Roli Poli, 2007 – 2019

Forgive me for posting this. It doesn’t have anything to do with transformation. But it’s my blog and I want to share with all of you.

My dear panda cat friend, Roli Poli, had to be put to sleep today.  Last August, he was diagnosed with diabetes.  The last two days, he had become lethargic and wasn’t eating.  I took him into the vet today, and they found that his diabetes had evolved into another kind that would eventually cause damage to both the liver and the kidneys.  A treatment would’ve involved injecting him with glucose 12 times a day.  He would’ve had to have gone to an animal hospital and the treatment would’ve been over $1,000 — and it still might not have worked.  And one way or another, there would’ve been a lot of suffering.

Roli (and his older brother, Clayton, who is still with me and in apparent good health) joined me on November 13, 2008.  Cats are supposed to be curious, and that was Roli Poli through and through.  He had to explore every inch of my trailer several times over.  Many times, he made his way to the top of the entertainment center, a place where he liked to survey his surroundings and nap.  His favorite toys were milk jug rings,  Every now and then, he and Clayton liked to go outside.  I’d go with them to make sure they didn’t wander too far away.  Their favorite thing outside was to go under the other trailers near mine.

The two of them got along remarkably well.  They’d have their occasional wrestling matches, but it also was not unusual to find them curled up against each on a chair or in their cat bed, grooming each other and sharing naps.

I only had Roli Poli for 11 years, the shortest I’ve had any cat that passed because of natural causes.  (I once had one cat that lived to be 20.)  And, to me, one of the rules of life is that, no matter how long you have any pet, it isn’t long enough.

Right now, Clayton is stretched out in from of my monitor.  I don’t think he’s missed Roli yet.  I don’t look forward to the time when he will realize he’s gone.

In two weeks, Roli will be cremated and his ashes put into an urn.  He will spend his years with me for however many I have left myself.

You were a good boy, Roli Poli.  I’ll miss you.

God bless you all, and, if you have a pet or pets, give them a hug.

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