Betty & Veronica spooktacular

Archie just came out with a Betty and Veronica Hallowe’en Spooktacular which is not bad in terms of transformations.

In the first story, which is new, the friends find a witch’s hat which can perform actual magic. It’s used on Cheryl Blossom, but only to turn her hair green. There’s a wealth of things I would’ve turned Cheryl into, but this is all we got.

Then, there’s a Sabrina story in which, because she decides to not attend the family Hallowe’en celebration, Sabrina is turned into a monster with a bulbous, four-eyed body. (Two if the eyes are on stalks growing out of her head.) Sabrina manages to cope with the change, and the story has a good ending.

But the highlight of the comic is a reprint of the story “The Mystery of Dr. Klawz,” which first appeared in Life with Archie (original series) No. 248. In this story, Archie and Veronica encounter the mysterious character, who has a potion that can turn people into cats. We get to see Veronica transformed. No panels showing stage-by-stage of the change. But it isn’t bad.

Decades ago, I mentioned Betty and Veronica on the message board for an AR website and someone accused me of being a “stunted asshole.” Maybe. But Dan DeCarlo, the classic Betty and Veronica artist, was a very talented girlie cartoonist before he worked for Archie. I’ve no regrets about still being turned on by the pair. If you feel the Riverdale girls are beneath you, just skip over this post.

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