TF photo shoots

Over the years, usually through websites such as naughtybids or ebanned, (and eBay, though that’s harder to do now that it’s gotten harder to find the “Adults Only” section) I’ve commissioned photos of women posing as different animals, and usually wearing about as much as animals usually wear. It can be expensive (and in some cases, even moreso because you have to wire money overseas), but you can usually arrange for a good deal for under $100 USD.

The first thing you HAVE to do when commissioning TF photos is tell the model and/or photographer the kind of poses you want from them. That can end the transaction right there. Some of them will feel posing as animals (especially in the nude) is too weird. Some will get it in their heads that you are hinting at bestiality, which is a big no-no for many people. (I’ve done a few things where women are hypnotized into thinking they’re dogs and will sniff and lick the crotch of another woman, but that’s the closest I’ve come.) But, if you’re lucky, you’ll find someone who has no trouble with the idea, and maybe even will have fun doing it. (Of course, those who are especially lucky are those who have significant others who know of their partner’s fetish and will happily participate either posing for photos, making a video, or even engaging in some role-playing!)

I dated a woman for years and, once, I talked her into posing for a TF set. In it, I imagined she was a teacher who had to visit the home of a student to talk to the parent about how the student was doing in school. Unbeknownst to the teacher, the parent was a witch. While the teacher was going through records, her clothing began to disappear until she was naked. And then, her mind began to change so she began to think she was, first, a chicken, and then a dog. As a dog, she got on all fours, crouched like a sitting dog, and then begged like a dog — all the time with her tongue hanging out. In a couple of the pictures, her eyes had rolled back into her head, which added wonderfully to the effect. We broke up about 20 years ago, and I got rid of the photos. (I don’t do revenge porn anyway.) She’s now married to a preacher!

For that matter, I don’t share any of the TF photos of women who’ve posed for commissioned photos for me unless they give permission. They’re posing for me, not a bunch of other people, and I don’t need for any of them to find themselves on line with a collar on them on all fours next to a bowl of water or dog food. (Hint: I have found that canned corned beef makes a good and acceptable substitute for canned dog food.)

The woman in the picture below calls herself Thai Kitty. She has her own adult website here and, besides her undies, she also does custom photos and videos. She HAS given me permission to post her photos. Do know that, if you commission something from her, you’ll most likely have to pay her fee, but also pay the cost of wiring the money to her overseas. But it’s worth it IMHO.

In this first picture, she has been turned into a monkey. I love the Monkey Maiden photo because it’s one of the best monkey-poses I’ve ever seen. I suspect Thai Kitty’s residency in Southeast Asia, where monkeys running wild are not uncommon, helped her know how to pose. And she knows that monkeys aren’t necessarily cute and cuddly animals. She looks as if she’s getting ready to attack.

You made a monkey out of me? You’ll regret it!

Then, there are these photos where she’s a maid in a hotel where one of the guests, attracted to her, works magic on her.

You think I’m pretty? Thank you, Ma’am. My name? It’s Kitty.
What? My uniform! What happened to it? What do you mean kitties shouldn’t wear clothes?
What’s happening to me? I’m naked, but I don’t feel as if it matters!
You’re right! It does feel better to slink around on all fours all of a sudden!
Ooo, yes! Not crawling! Not walking! SLINKING! It feels WONDERFUL!
But I’m tired now! May I take a nap, Ma’am? Oh, thank you!

These were all images I had downloaded in my gallery. If you’ve seen them before, I hope you don’t mind seeing them again. And, this way, I can add captions to tell the story.

(I had tried to send a set of costume cat whiskers to her, but they got lost on the way overseas. But she made it up herself by drawing whiskers and a nose on her face. In this last photo, don’t you just want to have her on your lap so you can pet her?)

If you’re getting TF photos, you might want to consider props, as simple as dog collars, or jewelry which is causing the transformation, maybe a little make-up. (Or a lot, if you’re a lycanthrope fan or something similar.) Depending on how far the model is to go along with a shoot, you can get him or her a collar with a cow bell on it. And, if you have a private outdoor place where you can take photos, a photo of the subject grazing might be possible.

Once again, I have to ask if anyone following this blog has engaged in such photography themselves? Or commissioned or made videos? I’m not asking you to share with the rest of us (unless you’ve got a REALLY understanding and cooperative subject). But I hope you’ve found this entry informative and maybe even inspiring.

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