There was a film, a fog sliding off of her brain. She knew she was in a dry place, but not sure how she got there. There were things skittering about her. Bugs, small spiders, centipedes. They were crunchy, some of them, and they all tasted delicious. She loved how they slid down her throat.

Then, she was somewhere else. It was hard, flat. And the fog was sliding further off of her brain. She remembered meeting with the handsome major. She had flirted with him, which she didn’t normally do. Then, there was the blonde in the area outfit. And she was jealous of the major. That’s when the lady CEO was suddenly in the dry place. And she was smaller, squatting on the ground. Now she was squatting on the flat surface.

She understood what was being said. Something about why weren’t her clothes changed with her. And laughter with “Do not be silly! Toads do not wear clothing!”

She felt herself sliding over the hard surface. And she suddenly knew she was on top of a desk at the front of the room where her employees were working hard. None of them had looked up yet. Her feet changed and she was on her calves now. And she had a neck again! She wasn’t sure why she didn’t have a neck seconds before, she just knew that she didn’t have one.

The handsome major and the blonde left the room. And the CEO was suddenly aware that she was naked!

She heard a gasp. Someone had finally seen her. She didn’t know if she should be humiliated or angry. But then, as everyone in the room began to look at her, she considered thing. Her employees were good people. Letting them see their boss in the nude would be a good, impromptu reward for them. She got off the desk, stood, and smiled at everyone. Then, she walked to her office, letting everyone get a good look at her, front and back.

When she was in her office, she got a bottle of mouthwash from her desk and rinsed off the crunchy things she had eaten and spit them all into her coffee mug. Now, who should she send out to get a new suit of clothing for her?

She didn’t even notice that she had grabbed a fly from near her face and was happily chewing at it.

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