Open for business — I think

Nothing terribly new here right now. I’m taking a daily e-mail course to try and figure out what I’m doing. This blog is running in conjunction with my deviantART website here:

Keep in mind that the dART site, like this blog, is meant to be R-rated. Language may be naughty, and, on dART, you’re going to see a lot of naughty bits and strange things. Also, this blog is a politics-free zone. There are certain people in power that you might have strong opinions about. And, there are, Lord knows, LOTS of other blogs and places on the Internet where those opinions can be expressed. Please go to those sites to express those opinions.

I’ve had this blog for not quite a week and I’m in the process of setting it up. Hopefully, by the new year (this is being written two days before Christmas), I’ll have familiarized myself with the blogging that I’ll know what I’m doing.


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