Is the blog “lewd?”

Two days ago, I got a response to an invitation to look at this blog. The response was to not use the other dARTist’s site to “advertise” for “lewd” material as the other dARTist was trying to keep things rated PG-13.

This took me by surprise. As anyone who has ever looked over postings in this blog knows, I have some photos and art in here of women who are nude. But lewd? I’ve always been of the opinion that nudity is not automatically porn. I’ve felt my postings here aren’t porn but erotica. There is a difference.

I have a lot of stuff that might be considered R-rated. But I never post anything I think of as obscene. Over the last two – three decades I found myself no longer following a good number of men’s magazines I used to enjoy. I did so because they seemed to intent on transitioning from men’s magazines to gynecologists’ textbooks, something I’m not into. And I don’t ask for art or photos such as that.

I guess what I’m asking is, should I remove the more adult photos or art from the blog? Please, what followers I have, let me know. Do the photos upset or offend anyone? I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable visiting my blog?

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