Inspirations for TF fantasies — Photos

I collect a lot of photographs and negatives.  They are of women who did a lot of nude modeling back in the day.  And, in my case, the images can be interpreted as women who are about to be transformed, or, maybe more often, women who have just been changed back into themselves.

“Where — where am I? What happened?”

For example, this first photo.  It’s another model (maybe the same one?) that looks a lot like my psychologist from years ago.  But she’s standing next to a chalkboard.  Is she a teacher, or at least a substitute?  What we can tell is that she is naked, but a dress is puddled around her feet.  Someone, maybe one of her students, turned her into something small.  A mouse?  A chick?  (The positioning of her arms suggests something with wings.)  She has just been returned to herself.  And I mean JUST returned!  She might be a little wobbly on her feet.  And, in another second, she’s going to realize she’s naked before the class.  She’ll probably be hoping she’s having one of THOSE dreams!

“Was I just a monkey? And where are my clothes?!”

Next, we have what I think is a housewife, maybe the mother of a friend of a little kid.  What I think happened is that this lady became some sort of monkey, the kind with a tail.  She has just been changed back to herself and has had time to realize she’s crouching on the floor, completely naked, to her dismay.  She’s looking over her shoulder at the boy (girl?) who transformed her and, in her shock, has her hand against her cheek.  What she really doesn’t want her transformer to know is that she kind of liked the experience.  She is given a banana to try and calm her down.

“Was I a baby doll? No, an actual baby!? But you took good care of me.  Thank you.”

Next, back to normal.  I think this lady was a nursemaid to a little kid, who had a crush on her, and tried a magic spell to make her his age.  Instead, she was sent all the way back to infancy.  After a while, the spell just ran out, but not before she was placed naked on this chair and returned to her true age.  She’s a little embarrassed by the experience, but trying to maintain a good humor about it.

You decide what happened!

This reminds me so much of what could be a Bewitched episode. This woman was one of Darrin’s clients. She started showing too much of an interest in Darrin, and Endora or Serena stepped in. What they turned her into is hard to say. But she was on all fours and they didn’t bother to dematerialize her clothes. Now, she’s herself again, but wondering why she’s stark naked on this couch. Anyone have any ideas?

That’s it for now. I hope to start hearing your comments soon. And, if you have ever had a photo inspire you, let us know!

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