The Transformation Critics

I am well aware, and always have been, that there are people who do NOT like transformation stories or art. I’ve been at comic book and science-fiction shows where I’ve commissioned art of people turning into different things. (There was one show where I met an artist for the first time (she’s quite successful now) who, after telling her what I want, said “I’ve heard about you!”) One person who knew me picked up a description I’d written for an artist, said “What’s this?!” before reading and dropping it and apparently glowering in my direction at another table, though I was unaware of any this at the time. And, I know of at least one sticker/plaque on DeviantART that reads “I HATE transformation art!”

But I recently discover on YouTube TWO videos by the same guy displaying transformation art he’s found on DArt, and critiquing/complaining about it. He has put up a bad cartoon drawing of a man to be the “host” and then proceeds to look carefully and complain about some elements (fuzziness/poor anatomical positioning of the altered body parts) on the altered photo morphs. And he also rants about the comments, most of those comments being positive, which he doesn’t understand.

Of course, he considers people who would morph such images or are into transformations to be complete losers. But, how much of a loser would YOU have to be to look for such images, post them, and comment on them? It’s the same sort of person who regards people who’ve undergone transgender surgery (not the same as what I said I wasn’t into earlier; if you are into such things, more power to you and enjoy your life) as bad people who they don’t understand and that shouldn’t be allowed to exist.

I am not putting the name of this person in this post or even the key words he used in his titles of his videos. I prefer to condemn him to obscurity.

My message is, yes, there are people who really, actively hate transformations and its fans. Let them, but don’t ever let them make you feel small because of the interest. Just walk away, get on with your life, and let them wallow in theirs.

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