From Bare to Bear

This is a set of photos from Dave Sammons/Xilstudios, which can be found at These are scans of printouts, which is why they may not look so great. If I had photos of these, I can’t find them. Still, I hope everyone enjoys them.

“Okay, my Mom and Dad will get a million dollars because of this procedure? And be told not to worry about me, because I’ll be cared for? All right.

“I look like Sissy who? No, I never saw the old Carrie movie.

“Anyway, you said you wanted me to be bare, so here I am.”

“Wait, what? You wanted me to BE a bear? What’s that mean? Hey, what are these things on my head?!”

“What’s happening to me?! My face feels funny, especially my nose! Did my nose turn black?! WHY?!”

“I feel strange all over! Something’s happening to my body! And the teddy bear by me — I’m IDENTIFYING with it!”

“How’d everything get so big? And I feel so warm, suddenly. Wait, do I have FUR on my body?!”

“Ooh, I need LOVE! I need to be HUGGED! Please, someone, hug me! HUG ME! I want someone to take me in their arms, squeeze me gently, and fall asleep while they hold me.


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