The other side of TF

If you look at my deviantART gallery here you’ll see something near or over 300 pieces of art, most of it involving transformations of some kind or other. It features women turning into dogs, cats, frogs, lizards, babies, shrinking, growing, acquiring enormous breasts, many kinds of transformation.

But then, there are also pieces of art such as this:

Celeste and Luna by Lady Kraken

And this:

Whut in tarnation?
Big Sis, what in tartnation ?!

And this:

''Ooo!  Bouncy!'' by Ladykraken

These are examples of different transformations, where the subjects are animals turned human. As you may know, the subjects above are certain little ponies who have become women. (Not girls, but women — don’t want to play around with underage nudes, after all.)

The idea of animals transformed into homo sapiens isn’t quite as common as the reverse. But they can still be entertaining and, yes, even erotic to the TF fan.

There was a movie in 1951 called You Never Can Tell about a dog who was supposed to inherit a lot of money, but he was shot to death before he could do so. He appeals to an assembly of animals in the next life to be given the chance to go back and help capture his murderer. He wish is granted, and he is turned into a man do pursue his mission. He is also assigned a filly who is turned into a woman to help him. (There’s a great scene where the woman, who still has her speed, is trotting alongside a bus to catch up with it.)

Bewitched dealt with this idea a few times. In a first season episode called “The Cat’s Meow,” Darrin is trying to find the right Asian model for an ad campaign. Samantha takes a stray Siamese and turns it into a woman, and a pretty sexy female at that. TF fans will like how she drinks tea catlike at one point of the episode.

The following season, a stray racehorse shows up in the Stephens’ back yard and Samantha humanizes it to find out where it came from. The horse, Dolly, was a cute woman.

Then, there was Comet, Supergirl’s pet horse in the 1960s. For those who don’t know, Comet was actually Biron, a centaur from mythological times. I won’t go into how he became a full horse with Kryptonian-like powers. (He was not vulnerable to kryptonite, which put him one-up on the other super-people and critters of the time.) Whenever a comet passed near Earth (Byron got his horsey name because of a comet-shaped birthmark on his flank), Byron turned into a human. And it was in this form he became Bronco Bill Starr, a rodeo rider. And one of Supergirl’s most recurring, yes, boyfriends. Thank God that Dr. Wertham never found out about THAT one!

There are novels on the subject. One I’ve read is Carmen Dog, set in a world in which women are turning into animals and vice versa. The main character is a dog who is turning into a woman while the wife of her “owner” is becoming a turtle. There’s a heavy feminist statement in the book about the dividing line between spouses and pets. If that doesn’t bother you, you might want to give the book a try.

I can remember a “Modern Madcap” cartoon from the 1950s or 1960s about a dog who finds a man’s suit and puts it on to live life as a man. It ends with him getting rid of the suit and declaring that “A dog’s life is best after all.” It was pretty par for the course in the “Madcap” series.

W have just scratched the surface. Can anyone else come up with more animal – to – human transformations?

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