Who to transform?

I had a comment about the entry “My first TF fantasy.” The person commenting said that I was “kinda brave to do that with someone I knew.” (In this entry, I talked about imagining my Third Grade teacher being hypnotized into stripping down to her black-lace skivvies and behaving like a dog.)

I have never really thought about it before. I started out imagining this teacher undergoing a mental transformation. Over the years, I’ve imagined some of my more attractive teachers, some of my female classmates, my therapist (the only one I’ve ever talked about this with), friends’ moms, sisters, and other females I’ve known personally being transformed somehow or other.

For a long time, I fantasized about female celebrities undergoing transformations. When I was between grades seven and eight, a friend teased me about my always watching the NBC news break that followed The Match Game, saying I must have a crush on Nancy Dickerson, one of the few female newscasters of the time. I didn’t say anything to him, but I realized I did find her attractive. Knowing that she was a reporter, combined with Lois Lane’s stories where she would occasionally be transformed, and I started to imagine newswomen being transformed, many times on camera.

But I was alway willing to look at a woman, maybe one I knew, maybe not, and imagine her changing in some way. I wouldn’t tell them about it, but I did it a lot. I dated a lovely African-American woman for years, and I told her of my fantasy. But, though she tried to indulge me with a little role-playing, she never got my fantasy quite right.

I also liked to imagine adding fantasy to TV shows that didn’t have it. One of my favorites was imaging Ann Marie, Marlo Thomas’ character on That Girl, crossing over to Bewitched. My fantasy with her was that Darrin needed something like a baby or an animal for an ad campaign and Tabitha, trying to help her father, changed Ann into whatever was needed. (I can also remember a dream in which Ann was slowly turning into a donkey. I don’t remember much about it, save for Ann growing a tail and long ears.)

Another I liked to imagine was the original One Day at a Time with another Ann, Bonnie Franklin’s Ann Romano. In these fantasies, Ann’s ad agency was competing with McMann & Tate, Darrin’s agency. Serena shows up to help “Darwin” and transforms Ann and her daughters into different things.

For a few months, not too long ago, I was exchanging e-mails with someone who liked to fantasize about his wife being transformed. I wrote a few original stories about that for him, and he loved them. But I haven’t heard from him for a couple of months now, and, when I try to e-mail him, I get a return e-mail saying there was a “Permanent Error.” I’m worried his wife found out about his fantasies and, among other things, made him cancel the e-mail account.

Anyway, to those reading this, I’d like to ask who your earliest transformation fantasies were about. (I know a lot of metamorphilics mainly like to imagine themselves transforming into cats, dog, horses, whatever. If that’s your situation, fine, but this post won’t do much for you.) Did you just make up someone to be transformed? Or did you fantasize about someone you knew? Please share. Change the names to protect the innocents, but, please share.

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