Teacher-parent conference

In response to a comment that what happens to the main character in this story was more severe than she deserved, I have edited the story slightly so that “the punishment fits the crime.” It now fits into the theory that there are few people, save possibly parents, that can screw people up in their childhoods more than teachers.

Once again, I must apologize for taking such a long time between entries. It’s partly because of my going back to work after a lengthy sick leave.

Anyway, I hope this will make things up to my followers. This is a photo commission I had done back in 1986, when I found a photographer in a swinger’s magazine. (Remember those?) This is not something I’m going to post in my deviantART gallery, but am just sharing it with all of you who follow my blog. Look under photos for paragraphs that will explain what’s going on.

Oh, this was such a LONG week! That new girl in my class, the one with TWO mommies! Why did they let such perversions happen, and why did they let the results come into the schools! But I know-how to handle it. I put the girl in with the SLOW students. After all, any girl saying she had “two mommies” was going to naturally be behind the others. The “mommies” then asked for a conference. I waited for them to come talk to me, but they never showed, and —

— WHAT?! Where am I? How did I get here?

“So this is her? In pantyhose. And ‘sensible’ shoes?”

“She’s pretty, but those hose and shoes ARE ugly!”

“We can fix them, Nellie.”

Who are these women? And — what? Where did these — clothes? — on me come from? They’re something a, a SLUT might wear!

“Who are you?” I ask the women.

“We’re the mothers of your new student, Wilhemena. I’m Willie, and this is my wife, Nellie. We wanted to speak with you about our daughter. But we decided we’d rather speak with you here in our home.”

“I don’t know what you did to me. I’m guessing hypnosis was involved. But these are NOT the kind of clothes I wear! I demand you get these things off of me right now, or ELSE!!!”

“Get them off of you right now?” said Nellie, with a smile. “As you wish.”

I hadn’t liked the feel of the shoes that had suddenly been on my feet. But it was odd to suddenly NOT feel them on my feet, only the hose that had appeared with the shoes. Under those, suddenly, there was only the rug.

Then, I wasn’t feeling the hose anymore! Just my bare feet on the rug. I felt something a little strange around my waist, and looked down to see I still had a garter belt on. Before my eyes, THAT vanished, and I was just in my bra and panties — except they weren’t MY bra and panties. These were something out of that Adam and Eve catalogue I confiscated from Billy Egner last week.

As the bra vanished, I remembered my demand of these women. (Sorceresses? I thought. But that was impossible.)

Get these things off of me right now! I had said. And all of these indecent garments were vanishing off of my body. And I didn’t need to look down to know that I was standing in this unknown room completely naked!

“Oh, she IS adorable!” said Willy. “And such a cute little pussy!”

“She takes care of it, you can tell,” said Nelly. “Though I suspect it doesn’t get much use.”

I did the only thing I could think of and covered myself as best as I could with my hands. Then, I turned my front away from the women, though that just gave them a good view of my butt.

“Why are you doing this to me?” I asked.

“You demanded we remove the undies from you. Remember?”

“Yes, but why bring me here? And how are you doing this, bringing me here, changing my clothes on my body, stripping me naked?”

“We’re sorceresses!” said Willy. “Witches, if you prefer. And we’ve heard what you’ve been sharing with your fellow teachers about us!”

“Now, we just have to decide what we want to do with you,” said Nelly.

“Do with me?” I scoffed. “What, turn me into a frog or something?”

“She has no imagination, does she?”

“No. But let’s give her what she wants.”

I suddenly had a compulsion to sit down on the stool near me. But not just SIT down, but pull my feet up on the edge of the stool. And then, something buzzed in front of my face. I looked over and there was a fly sitting on the counter! A big, yummy-looking fly!

It was hard to move my neck, but I could lean over, stick out my tongue, and SNARE it! I spend a few seconds luxuriating in it! It was tasty, it was crunchy, it was juicy, it was —

IT WAS A FLY!!! I HAD SWALLOWED AND EATEN A FLY!!! I felt sick! “Stop doing this to me, you dyke bitches! Leave me alone!” My voice had a croak to it.

“Bitches?” said Nelly. “Us, bitches?”

“You’re the bitch!” said Willy. “Telling tales on us, treating our daughter badly because we love each other! I’ll show you what it’s like to be a bitch!”

I suddenly felt something on my neck, something that felt like — leather?

I was suddenly compelled to get on all fours. Not hands and knees, all fours, that sounded right to my mind. And my tongue had to hang out of my mouth. I tried to talk to the women, but, instead, I made a big WOOF! I didn’t want to do that, and I wanted to ask, again, that these — witches — stop doing things to me. But I couldn’t speak. So, instead I got on my knees and held my paws limply in front of me. I hoped they understood may message: Please?

“Look at that!” said Willy. “She knows how to beg! Can she do any other tricks?”

“Let’s see,” said Nelly. “Play dead, girl!”

Obediently, I laid on my side, closed my eyes, and let my tongue hang out.”

“What a good girl! Go ahead and sit!”

I obeyed again, but something human in the back of my head woke up. I could feel myself glaring at these two.

“Oh, oh, teacher is back!” said Willy. “Might as well release her!”

I felt the collar vanish from my neck. A little shakily for my tastes, I stood upright and wagged my finger at the witches.

“Leave me alone! I don’t care what you perverts do to me, I am NOT going to change my opinion of you two!” I cried, not caring that I was completely buck naked in front of them.

“She’s found some nerve!” said Nelly.

“That surprises me. She struck me as a little mousy.”

“Well, why not!”

I started to whimper. I knew what was coming, but I didn’t want to be a —

And then, everything was so huge. No. I was so small. But everything WAS scary! I stopped crouching and scampered about, looking for some place to hide!

When my back was to them, I head Willy say “She does have a cute tail!” Nelly snickered.

I ran under the edge of a counter, and crouched there. I had never been so terrified in my life! But, then, the mouse left me and I stood up on my knees.

“Like I said, I’m not changing how I think about you witches! These are the values I was raised with, the values of a decent, NORMAL woman!”

“How she was raised,” said Nellie. “Hmm. Maybe if we sent her back to start over — ?”

I needed to reassure myself, somehow. I had an urge to suck my thumb. But then, a wave of sadness washed over me. How could they do this so me! It was mean! I pulled my thumb from my mouth and began, not just to cry, but to wail at all the unfairness of it! I wished I had a blanket.

Then, I DID have a blanket. It was just what I wanted. I was me again, Baby Teacher, hugging and sucking my blankie! I felt secure.

Suddenly, I wanted to play! I looked between my legs and there was a set of jacks! And a ball! I LOVE JACKS!

An’ sunn’ly, I was back on my bed with the jacks. I wooked up at da two nice wadies, and day was wunnerin’ if I was married. They’d check back on me tomorrow and make sure I wath okay. And if I din’t have a husband’ t’ take care o’ me (him the daddy ‘n’ me the mommy!), deyed take me home wi’ dec an care for me here.


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