My first TF photo shoots

People have noticed the photograph postings in this blog and the stories that accompany them. And, as some have done with the art posted in here, they ask how long have I been having these things done?

Well, this posting answers that question. Those old enough will recognize that I’m posting scans of photos that were taken back in the 1970s, 1976 to be exact! The model thought I was a little crazy (little did she realize that I was a LOT crazy!), but went along with it. This was the only shoot where I was actually in the room with the model, so I had a little more control that in later shoots, where the model was doing a mail order commission

Among other things, I was not yet secure enough in the fetish to tell her to act as if she were being turned into an animal. Instead, the story was that she was being hypnotized.

At the beginning, she’s told her boyfriend (or girlfriend, if you prefer) has learned hypnosis. The woman mocks the person, but begins to go under. (And, yes, I had to assure the model that I wasn’t really a hypnotist and that I wouldn’t be able to make her do then things I would have her do in the “story.”

Aw, come on, you’re not really a hypnotist!
You are getting sleepy! Sleepy!
When I count to three, you’ll be —

And now, the woman, sound asleep, does what the hypnotist tells her to do. Namely, take off her clothes!

Now, you’re getting very uncomfortable in those clothes! You’re so uncomfortable that you’re removing them!

Finally, she is naked! The hypnotist takes a moment to take in her looks.

And now — and now …

And then, the TF fan inside him takes over. This woman had been a bitch to him, now she will be a bitch FOR him!

Arf! Arf, ARF!

And that’s all I have now, sadly. There were more photos, more poses, such as the model posing as a baby, a monkey, a chicken. And, with the last pose, as she was looking at the ground for a worm or seed, a car backfired outside and snapped her out of her trance! And she proceeded to beat the crap out of the hypnotist.

What happened to the rest of the photos is that I had a roommate in college at the time who disapproved of my fantasies. One day, while I was gone, the roommate threw away the photos. Luckily, these were developed separately (at a photography store, which had no problem doing nudes), so I still have them.

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