A tale of two photo shoots

Back in December, I ordered two photo shoots from two different women off of ebanned. I finally got them over the past week and the result could not be more different.

I think that, with the first one I received, the woman didn’t really want to do the shoot as I’d described it. Keep in mind, when I commissioned the shoot, I told her several times that, if she didn’t want to do the poses I’d asked for, she could tell me and we’d try to work something out. She kept saying she’d do them. She kept putting it off for different reasons. When I finally got it, out of 74 pictures, only a quarter of them were what I’d asked for. The rest were close-ups of her boobs, her crotch (I’ve never wanted to be a gynecologist), her butt, etc.

I think she was expecting to do porn and not tell a story in pictures. And porn is what I got.

But then, I got the other set. As if to make up for the first one, this one was perfect. The woman had the look of a MILF, and I was quickly able to create a story in my mind about the pictures. The woman posed as I had wanted her to pose, her expressions were right.

The only complaint I had was that the pictures were not framed very well. Parts of her body were cropped off. But it’s a minor complaint, I was pleased with the shoot.

I just mention this for people inspired by my previous post on commissioning photos recently, so they know what to look out for. I’d say, be sure to have a good description of what you want for each pose, and make sure your model wants do cooperate and do the poses you asked for.

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