounded up and thrown into the truck, including Octavia.

“Let her ride with Sizehound,” said one of the dog catchers.  “He might as well enjoy himself until Ms. Carlowe shows up for him.”

Octavia’s mind imagined some naughty scenarios with Scooby-Doo.  Somehow, those scenarios were making Octavia’s experiences with Sizehound more enjoyable.  Octavia had found herself having incredible sex with several of the dogs in the park, but Sizehound was by far the best!  It helped when she completely “went dog” in her head — and butt.

As the truck pulled into the shelter, Octavia began to feel strange.  Again.  Her legs were shifting with the knees returning.  Her head was reshaping itself, the ears going away into her human ears, her tongue thickening and shortening.  Could it be? Octavia wondered.  Is it because we’re almost at the shelter?

The engine shut off and the door in back of the truck opened up.

“Holy — !  Hey, guys, look at this!”

Everyone in the shelter looked in the van, just in time to see Sizehound still merrily humping the completely naked Octavia Giordano.

The buzzer went off in the mansion.  Fiona answered it and was informed that the visitor was the police.  Fiona went to the front door with Matty and found that there was a police woman standing there with Mrs. Carlowe and her dog, — and Octavia, looking VERY disheveled and wrapped in a blanket.

“Mom?” said Matty.  “Mrs. Carlowe?”

“You bet it’s me!” said the normally pleasant neighbor.  “And I want to know if you have any good reason why I shouldn’t have this cop lock your sicko mother away!”

Matty and Fiona both looked quizzically and the female officer said “This woman was found in an Animal Control vehicle having sex with Mrs. Carlowe’s dog.”

Fiona could say nothing to this, but Matty burst out laughing.  “And how was old Sizey, Mom?”

“Matty, please,” said Fiona.  “Madame, why would you do such a thing?”

I was a dog!” said Octavia in a voice of definite disbelief.  “I don’t know why, but I was here in the mansion when I just.  Turned.  into.  a.  DOG!”

Matty snickered some more.  The police officer stifled a giggle and Mrs. Carlowe rolled her eyes.  But a light went on in Fiona’s head.

“Wait a minute!” she said.  “The dog I caught in here earlier, the bulldog Boulder was humping.  That was you?”

Octavia nodded her head and Mrs. Carlowe shook hers.  “Please!  She turned into a dog?  How is that possible?”

Matty stepped backwards a little, pulled out the wand and waved it at Mrs. Carlowe.  “Like this.  Mrs. Carlowe, be a dog!  In heat!  But with your human head.”

Before anyone could react, Mrs. Carlowe shrank.  Her clothing became far too large and she stepped out of it.  She still had her pearl choker necklace on, but the rest of her was bare.  Not that it mattered, since, except for her head, she wasn’t a woman anymore, but a moderate-sized dog.  And a mutt at that.

And Sizehound was on her in seconds!

Mrs. Carlowe gave out a soft WOOF! and began to howl.  Then, with obvious great effort, she said “Sizey — don’t — no — I mean — don’t stop!  Keep going, boy!  Oh, GOOD dog!”

“My God, that’s just what happened to me!  With several dogs!  And it feels good, doesn’t it, Carla?”

Mrs. Carlowe gave another WOOF! nodded her head, and then began to pant heavily.

“Matty, you did this to your mother?” asked Fiona.  “Why?”

“I was testing out this wand I found earlier.  And I told it to cast a spell to make Mom really love Boulder.  It did, but not the way I expected.  I didn’t think it would work, but realized it did when you mentioned finding the other dog with Boulder! ”

“Now, wait a minute!” said the policewoman, whose name badge identified her as Officer Dodds. “You can do magic?  Turn someone into a dog?  It has to be a trick, I don’t believe it!”

Matty pointed the wand at the officer and said “You are wearing only your police hat and your bra!”  

Instantly, Officer Dodds looked town at herself.  She could feel her hat on her head.  And she saw that everyone, not just Matty, could see that the officer was wearing only what Matty had said she was wearing.  Her hands immediately moved to cover her crotch.  All the observers were impressed by the bra.  It was black lace, with two-inch-wide shoulder straps and a back strap nearly four inches wide.  Everyone could tell it was doing beyond standard duty, holding in a pair of massive breasts.

“Young man, you are in big trouble!  I’m going to — “

“You are going to enjoy Boulder the way Mrs. Carlowe was enjoying Sizey!”

Officer Dodds found her front falling to the ground.  She looked at herself and discovered that, from her waist up, she was herself.  But, below the waist, she was a dog, flanks, tail, and fur.  And she was horny!  Boulder got behind her and started thrusting away.

“Why you doing this to me?” wailed Officer Dodds. “I’m a policewoman, an officer of the law!  I can be a proud bitch, but not like this!” 

Matty was about to say something, but stopped.  Footsteps were heard on the walk that came from the mansion’s gate.  Matty was speechless for a few seconds, then remembered he had no reason to be scared any longer,  The various women, dogs, what-were-there quickly learned the reason for Matty’s reaction.

“What is going on here?” asked a voice used to being answered.  All there turned to see Dr. Violet Adams.

Dr. Adams was still an attractive woman in her mid-forties.  “I wouldn’t kick her out of bed,” Matty remembered his father once saying about her. She had a stunning face with freckles or age spots on it, no one knew or cared for sure.  She scanned those gathered together, her gaze stopping on Officer Dodds.  “Doris Dodds? Is that you?  Why are you partly dressed up like a dog?”

Officer Dodds tried to speak back to her former science teacher, but she could only make yips and barks.  Finally, she jerked her head forward, gesturing at Matty.

“I see,” said Dr. Roberts.  “Mr. Giordano, I don’t know how you made this happen and I don’t care!  Those stories you wrote about me prove you to be a little pig beyond all belief!  And I’m going to see you pay for it!”

“I’m a litte pig, am I?” said Matty.  “I think I’ll make you a a little pig!”  He waved the wand at Dr. Adams, who began to dwindle in size.  

“What — what’s happening to me?” said the head of the science department at Chester Alan Arthur High School.  Her anger had turned to fear as she found herself enveloped in her clothes, her voice a barely audible high-pitched squeak.  With a smirk, Matty grabbed the top of her pantyhose, closing it in his hands.  He found himself getting a hard-on as he observed that his father had been right about Dr. Adams’ looks.  Matty found himself even more turned on by her efforts to cover herself up as best she could.  He liked looking at naked women, especially looking at naked teachers, especially naked teachers who were just a little smaller than a Barbie doll.

Then, he remembered her calling him a little pig.  He waved the wand, and the surroundings around him and the little doctor changed.  It took Dr. Adams a few seconds to recognize where they were, especially considering everything was so much larger to Dr. Adams.  It was the school science lab.  Matty carried her over to the small cage on the counter and she screamed as she was dropped into the cage.  She stood up and backed into a corner facing her classroom pet, the guinea pig called Enrico.

“Mr. Giordano!  What are you doing!  He’ll eat me!”

“No he won’t!  I put him in to do something else to you!  Look in the cage mirror.”

Dr. Adams looked in the mirror to see, in horror, that her body was changing!  It was growing plumper, growing fur.  Her face was fattening, and her neck was also plumping out.  She soon found herself turned into a guinea pig and she had a suspicion about what Matty intended for Enrico to do to her.  And, yes, in a few seconds, Enrico had mounted Dr. Rogers from behind and was fornicating away with her.

The next few days were eventful.  The staff at the mansion had won the lottery, a prize of over a billion dollars, even after taxes.  Fiona hadn’t joined in the contest but was happy to stay in the mansion and look after Mrs. Giordano and Matty.

Then, another contest was won, with the winners, their names drawn separately, including Dr. Violet Adams and Officer Doris Dodds.  Taking the same plane, on a trip, was Mrs. Octavia Giordano , and Mrs. Carla Carlowe.

The trips turned to tragedy when the plane all the women were on was lost at sea.

Matty Giordano opened a kennel where he began raising prize bulldogs, from his dogs Boulder and Frances.  He also took over raising  Sizehound, who he paired with another Great Dane, Ariel.  He was also doing very well using his beautiful german shepherd, Dotty, to give birth to equally beautiful litters of pups.

And everyone who knew him was especially impressed by the love and care Matty gave to Frances.

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