A line that shouldn’t be crossed?

WARNING: There is art in this posting that may very well offend some of my followers. In fact, the subject of this post may offend some people. I’m putting this up to find out if I should or shouldn’t post such things, and would like feedback offering opinions on the subject.

She didn’t realize it was a wishing fountain!

The two pieces of art in this posting are pages I displayed in my deviantART gallery for one weekend. I then took them down for fear that I might have violated some rules that could get me kicked OFF of deviantART.

I’ve seen some stories and art over the years where people transform themselves or HAVE themselves transformed to enjoy some not-quite interspecies sex. Sometimes, their transformation isn’t voluntary, but they decide to enjoy themselves in their new form.

(The short-lived Penthouse Comix of about 25 years ago had a story called “Witch Bitch,” about a witch who turned herself into a pit bull to kill a man. But animal control was there with a muzzle. And this also prevented her from making the three barks which would’ve changed her back into a woman. But she was also apparently in heat, and decided to enjoy the “benefits” of her new form as a “saucy bitch.”)

The idea of a transformed man or woman engaging in intercourse with the species of their new form had never occurred to me until I saw a page-long strip in the September 1972 issue of Ace! a men’s magazine of the time. And, I’m a little ashamed to say that I liked it.

My feeling is, in most cases, this isn’t bestiality, because the transformed is, physically, the same species he or she is mingling with. I like to think that, in their brain, there’s enough of the human to appreciate the wildness, the naturalness, of what they’re doing. I like to think, when they change back, that the woman immediately reaches for the douche to make sure nothing comes of the session. (In Greek and Roman mythology, Zeus or Jupiter would often assume bestial forms while seducing maidens, and this sometimes resulted in creatures such as The Minotaur.)

In the pages here, which I commissioned from an artist on eBay, our rookie Mountie is more dismayed by her uniform disappearing than her eventual transformation. (Her horse probably never understood why his rider, who he does have strong feelings for, covered herself up as she did, though he does obviously like her hat.) And, when her change is complete, she experiences one more sensation that makes her more receptive to her finding new meaning to the term “mounted policewoman.” The horse would not assume the position unless and until she was ready for it.

I was told by a comment on this art before I removed it from my gallery that deviantART would not have punished me for posting it, as it did not actually show penetration. That is something I won’t do. I prefer to write and display erotica, not porn.

Anyway, there it is. I’d like to know, should I post stuff like this in the blog occasionally. Or would you prefer I stay away from it. Depending on the reaction, I will or will not keep this posting on the blog.

One last warning: You’ve probably figured out what the second and final page of art is going to portray. If that’s something you don’t want to look at, then don’t scroll to it.

Let’s ride!

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