TF commission block

I don’t know if this is just me, or if it happens to other TF luvers as well.

I’ll win an auction for a commission on eBay. Or, I’ll be walking into a comic con, sometimes a BIG one, with lots of artists in attendance. I’ll have LOTS of money to spend and ready to get in the artists’ alley and start making commissions.

And I can’t decide what I want them to draw for me!

I have been to ComiCons in Chicago, near Detroit, little local cons, Kansas City cons, and I’ve even made it four times to ComiCon International in San Diego. And I can’t decide who or what I want to have drawn!

From the 1980s to the naughts, I was fond of having art done of real women undergoing transformations, sometimes of comics characters changing. But I got to the age where the real women were aging and dying on me. And, too often, the comics characters were being killed off. (True, in comics there’s a good chance they’ll come back to life, but then, they can be killed off again.)

More recently, I’ve commissioned women I’ve made up, maybe in certain occupations or types. But that has just led to “What do I want this one to be, what do I want her to change into, etc?”

This has also led me to being vulnerable to certain comic con artists. One time, I told an artist I wanted him to draw a woman turning into a lizard. “A lizard?!” he bellowed in a bellow I’m sure he wanted everyone on the floor to hear. (I was not as forceful in what I’d commission as I would later be.) He eventually talked me into having a bunny drawn. Not a human woman with rabbit ears and a tail, but a woman in a bathing suit and a Playboy bunny ears and Playboy bunny tail. I was able to sell it to a friend for what I’d initially paid for it, but I wasn’t happy with the entire transaction.

I recently won a photo shoot by mail of 10 photos through ebanned. I’ve done these before, and have gotten some pretty good sequences of a woman being mentally transformed and becoming an animal and posing as such. (Check out the photos of Thai Kitty in my dART gallery.) I’ve gotten good results, but I’m stuck on what I want for these 10. (I usually start with the woman fully clothed, then her clothes magically disappear, and then the animal takes over her brain.)

It’s a quandry only a metamorphiliac can face, and it’s something that can actually keep me up at night.

(I did date a former exotic dancer for a while, and she agreed to pose for me as a teacher with a student whose parent wasn’t happy about some of their child’s grade. It was a parent who had magic powers, and the teacher ended up as their pet for a while. If anyone has a partner who knows of their fetish and can agreed to posing, you’re a lucky person with a very understanding spouse, and more power to you.)

Anyone else have this problem? You’ve got the money, you’ve got an artist, but you can’t come up with a concept for the art?!

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