Set of shrinking women videos on YouTube and TFs and clothing

Waiting for a callback from my insurance company, I went on YouTube and, feeling a little perverted, I did a search on “shrinking nude.” This led me to a great set of videos

There are only eight videos, but I enjoyed them greatly — though my being a male and the women in them have a habit of ending up scantily clad (and even downright naked in some of them, though no naughty bits really show) probably has a lot to do with my high ratings.

The first one, “PP Shrinking 01,” is from Process Productions Presents and isn’t bad, though it’s silent. It has a woman drinking something and she begins to shrink. It’s mostly her grimacing, reacting to her change in size. If you want to indulge a kid with the shrinking fetish, this is the one to go with.

The next four are all from Trending Media. Again, no naughty bits are shown, but there are some great scenes of the women struggling with WAY oversized undergarments. There are some especially nice scenes of the women trying to stay decent in some XXXXXXXXXL shorts.

The three remaining videos are all anime. The first is from a series called Ghost Sweeper Mikami, about a woman (girl?) who goes after monsters, spirits, etc, and fights them. Her catch phrase is, apparently, “I’ll send you to Heaven.” This episode is a continuous shrinking episode for the title character. Her male assistant (?) first goes out to get her doll clothes, but she eventually shrinks out of them. In addition, the same demon who shrinks her causes all the animals in the area to attack all humans, making a lot of danger for Ms. Mikami.

Then, there’s 우당탕탕 닥터지 14 which is the best it translates to. It’s about a Dr. Slump-ish scientist who accidentally shrinks his girlfriend? boss? head of department? This has a brief glimpse of the woman’s naughty bits after she’s shrunk. One curiosity about this one is that the shrinking is done by a ray which apparently affects flesh and bone, but not clothing. Huh.

Finally, the last is Japan Animator Expo 06 – 20 min from Nishi Ogikubo Station. The woman in this is naked most of the time. When her man looks at her, he sees a cockroach! Did not like the ending of this on several levels, but the shrinking fans might.

Oh, and two of these have scenes giantess lovers are going to, well, love. In one of them, the woman is naked, but keeps herself decent.

I’m also going to post this in my blog, but I just wanted as many people to see it as possible.

Just re-read this while editing it. Did I focus too much on nudity in the videos? I’m sorry. I just KNOW seeing skin is something NO shrinking woman fan is really interested in.


This brings me to a subject I’ve been meaning to deal with for some time: Transformations and clothing. In the past, many times (especially in cartoons, but also things like Bewitched and Sabrina the Teenage Witch), when someone is turned into an animal, their clothing changes with them, or the duds just disappear.. They could still be posed like what they were turned into when they change back. (My all-time favorite reversion scene in Bewitched was in the episode “The Catnappers,” where a beautiful client of Darrin’s is turned into a cat by Endora; she changes back when she is sitting on Darrin’s lap, and, STILL on his lap, is holding her hands like paws, her head tucked up against his body. I could not find this scene online. It’s worth looking up the episode for the scene alone. She is dressed — differently from what she was wearing when she turned feline — but it’s still a good and rather sexy scene.)

One annoying thing to me with the Disney movie The Princess and the Frog is that, when Tiana changes into the frog, she has clearly shrunk out of her clothes.

But (minor spoiler alert) when she turns human again at the movie’s end, she is fully clothed!

I know, again, kid’s movie. But they could’ve found a way to conceal her and kept up the continuity of the movie. But they probably felt that would’ve stretched things out too far.

Now, in the movie Captain Sindbad, an enjoyable film with Guy Williams (between Zorro and Lost in Space), a princess wants to be turned into a bird. To do this, the wizard performing the spell tells her to take off her clothes because he can’t “grow feathers on silk!” The movie was released in 1963, so all we saw was the princess from the shoulders up, and then a flame-obscured outline as she dwindled to her bird form. (A “flame bird” we were told, which explained the transformation.) Later, she ends up in the closed hand of the movie’s villain, and she is nude, but the fingers keep her decent. Then, it’s back to the flaming outline with the wizard waiting with a blanket for when she reverts to human.

I know, I’m basically saying, for some people (maybe a lot?) part of the appeal of transformation is seeing the transformed eventually changed back into themselves and finding that they’re naked — maybe in public.

Anyone for ENF?

And, some might enjoy the idea of being transformed BECAUSE they can move around naked, in public, among friends and family.

There’s a lot more to say on this subject and I will probably do so someday.

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