TFs and partners

Recently, for the second time, I had contact with someone who had transformation fantasies about his wife. He liked to imagine her with muscle mass transformations, the kind, I’m guessing, where the subject has had so much musculature added to her body that, in the real world, it would impossible for her to move.

The previous instance was with a man who imagined his wife shrinking, sometimes turning into a mouse, maybe sometimes regressing in age, though I preferred not to press to learn more about THAT fantasy.

I had a healthy correspondence with this earlier fan until it abruptly stopped. Efforts to contact the man resulted in my getting “Permanent error” messages back from his server. He had told me that his wife did not know about his transformation fantasies. I suspect she found out about them and that may have led to the termination of his e-mails.

As for the more recent TF fan, I asked him if his wife knew about his fantasies, and never got a response from him on that question.

Which leads to this question for those who follow this blog: If you are married or have been in a long-term relationship with a partner, does your partner know about your interest in transformation?

I myself have never been married, but I have had a couple of relationships. One of these was with female roommates in college. There was no sex, we shared apartments for financial reasons only. I did tell them about my fascination with transformation, which they found strange. I had a couple of TF dreams about one of them, and I told her about them. Her reaction was disgust, and she made it clear she didn’t want to hear about such dreams, didn’t want to even know I’d had them.

The other relationship was with a lovely lady of color, a former exotic dancer. She didn’t understand the fantasy either, but she didn’t judge me over it. We tried to do a little transformation role-playing, but, again, she didn’t quite understand what I wanted. I tried to get her to imagine I had a magic-using ex-girlfriend who was extremely jealous and would use her powers to transform my lady. But the former dancer couldn’t get into pretending she was changing. She’d do some meowing, but into a cat instead of a dog, which wasn’t what I wanted.

There was one time where she allowed one of my favorite fantasies, where she was a teacher who had a student that first made her clothing disappear and then turned her mentally into a dog. I don’t post or share those photos, however, as I don’t do revenge porn.

But I’m curious and would like to know, again, if anyone reading this has a partner with whom they share such fantasies. Or do they have the fantasies but keep quiet about them because the partner wouldn’t understand? And if you have the fantasies, what do you like to imagine your partner turning into?

Or are your fantasies about yourself transforming and then interacting with your partner? No names will be used. I’d like to know what some of us use the fetish for.

I hope to hear from my followers on this subject soon.

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