Tongue Twisted, with illustration


 I am reposting this story, but this time with this illustration.  The story and illustration were inspired by a therapist I saw on a regular basis decades ago.  (I know, me in therapy.  Inconceivable, right?)  I recently found a lookalike for her in a magazine.  This is not a statement of my opinion of her skills as a psychologist. I liked her and she was very good at her job. It’s just one of many fantasies I’ve had about her over the years.  There is an explanation near the end of the story for why the tongue and why she’s naked.  This is another piece of art by Lady Kraken, who has done several pieces for my dART gallery, including humanized little ponies.  She does great work.  If you want wonderful art at reasonable prices, she’s your artist.  Her dART page is here:

I’m expecting more than a few amateur psychologists analyzing me on THIS one!

Oh. Having just reread this story, I should warn that it’s a little raunchier than what I normally write, maybe closer to porn than erotic. If anyone is offended, my apologies.

Also, though I’ve also posted this on deviant art, this blog entry’s illustration is a higher resolution.

After she finished up her coffee, Gene put away her files on the last patient and got ready for the next one.  This would be Jim.  She liked listening to Jim.  He was always telling her about dreams he’d had about her.  She knew his dreams weren’t actual dreams, but fantasies he made up about her.  He had this strange fetish about women turning into animals.  And, in his “dreams,” she changed a lot.  She was almost always naked at some point in them as her clothes did not survive the changes.  She’d been a dog, a mouse, little, enormous breasts, a frog, a monkey.  (The kind with a tail, he’d specified, not an ape.)  She was a baby once and her receptionist had breast-fed her.  It was getting hard to think of something that she had NOT  been.

She opened the door to her office.  There was Jim, seated next to the aquarium in the office.  She called his name, he followed her inside, and she closed the door behind them.

As soon as they were both seated, and Gene had placed the legal pad on her lap, with a pen in her hand ready to take notes, they began with the usual small talk, eventually with Gene saying “How was your week?”

“It was great.  I got this!”  Jim held up his left hand and wriggled his fingers to display a gold ring with a large, oval-shaped jade stone set in it. 

“Who gave you that?” asked Gene.

“An old lady,” said Jim.  “She walked off the bus, forgetting her purse.  I grabbed it, caught up with her, and returned the purse to her.  And she gave me the ring as a reward.”

“Well, that was generous!”

“More than you know!  This is a magic ring!  It grants wishes!”

Gene said nothing, but snickered a little.

“I’ll prove it!” said Jim.  “I know just what wish I want to make in here with you!”  Jim closed his eyes, rubbed the stone in the ring, and whispered something.  When he opened his eyes, they went wide, staring at her.

“Did your wish come true?” asked Gene.

“It sure did!  Since I started seeing you, I’ve always wanted to see you like this!”

“What do you — ” Gene started to say, when she looked down at herself.  She was completely naked!  Her mini-skirt was gone, her pantyhose, her underwear, her jewelry, even her wedding ring!  The only things she still had on were her shoes. She gasped and looked at her patient, a noticeable bulge in his crotch.  “How did you do this?” she softly wailed.

“Like I said, this ring grants wishes!”

“I hope it does!  I hope it can grant a wish to keep you from being locked up for a long time for doing this to me!”  Gene covered her bottom half by crossing her legs and covered her breasts with one arm, while picking up the phone with the other, quickly pressing a button as she did so.  “Hello, Gwen?  Cawthpoeeth!”

That wasn’t what she wanted to tell Gwen.  Gene wasn’t sure what it was!  She tried again, with even less success.  As she sat, she noticed something moving, wriggling on and beyond her legs.  She stood up, trying to better see what it was.  As she did, Gwen came in.

“Gene?” said Gwen.  “Is something — ”  Gwen could say no more.  She stared at Gene, not believing what she saw.  Was she surprised to find her boss stark naked? Jean wondered.  Then, she noticed Jim had his eyes closed and was whispering to the ring again.

The next second, all of the walls in Gene’s tiny office were covered in mirrors, like a gaudy strip bar.  But Gene wouldn’t have minded if she were doing a strip tease, even starting over fully clothed.  For there, in the mirrors, she was still completely nude.  But the thing that boggled her mind beyond what she thought it could handle was her tongue.  It was hanging from her mouth, several FEET of it!  The tip came to rest just an inch or two below her knees!

“What happened to you?” asked Gwen.  Gene pointed a finger at Jim.  “Don’t worry, boss!  I’ll call the cops!”

Gwen took one step toward the office door, then stopped.  She shot down in size, her clothes enveloping her.  They came to rest on the floor and something was wriggling inside them.  Jim kneeled down, reached into the clothes, and pulled out a small goldfish, struggling helplessly to breathe.  Gene screamed as best she could over her tongue, terrified for Gwen.  But Jim walked out of Gene’s office and up to the aquarium where he tossed Gwen into the water.  Gwen the receptionist, now Gwen the goldfish, at first darted around the tank, and then relaxed and began to swim — like a fish, Gene realized.  

“Iv thee okie?” Gene tried to ask.

“She’s fine,” said Jim.  “And she’s got enough of her mind to enjoy being a fish.”

Gene buckled slightly at her knees, overcome by everything that had just happened.  As she did, her tongue began to wriggle around.  It was almost probing, she thought, like a lizard’s tongue, feeling and tasting the desk, the chair, and, most of all, herself.  It licked her arm, her right nipple, her shoulder.  And, then, it started licking her thighs, which made her gasp.  Was she controlling it?  Was Jim controlling it?  Did she care?  That was a good question as the tongue began to lick jean BETWEEN her thighs, finally entering her vagina.  

I’m tasting myself! she thought.  She liked the taste!  And she liked the feeling!  And Jim was enjoying the sight, she thought.  He grabbed some tissues from the box on her desk, and then, holding them in his hand, he reached down in his pants and began to masturbate.  

My God, she thought.  We’ve synchronized our masturbation!  She wanted to smile, but only succeeded in lightly biting her tongue.  She closed her eyes and began thinking of what she could do with this tongue.  She would be a freak, yes, but there were worse things to be.  She noticed much of her tongue was getting dry.  Was Jim going to leave her like this?  Would she have to carry a bucket of water with her from now on?  Would she need to make more trips to the bathroom and run her tongue under the faucets?  If he did leave her like this, could a surgeon cut the tongue down to size?

Suddenly, everything else receded to the back of her mind.   She was still standing, slightly bent at the knees, as her tongue began a performance that would put an anteater to shame!  Her tongue was sliding rapidly between her legs.  As it did so, she managed a lengthwise rotation on and over her clit.  Her juices were flowing now, and they were delicious!  She grabbed her tongue with her hands and pressed it harder into her box, rubbing it in all the right places until, finally, she climaxed, giving the best moan she could through her teeth.  She opened her eyes and saw that Jim had also finished.  She would hear his juices hitting the tissues hard.

As they both relaxed, she saw Jim was whispering to the ring again.  And then she felt it.  Her tongue was sliding back into her mouth, regaining it’s normal size.  She was soon herself again.  She was still buck-naked, but everything was normal.

She stared wearily at Jim for a few seconds.  Then, her eyes went wide.  “Gwen!” she cried.  Not caring that she was naked (and no one else was in the office anyway), Gene stumbled into the waiting room and looked at the aquarium.  Jim was behind her.  She looked beseechingly at him and said “Please.”

Jim whispered to the ring.  They both looked at the aquarium and one of the fish began to change.  Instead of back fins, it had small, but shapely, human legs.  It began to grow, to sprout human arms.  Soon, Gwen was standing in the tank.  She was soaked.  And the tank was overflowing with water and fish.  As best she could, she climbed out and she and Gene began to gather up the fish that had spilled out of the tank and put them back in the water.

“I was a fish!” gasped Gwen.  “I was swimming around, breathing water!  I think I even ate some fish food!  I WAS A FISH!”

“You should’ve seen me!” said Gene.  “He made my tongue grow to maybe four feet long!  I was tasting myself!  I licked my own vagina!  You wouldn’t believe it!”

“I don’t think I believe any of this!”

“Well, then,” said Jim.  “Why don’t I do this?”

“Wait, no,” said Gene.  “Don’t — “

But it was too late!  She felt her tongue sliding out between her teeth again.  And, when she looked at Gwen, she saw Gwen’s tongue elongating, too!  Soon, both women had tongues nearly four feet long.  Gene suddenly felt the urge to lie on her back, and Gwen was kneeling over her.  Gwen’s head — and tongue — were over Gene’s privates and Gene’s were over Gwen’s.  Each woman began to probe the other one, licking, poking, even lightly slapping each other’s cheeks (both kinds) with their tongues.  Gene felt herself starting to climax, and it was going to be magnificent.  She felt the surge of pleasure growing stronger, stronger, STRONGER —

And, suddenly, Gene opened her eyes.  She was in her bed, next to her sleeping husband.  She had definitely cum, but it was apparently a dream cum.  She rested face up, staring at the ceiling, trying to regain her breath.  She couldn’t believe that Jim’s dreams, real or not, had started to affect her.  Now THAT was empathizing with a patient!

She rolled onto her side and was soon fast asleep again.

Jim got up, stretched, and looked around the room.  It had been a while since he had used Jean for one of his fantasies.  He did feel a little guilty about using a married woman, but not THAT guilty.  But he knew he HAD to use her tonight!  And, whenever he did use a married woman, it was to watch and to masturbate.  He NEVER actually had sex with her.  And he cast a deep sleep spell on the spouse.

This fantasy was relatively new.  He had enjoyed giving women frogs’ tongues, big dogs’ tongues to hang out of their mouths, forked reptilian tongues.  But they were all part of larger transformations, and, sometimes, small parts at that.

But making a tongue the center of a transformation — THAT was new!  He had never even considered what a woman with an elongated tongue could do with it, the experiments and experiences.  Too bad he didn’t want to get physical himself with a married woman.  A LONG tongue that could wrap itself around a dick!  That would be truly something else.  And he remembered a Phil Foglio story in Xxxenophile years ago where a young woman woke up to find her exact double in bed with her.  She soon had the answer to what she tasted like to others!

This power he had come by, to make any woman he wanted to materialize in his special room (which could look like anything HE wanted it to look like), and let her think it was just a dream.  It was all he could do to keep himself from sharing that others.

He started thinking again of the tongue.  What if, someday, tentacles?  What if, someday, he also gave a woman tentacles?

He began planning his next fantasy.

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