Forty-seven years in the making

Back in 1973, a movie was released called “A Touch of Class.” It was a very grown-up rom-com in which this woman, Vickie Allessio (played by Glenda Jackson)

decides to have an affair with Steve Blackburn (played by the late George Segal), who is married to Gloria (played by Hildegard Neil). I did not see the movie until 1974, hence the title for this post.

Perhaps the most intense scene in the movie does when Vickie unleashes a tirade against Steve. (It was intense enough that it got Ms. Jackson her second Best Actress Oscar.) It happens after she discovers that he was out with his wife after cancelling a date with Vickie. Among other things, she tells him that he should’ve been born a cestode worm.

It took some research to find that scene online, and then to find out exactly what a cestode worm is. (And to keep spell-check from turning “cestode” into “restore.”) It turns out that a cestode worm is a kind of tapeworm. And the reason she tells him that’s what he should’ve been is that a cestode worm is a worm with the organs of both sexes. Therefore, Steve could’ve spent his life “copulating with himself.”

That line has stayed in my demented mind ever since. And, I eventually came up with a story in which Gloria turns out to be a witch. She doesn’t mind Steve cheating on her. He’s rather insatiable, and having affairs with other women saves Gloria a lot of time in bed — though, when she does agree to sex, she enjoys it.

But she does not care for other women putting Steve in his place. Gloria found out about Vickie accusing Steve of being a human cestode worm. And Gloria decided to put Vickie in HER place.

This is another comics page done for me by the wonderful LadyKraken, who, again, has a DeviantART page here and a Patreon page here:

Anyway, here is the story of Gloria’s meeting with Vickie about this matter. I’ve had worm women drawn before, but this one is darker in that Vickie doesn’t have any limbs in her new form. But don’t worry about her too much, she’s enjoying herself.

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