Sharing the fetish

I’m in the middle of a year’s subscription to Naked News. And I decided to write to them and let them know about the transformation fetish. I don’t know if they’ll reply to it, but it’s worth a shot. The e-mail is as follows:

I’ve been thinking about sharing this with Naked News and its viewers for some time.  It’s my fetish, and I thought for a long time that I was the only one who had it.  Since that great purveyor of any fetish imaginable came along, The Internet, I’ve learned there are others like me, enough that I’ve created a blog devoted to the fetish.  

But first, the blog’s (and the fetish’s) manifesto:

Then, there’s the entire blog.  Be warned, some of what’s on it might offend the shy maidens who work for you.  There’s one entry especially, “A line that shouldn’t be crossed?” involving a female mountie.

I also have a gallery on  And, BOY, if you really want to find a place for every fetish imaginable, go here and do a search!  You might have to buy a membership (and let them know you’re an adult), but it’s worth it.  Do be aware, much of what’s in my gallery is art commissioned, but not drawn, by me.  There are pin-up photos I’ve collected over the years whose poses strike me as a woman just having been changed back from something else,  The text pieces in my gallery are by myself.

I’d be wiling to guess you have some viewers who share this fetish, though we’d like to see more of your anchors on all fours.

And, yes, I have to ask this:  Imagine if Darrin got caught watching Naked News.  And Endora, Serena, maybe even Samantha decides to keep the anchor being watched naked, but as a different species.  If any or all of your anchors had a choice to be an animal, what would they be?  Be careful.  I’d be kind of scared of what critters Laura or Tia might become.  (One rule I haven’t discussed yet in the blog:  Never turn someone into something that could KILL you!  A big cat or canine, a dragon, etc.  Though a giantess could be fun.  The guy in Monsters vs. Aliens was NUTS to dump Susan/Ginormica.)


That’s it. I’ll let everyone know if it gets mentioned.

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