Moms and transformations

I think this little scene is what got me started with transformations:

This was the end of the Little Rascals/Our Gang short “Beginner’s Luck.” In this scene, Spanky has just finished a hilarious performance of Marc Antony’s requiem for Caesar from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Spanky’s mother, embarrassed by the performance, was trying to pull Spanky off the stage, when HER mother drops the curtain and snags Spanky’s Mom’s dress, leaving her on stage in a slip in front of an audience full of moms, dads, and kids. Spanky tries to come to her aid by shoving a piece of art in front of her. Instead, it ends up looking as if she’s got the body of an animal. (You can see the whole scene as it happens)

This inspired many years of fantasies for me with the same set-up: A mom, transformed, maybe humiliated, maybe not fully dressed. Not quite a quarter-century later, it led to one of the first ever pages of transformation art I’ve ever commissioned. The art is lacking in quality, and some stains have popped up on the second image. But it only cost $15. Here it is, from late 1982:

One panel of this is in my DeviantART gallery. I’ll admit, this is kind of sick, moreso than stuff I would later commission. I eliminated the first panel which explains the “why” of the transformation, to avoid any “Oh, my God, it’s — ” reactions. And I also eliminated the last panel, as it’s more than a little embarrassing. The artist didn’t know how dogs mount each other. As a result, what he drew is a LOT more hardcore than I’m comfortable with. So, this is all you get, I’m afraid. Sorry

In the second season of I Dream of Jeannie , an episode called “My Master the Author” has a scene in which Jeannie turns an overbearing mother into a goose. The episode is called “My Master the Author.” The mother is of the battle-ax variety, not terribly sexy. But it inspired other fantasies. (I’d include a link to the episode, but the only one I can find starts with some pretty loud advertisements. If anyone wants to look this episode up themselves, go ahead. And, if anyone can find a clip of just the transformation itself, and the reversion, let me know.)

This part of the fetish has instilled in me a love images such as this:

Hi! I’m Bree! I’m on an adult pay website along with other mature ladies. Contact FMTFluver if you want to know more.

A woman, naked, on all fours, an expression of dismay or puzzlement on her face, obviously just changed back into a human, but wearing as many clothes as whatever animal she had just changed back from being would’ve had on. (In the case of this image, I also like the effect gravity has on breasts of this size.)

Ms. Quinn was pleased with the outfit she’d made for her daughter to wear in the talent show. She was holding it and admiring it when her daughter’s friend, Amorilla, came in the house.

“I’m sorry, but Phoebe isn’t here right now,” said Ms. Quinn.

“What’s that ugly costume for?” asked Amorilla.

“Ugly!?” said Ms. Quinn, angry to hear all her hard work dismissed so bluntly. “Are you trying to get my goat?”

Amorilla had never heard the expression before and it made her smile. “Get your goat? Like this?”

Ms. Quinn was puzzled as Amorilla made some gestures with her fingers. Then then, Ms. Quinn felt strange. Her field of vision dropped, and her clothes felt looser. She realized her face was pushing itself out. She was getting more of a snout than a nose. She suddenly dropped the outfit because her hands had changed — into hooves? And she felt her breasts receding, emptying from the industrial-strength bra she’d worn that day. What’s more, her breasts were moving, sliding, down her body, and merging into one — though one with multiple teats on it.

“What’s happening to me?” was what Ms. Quinn meant to say. Instead, a bleat came out of her mouth.

She also realized her legs had changed, no longer filling her pantyhose. This meant she could no longer stand. She tried crawling on the sofa she was sitting on — and crawled out of her clothes. All she had on was her necklace, ring, and some other bits of jewelry.

Amorilla took a small mirror to of her handbag and held it up to Ms. Quinn. Looking in it, Ms. Quinn did not see her reflection, not the reflection she was used to, but that of a moderate-sized, definitely cute little goat.

She was a goat!

Ms. Quinn jumped down from the couch and began running around panicking, bleating. What was she going to do? A rumble could be heard coming from her belly.

“Oh, Ms. Quinn! Haven’t you eaten yet?”

The goat shook her head. Amorilla gestured again with her fingers. Suddenly, appetite swelled inside the goat. But for what? Grass? Grain? No, something else.

Then, she noticed the clothing she had stepped out of when she was no longer a woman. She sniffed at the articles, and then began to nibble at them!

This isn’t right! She thought. Goats don’t actually eat clothes! Or did they, she wondered, as she began eating her undershorts — her USED undershorts! Her dress, and her bra, the bra she liked so much after carefully looking all the bras in the store over, one of her favorite pieces of clothing — it was all entering her belly. Even the metal! But she didn’t care.

Finally, she began to eat the costume she’d worked so hard on.

“What a good goat you are!” grinned Amorilla. “Now, would you liked to be milked? I’ll bet we could get some good cheese made from it!”

Ms. Quinn bleated again, and looked around for a place to escape. She ended up getting back on the couch, where she stood and looked imploringly at Amorilla. The girl took pity on the goat and gestured at her again. A moment later, Ms. Quinn, naked on all fours, but herself again, looked quizzically from the coach. She remembered her “goat-hood,” but knew she’d never be able to repeat a word of it to anyone.

The term “industrial strength” was used for various products, insecticides, cleansers, and the like, in the 1980s. I always liked it and decided to use it in this.

The only thing I might’ve done differently is Amorilla could’ve been a little boy. Maybe because of Spanky’s presence in the earlier short, I’ve a fondness for little boys with magic doing things to grown women. But, let me make it clear, yes, the boys often find themselves in the presence of a nude woman, which the boys like. But they don’t know what to do with her and that’s where it ends. I asked for some examples of mom transformations on y DeviantART journal, and Gen-Awesome had this to say:

There’s Queen Elinor, mother of Merida, turning into a bear in “Brave”. Or Queen Uberta, mother of Prince Derek being transformed into various animals in “The Swan Princess 2”. Princess Daphne, mother of 13 children getting turned into a monster in the climax of “Dragon’s Lair 2: Time Warp”.

If you count Step-Mothers, Lady Tremaine gets turned into a frog at the end of “Cinderella III: A Twist in Time”.

I do count step-mothers, and mothers-in-law, which makes this scene appropriate:

Then, there’s instances of moms undergoing age regression. I once had a couple of pages done (they’re in storage right now and not accessible) of Ann Romano (Bonnie Franklin in the original One Day at a Time) being turned into a baby and having to be nursed by one of her daughters. Ann was in advertising and, therefore, in competition with Bewitched‘s Darrin Stephens. Anyway, that idea eventually led to this four-page set here, using characters who are NOT mine, and I in no way claim ownership of them.

Possible AR, Page 1
Possible AR, Page 2
Possible AR, Page 3
Possible AR Page 4

I know, if anyone following my blog also follows my DeviantART gallery, they’re seeing a lot of repetition here. But, in this case, I felt the subject made the repetition work.

Also, I’m working on a script for another commission (with OC, not THESE characters) which will take the age regression and mother – daughter relation one step further.

And, speaking of transformations, moms, and daughters, it isn’t always the mom who has to be transformed:

“I’m sorry, but if I don’t hold on to SOMETHING I’ll fall off!”
“Is that why you aren’t riding side-saddle?”

There’s more on this subject, and I’ll tackle it later.

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