My first TF fantasy

I can remember the first time I fantasized about transforming someone. I was in Third Grade, which would’ve been about 1961 – 1962. (Yeah, I’m THAT old!) I had been reading in an encyclopedia or somewhere about hypnotism. And there was a paragraph about how someone could be made to believe they were a dog. The description told about the subject getting on all fours, maybe they’d be panting, maybe they could even be made to think that they were infested with fleas.

The article mentioned what I now know to be post-hypnotic suggestion. With that, you could hypnotize someone so that, upon hearing a certain sound or word, they would instantly fall under a hypnotic spell and act as you wanted them to act.

At about the same time, my brother, who was seven years older than I was, began bringing into the house a magazine called Playboy. While I, of course, noticed the women who were wearing nothing at all, there was one photo in particular that I noticed of a woman in her underthings, but they were a different kind of underthing than I was familiar with. My family got the Sears catalogs, and those had pictures of women in girdles. They seemed to go from over the belly to mid-thigh, like a pair of very tight white shorts, to go with their white bra, maybe a slip.

But the woman in the photo in Playboy was wearing a black top and panties, no girdle. There was a kind of nice pattern in these. Plus, she had some sort of straps on her thighs that were holding up her stockings.

Not long after I read about hypnosis and saw the photo in Playboy, I was in school, and I started to notice my teacher. It’s been a long time since I even saw my school yearbook for that time. But I recall the teacher being reasonably pretty, maybe a few wrinkles on her face, but nice to look at, with reddish-brown hair.

When the bell rang to let us know that it was time for classes to begin, I began to imagine my teacher, when the bell rang, suddenly throwing off her dress, getting on her hands and knees on the floor, and barking like a dog. She didn’t take off all of her clothes. She was dressed in the same set of bra, panties, and nylons like the woman in the photo in Playboy.

Or, maybe, what set her off was the bell for lunch. Again, she mentally turned dog and stripped down to her undies. And I would bring her a can of dog food, or maybe a bowl of dry food that she would happily wolf down.

But then, the bell to end lunch hour would ring. Her expression on her face would change, and, suddenly, she’d be herself again. She might still be eating. But she’d realize she was not dressed as a teacher should be dressed in front of her students. Or, maybe the bell would signal her to perform tricks, perhaps beg for a doggie treat.

I learned to end those fantasies very quickly or it could lead to great embarrassment for myself in class. But the fantasies would follow me home, and, a couple of times, cause some very nice dreams.

I had seen stories on television where someone is transformed in some way or other. And, of course, there were comic book stories. At the time, there were some Casper and Wendy stories I really liked.

But this was the first time my imagination led to some fantasies that I would come to appreciate more in the years to come. And, I suspect, the same would happen (maybe in different ways) for others who became aware of their fantasies.

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