I recently got around to watching Mannequin and Mannequin Two — On the Move, two movies I had never seen before. I enjoyed them both equally, though I know most people do not like the sequel that much. They both had their stupid moments, but there were other parts I enjoyed.

Then, today, I was doing some badly needed cleaning in my room and I came across these two photos in my collection.

The woman in the first photo strikes me as both innocent and surprised. She was aware something was happening to her before the effect was fully realized. And she looks as if she’s sitting right by a door. Who or what transformed her, and why?

The second photo is pretty brazen in what it shows off. The pose strikes me as very mannequin-ish. No, we’re not seeing where parts can be disconnected. And I can’t help but notice (but still appreciate) that her bottom half is wider than the top.

And why have both women been stripped naked? Is someone working on them for a display? I hope these ladies can recover after they have been (hopefully) restored to themselves.

But the reason I purchased both of these photos is that it strikes me that the women in them have been turned into (or are about to be turned into) mannequins. The first woman seems to have been in her home when it happened. The second, I have theories, but I don’t want to share right now. I don’t want to influence anyone looking at the photos.

These are two good examples of photos inspiring fantasies in viewers, and making the viewers come up with back stories. Who turned them into mannequins, and why?

Feel free to share what you come up with. And I hope everyone enjoys the photos.

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