“Too young to be posed like THAT!”

Sometimes, when I see a pose in a photo (or commission one), it isn’t what other see. Back in 2005, I was a member of APA-5. An APA (they may still be around) was a club, an Amateur Press Association, where you would put together your own fanzine, make as many copies as there were members (usually a few more in case of accidents) and send them to a Central Mailer, who would then assemble the various zines and send out the collected editions to the members. We would read what everyone else had to say, then put together our next zines with comments on the others. The finished zines would go off to the central mailer again, and the process would be repeated.

At holiday time, the head of APA-5 would request everyone to include images that could inspire responses from the other members. As I was a writer, I’d put a list together. (One response to one of my suggestions that I liked was “Jeannie’s bottle washes up on Gilligan’s Island.” The response was a drawing showing Gilligan holding the stopper from the bottle as a cloud with a pair of eyes appeared. My feeling was that the next action would be Gilligan dropping the bottle and the stopper and running away yelling “Skipper! Skipper!” But they STILL wouldn’t get off the island!)

But in 2005, I decided to paste in some pin-up photos that could have stories written for them. I also included this photo, which was something I commissioned from a young lady in Canada:

When I got the responding mailing of APA-5, there was one member who complained “She looks WAY too young to be posed like THAT!” He then quit the club, leaving me to look to the other members as if I were indulging in kiddie porn.

Well, first, the age of this woman when she posed for this was 23. And, I don’t know what my accuser thought, but I had this girl in a story like what follows:

Dry. Everything was so dry. She had explored as much f her surroundings as she could, and she found no wet. She did like the cockroach and the daddy longlegs that she encountered, they helped keep up her spirit and her strength.

But she couldn’t even remember how she got here. She remembered being enveloped in dry, dry like so much of the other dry she’d found.

Then a pair of human-poles appeared by her, and one of them grabbed her with her front-toes. She was s terrified to be lifted from the dry and placed on another dry, a springy kind of dry. Then the other human-pole pointed a stick at her, stick that glowed as the man-pole made strange sounds.

The springy dry began to slide under her. No, she was sliding over it! The green and the wet of her skin changed and she enlarged! Human took over her mind, and she remembered everything! She had been turned into a frog! She was Phu, the babysitter to the two little girls standing by the bed she was crouched on. The little girls who had turned her into the frog! Now, she was squatting on top of the bed of one of them. And she was naked! She had shrunk out of her clothes!

Phu was angry, terrified, and ready to scold the girls. But the, she saw, they were both crying!

“Phu!” said one of them. “We’re SORRY! We love you!”

“We didn’t mean to make you a frog! We thought the wand was out of power! Please don’t be mad!”

“And please don’t tell anyone about us! If you do, we’ll have to go away!”

Phu was amazed that her anger was going away. She saw on the edge of bed and explored her body. She cupped her breasts and tweaked the nipples, making sure they were back to normal. She stood and let her hands slide down her sides and through her long, silky hair. Then, she turned away from the girls (she didn’t mind that she was giving them a good look at her butt, which she was quite proud of) and probed herself with her fingers to make sure ALL of her was itself again.

She faced the girls, who were holding out her clothes. She made herself smile as she took her panties and began to slide her legs through them. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I understand this was a — an accident. And I won’t tell, no one would believe me and I don’t want you girls to have to go away.”

Everyone was smiling as Phu put on her bra. Then, a small moth fluttered by. A long tongue slid from between Phu’s lips, snagged the moth, and whipped it into Phu’s mouth. At first, everyone was dismayed, but Phu had seen the incident in a mirror on the other side of the room. And Phu began to laugh. The girls joined her.

“Don’t worry, Phu,” they said in unison. We’ll get that fixed, too.”

So THAT’S what the pose was to my mind, and nothing else.

Ginny’s Substitute by Lady Kraken

I’m reposting this because the initial posting yesterday was FAR too small. This is a highest resolution which I’m posting here. Lady Kraken has requested a smaller resolution be posted on my deviantART gallery. If you don’t know already, Lady Kraken does excellent work and can use money from commission. She has a deviantART gallery which has links to her Patreon page. Her dART page is here: https://www.deviantart.com/ladykraken

There are, on deviantART, images aplenty of the ladies from Harry Potter, especially Hermione, Ginny, and Luna. But I thought it might be fun to add the series milf, Mrs. Molly Weasley. I’ve always thought of Molly as a BBW, but not fat. Running a household, even a magical one, and raising seven children would require stamina. I like to think using magic is good for the body. So, yes, Molly is plump, but it’s a very SOLID plump!

As for Molly taking this instance to use polyjuice potion to fill in for Ginny on a date, well, I’ll let the Potter fans among us to decide if that is something Molly would really do or not. But I’m sure she behaved herself with Harry.


I hope everyone enjoys these.

“Revenge of the Teenage Vixens from Outer Space” — a review

One problem I have with my interest in transformations is it sometimes leads me to thing I’d otherwise have no interest in. I watched most of a wretched science-fiction comedy series called Out of This World because the main character could transform others and herself. In spite of bad reviews, I saw (and later got theDVD for) Penelope, a movie starring Christina Ricci as a woman cursed with porcine features. I got started on the Nightmare on Elm Street movies after learning that, in the fourth movie, a woman is turned into a cockroach. And, I’ve been trying for years to find a movie called The Man Who Wagged His Tail, in which Peter Ustinov is turned into a dog.

Back in 1987, at a grocery store in Central Wisconsin, I ran across a VHS of a movie called The Revenge of the Teenage Vixens from Outer Space. I read the cover copy of the VHS sleeve, found out there were transformations, and rented the video. But when I got it home, it wouldn’t play on my VCR. (I feel old using some of these terms.) I took it back and they asked if I’d made adjustments on my VCR. I hadn’t, but they wouldn’t give me back the cassette to try and watch it. (I never went back to where I rented the movie.)

A few years later, I caught part of the movie on USA Network’s Up All Night with Rhonda Shear. But I saw nowhere near the entire movie. And I soon forgot the title.

Recently, I asked about the movie on my page at deviantART.com and was reminded of the title. Eventually, I found Teenage Vixens was on YouTube, and I watched it there. So, now, I feel ready to write a review for it.

A quick disclaimer about viewing the movie on YouTube: I looked Teenage Vixens up on imdb.com, and it lists the movie as being one hour and twenty-three minutes long. But what I found on YouTube is only one hour and nine minutes long. As the movie was released during the horny teenager period of movies (in the wake of things like Porky’s and others), the time difference is probably due to the removal of scenes of naked naughty bits. Also, on YouTube, this is shown on a smaller screen where it is surrounded by an image of shimmering golden water. But this is the best most of us will be able to do.

The movie is about four, yes, teenage vixens from another planet, a planet on which there are no men, so they come to Earth for sex. One Vixen had visited years before and gave birth to a son by a high school science teacher. She abandoned Earth and her son, who is now grown up with some powers, including telekinesis which allows him to undo the clothes of his Earth girlfriend, ala Zapped!

The transformations come when the high school kids fail to satisfy the Vixens. Out of frustration, the Vixens whip out ray guns which turn their victims into vegetables. No, it doesn’t render them mindless, it turns them into vegetables! Zucchinis, carrots, etc. The veggies are kind of cheesy, with eyes and tiny mouths which spawn pathetic whimperings. But, if you get into the minds of the kids turned veggies, you realize they’re aware of their new forms and it has to be horrifying for them. And the scenes of the transformations aren’t bad. These are not point ‘n’ poof TFs, and intermediate scenes 0f the changes aren’t great, but they aren’t bad, either. We also have one woman utter the immortal line “I don’t wanna be a tomato!” (You can take “tomato” as slang for a cute woman and make what joke you want to about the line.)

When I looked up The Revenge Of The Teenage Vixens From Outer Space on imdb.com, I clicked on the names of several cast members. For all but one of the ones I clicked on, Teenage Vixens is their only film credit. (I suspect, for some of the girls, as soon as their families saw what they exposed in the film, their parents cut their film careers short right then and there.)

Truly inexplicable is how much a DVD of this movie costs. On Amazon, there are copies available for $99. And on eBay, as I write this, there is one copy for sale — for $225! I wouldn’t mind seeing an uncensored version of the movie, but not for those prices.

Anyway, those REALLY into transformations might like this movie. Otherwise, stick to the YouTube version and be satisfied with it.

“Mommy, what’s that on your head?!”

I work for the United States Postal Service, and I’ve noticed this magazine cover for a couple of weeks now. I finally got a copy of it for myself, knowing what I was going to title it on the blog. Here are some answers to the question:

“What’s what on my — Oh, my G — “

“I guess it’s time to tell you. Mommy comes from a place called Equestria, and — “

“This is going to be a special Hallowe’en this year! When I finish changing, you’re going to get to go trick-or-treating on the back of a unicorn!”

“This was just an innocent photo shoot of a little boy and his mom! What kind of sicko fantasizes about that?!”

Others? Feel free to add them!

A GREAT Cat TF Commercial

I think everyone know that Geico has some of the wildest commercials, and you can never tell HOW they’re going to work in their message on how Geico can save you money. They also tend to have clever commercials for Hallowe’en every year. Well, THIS year, 2019, they have this one. Among other things, the behavior of the TF’ed person’s roommate at the end is what REALLY sells this! Enjoy!

What TFs have stayed with you?

Okay, going to try posting something I hope will be interactive for the followers of this blog.

What transformations have you seen depicted in literature, movies, TV, or any media over the years that, for some reason have stayed with you? Maybe they really terrified you, or turned you on, or you loved the story that came with them, but you haven’t been able to forget them.

My all time favorite TF on Bewitched was from a second season episode called “The Catnapper.” In it, a sensational-looking lady client of Darrin’s was turned into a cat by Endora, who thought the client was putting the moves on Darrin. (The client was quite cold, actually, wanting to only get down to business.) What did it for me was, when the woman was changed back, the cat was on Darrin, so the woman was sitting on Darrin’s lap and she was posed like a cat. One of the best examples of timing for a TF ever. (Timing will be a subject for this blog soon.)

The transformation that most freaked me out is in one of the scariest books ever written: The Bible. The story of Lot’s Wife, to be exact. The thought that, if I ever stepped out of line in God’s eyes, I might be turned into a pillar of salt really weirded me out. (And, God knows there are plenty of other scary things God might do, at least according to The Old Testament.)

A few years ago, I read that “turned to salt” was slang in Biblical times for becoming infertile. That helped me finally get over the idea.

But what about the rest of you? What’s a transformation you learned of some time ago that you can’t forget?