The Nature Hike

You never know what’s going to trigger the muse. In this case, it was the photo below that pushed several of my buttons. It came from a 1959 issue of Modern Man, one of many attempts at duplicating the success of Playboy. The first thing I thought of when I saw it was 50s housewife — what we’d now call a milf. Her total nudity on the porch of what looks to be a cabin made me immediately think she’d been something else moments before. What she had been turned into, why she was turned into it, and her being changed back all were questions this story answers.

I should mention my inspiration for one part of this story. Fifty years ago, there was very popular book published called Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* *But Were Afraid to Ask by a Dr. David Reuben. (Among other things, it was eventually made into a comedy by Woody Allen.) It was in that book that I read about another use for a bottle of Coca Cola besides quenching one’s thirst. That’s where the idea for Coke’s use in this story comes from.

Also, I decided to set this story in the late 1950s. Hence, most women wearing girdles, and a bottle of Coke costing ten cents.

Finally, be warned that our transformed housewife gets naughty with another of the species that she is turned into. If you think that sort of thing will offend you, please stop reading now.

Why am I here? Donna Anderson asked herself one more time.  She knew the answer, she had known it all along.  She was here because she was alone.  The cancer had taken Henry, and Donna was now alone with the kids.  Henry had been wealthy and Donna was not hurting for money.  But the kids, Bobby and Billie, had no father figure.  There was no one to take them to ball games, movies, to see their class plays, to assume duties with their scout troops.  It was the latter that was the reason Donna was here.  She was the leader of Billie’s brownie scout troop.  

And that was why Donna was here in Camp Tecumseh, leading her daughter’s troop through adventures in nature.

Donna had studied up on the history of the camp, the flora and fauna of the region. and her household duties kept her in good shape for this nature hike.  But, if she’d had her druthers, she’d druther be in the wilderness of her home.

“It was Mrs. Gunther O’Hare who we have to thank for these woods,” said Donna, almost by rote, to the troops.  “She and her husband moved here and started their distillery.  They loved the area, but missed the timber from their native lands.  So, Mrs. O’hare brought Irish oaks, ash, other trees from her home, while her husband brought trees from no less than the Black Forest itself.”

One of the girls, Patty Clayton, raised her hand.  “Mrs. Anderson?” she asked, “I’ve heard stories that some spirits,  woodland folk, came here with the trees.  Do you know anything about that?”

“Woodland folk?  You mean elves, fairies, leprechauns?  Those are nice stories, but there’s nothing to them.  We know such things aren’t real.”

Not far away, in a clump of woods, a small voice, unheard by the troop, said “Did that lass, that wench, just insult us, sayin’ we don’t exist?!”

“That she did, mein freund,” came the answer.

The troop continued along their path, when another girl, Cindy Neal, cried out “Oh!  Squirrels!  But what are they doing?”

Donna looked at the rodents and saw they were happily engaged in sex.  Donna did NOT want to have that conversation yet, especially not with Billie there.  She thought quickly.  “Remember when we learned the Heimlich maneuver a few weeks ago?  The squirrel on the bottom got something stuck in its throat, and the other squirrel is helping the first to breathe.”

“Ooh!” came the first voice again.  “Did’ja hear that lie!  Bad enough she insists we’re just old wives’ tales, but now she’s deliberately misleadin’ these fine, innocent, young lasses!  I don’t like it.”

“Nor do I,” came a third voice.  The two folk felt a chill run down their spines.  This new voice came from the forest itself, intertwined with the trees.  They knew the entity and its power and gave it the greatest respect they could.

“Helping the other squirrel to breathe?”  The squirrels ended their activity and the female ran into the woods.  “Let’s have our fine squirrel here help this — woman — to breath.”

Donna was about to lead the troop further down the path, when she felt — something.  All of her skin was tingling, itching — twitching? — as if something was trying to come out from under it.  And there was a sudden pressure from her body against her girdle, something near the base of her spine, just over her butt.

Then, Donna began to dwindle in size.  Her face changed, became more oval and her nose flattened.  She felt the teeth in her mouth changing, especially her incisors,  They were growing longer, sharper.  And her ears were MOVING from the side to the top of her head.

The pressure against her girdle lessened.  She realized it was because she was shrinking out of her clothes.  And after the money she’d spent for her troop leader uniform!

“Mommy?” said Billie.  “What’s happening to you?”

Donna tried to reply “I don’t know,” but a chittering is what came out of her mouth.  She looked at her hands and saw that they weren’t hands anymore — they were a kind of — paw?  She saw a huge, white strap and a voluminous cavern entrance by her body.  She realized she was looking at her bra!  She used her new appendages to feel her torso.  Her breasts — were they breasts any more?  She slid her paws down the front of her torso.  There was something  there, two, four, six — eight!    They weren’t breasts, but there were eight of them!  

Donna hopped out of her uniform and looked around her.  All of the children, and the other troop leaders, towered over her.  She wanted to bolt, to flee into the trees.  And, as she looked around, she saw something beside her.  Donna touched it, and realized it was attached to her butt!  She had a tail!  

She had turned into a squirrel.

She suddenly became VERY aware of a sensation in her loins, a burning but a pleasant burning.  Was she in heat?  Did squirrels go into heat?

She heard chittering again, but, this time it wasn’t from her.  She looked to her left and, only a few feet away, was the same squirrel that had — she couldn’t say the word — with the other squirrel.  And he (yes, “he,” she thought) was very interested in her!  Part of her mind was definitely squirrel, aware of sounds and smells Donna the Woman couldn’t detect.  And there was a very strong smell coming from her, one the male seemed attracted by.  

“I Chitchat!” said the other squirrel.  It didn’t actually speak, but Donna could understand it.  “Make babies?  Make babies in you?”

The part of her mind that was still Donna was not ready for this turn of events any more than she had been ready to explain it to the troop.  She ran toward and then up a tree, surprised by how easy it was to do, especially on all fours!  But she saw Chitchat was right behind her.

Donna ran out on a branch and saw it was coming to an end.  A branch from another tree was nearby, but too far for her to jump to.  Wasn’t it?

You can make the jump, came a voice.  Donna had no idea where it came from, but she kept running and made the leap, grabbing the new branch and scampering onto the tree it was connected to.

Chitchat was still behind her.

The chase continued from branch to branch, tree to tree.  Her squirrel brain was asking why she was fleeing.  If she just stopped and let the other squirrel have its way with her, it would be natural.  And she would enjoy it!

The human part of her brain was receding, giving way to the rodent.  Finally, she reached the roof of a cabin and scampered down to its porch, where she stopped.  She lifted her tail and, a second later, the other squirrel was on her. No.  He was in her!  She let the sensation flow from her haunches through her tiny body.

Donna became aware of herself as she had never been aware before.  She could feel the tiny heart inside her pounding out she could not tell how many times a second.  Counting, seconds, they weren’t even concepts in her head right now.  She did think of how small Chitchat’s “squirrel-hood” was, how small he was.  He shouldn’t be able to make her feel the way she did at that time.  But, wasn’t she small herself?  To her, Chitchat was HUGE!  He had no trouble thrusting himself into her.  And she enjoyed it.  No, she LOVED it!  

Have you any problem with nature anymore? asked the voice.

No, thought Donna the Squirrel.  This is wonderful!  Nature is wonderful!  I will share it with my little girl, with the troop, with EVERYONE!

Then, Donna could think of nothing but her climax, hers and Chitchat’s.  Donna let the feeling reverberate through her body.  As it did, she didn’t notice her change at first.  She was growing, her haunches turning into full human legs, her tiny teats turning back into breasts, her forepaws becoming hands.  She was human again!

Her brain was swirling.  She became aware of something on her butt.  There was something small hugging and pinching her cheeks.  And there was something thrusting itself into her, and tiny drops squirting into her insides.  She glanced behind herself and saw Chitchat holding onto her hindquarters and finishing up his intercourse with her.

“Chitchat?” she said, but in a human voice.  Chitchat looked up any her in surprise, chattered something at her in squirrel, then dismounted and scampered up and into the trees.

Shakily, Donna stood up on her legs.  Her mind was still full of the wonderfulness of her time with Chitchat.  She was having a hard time thinking, not sure who she was, what she was, where she was.

Was I just a squirrel?

“Mom?” came a familiar voice.  She looked out and saw a group of cub scout faces, each one with mouths wide open. This was the first time, she thought, they’d probably ever seen a naked woman outside of a magazine before.  The chase from Chitchat had brought her over to the cub scout section, the boy’s section, of the camp.  

And her son, Bobby, was with them.

At first, Donna’s urge was to cover herself as best as she could with her arms.  But then, the lesson of the voice, of the wonderfulness of nature, came back into her head.  She stood up, put her hands on her hips, and let the boys (and THEIR troop leaders) take in her body.  She smiled.

“It’s okay, Bobby,” she said, noticing her son’s dismay.  “It’s natural that your friends are enjoying this.  I don’t mind if they look.”

After five minutes of being on view, Donna started back to the brownie side of the camp.  She smiled as she put a little extra “swing” into her hips as she walked away from the boys,

As she took the path that led from the cub scout camp to that of the brownies, Donna luxuriated in what she was feeling.  The sense of being one with nature was still with her, and she LOVED it!  The slightest, gentle breeze, the scents of the woods, the horniness of the creatures in the area, be they mammals, reptile, bird, whatever!

Her reverie was broken by a sudden succession of loud bursts, one right after the other.   She looked to her side and saw some brownies and cub scouts gathered together.  They were watching a string of firecrackers someone had set off.  One of the boys looked up and gasped as he noticed noticed Donna in her naked glory.  “Mrs. Anderson?” he said.

Donna blushed as they stared at her.  Then, she noticed more firecrackers nearby.

“Be careful with those things!” she said.  “Keep your distance  when you’re setting them off!”

“We will,” said a girl.  “Howcum you’re naked?”

“It’s a long story.  I’ll tell it around the campfire tonight.”

Donna continued on, well aware that the campers were following her closely with their eyes.  She reached the spot where she had hopped out of her clothes when she became a squirrel.  She knew the first thing she had to do and reached into her pocket and pulled out a couple of dimes.  She was about to pick up her clothes and cover herself when she heard a click.

There was another troop leader, Hazel Hopkins.

With her Polaroid camera.

“Hazel,” said Donna.  “What do you think you’re doing?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” said Hazel, smiling the nasty smile only she could smile.  

Donna and Hazel had been rivals ever since elementary school.  They had competed for baton twirler, for boys, for Henry.  Hazel had never forgiven Donna’s marrying Henry.  She later married Ted, but acted like he was a consolation prize.  The same went for her daughter by Ted, Millie.  Millie and Billie were good friends, but Hazel tried to interfere even with that!

“I’ve been telling everyone for years that you weren’t fit to be a mother.  And now, I have proof!  Parading your goods around in front of children!”

“I have an explanation for this,” said Donna.  “And both Millie and Billie can back me up!”

“Like anyone will listen to them after they see this!  Oh, and look, there are campers behind you, gaping at your bare behind!  I’ll see that you’re thrown out of this camp, and then work to have your kids taken away from you!  They’ll be in an orphanage, wondering how Mommy could let this happen!”

“Hazel, you’ve always been a stinker, but this tops anything you’ve done before!”

“I’m not the one who made you walk around stark naked!  But, yes, I am a stinker!  The biggest, natural born stinker there is!”

Maybe not right now, said the voice, which Donna could hear.  But taking children from their mother!  This one WILL be a stinker, right now!

Suddenly, Hazel collapsed to the ground, with just enough control to set the camera down softly.  Hazel began to contract in size, as the other campers looked on, including Millie.  Another breeze wafted by Donna, and she caught the whiff of the suddenly VERY pungent odor coming from Hazel’s clothes.  Something was moving under them.  And a skunk poked its head out from the neck of Hazel’s uniform.

“Mommy?” whimpered Millie.  As bad a mother as hazel was, her daughter still cared about her.  Hazel the skunk scampered about the ground while Millie tried to catch her.  She found herself behind her mother when another string of firecrackers went off.

And the sudden noise made Hazel spray her daughter.

A huge wail came from Millie’s mouth.  Susie Lawrence, one of the older girl scouts, quickly ran up to Millie and crouched next to her.

“Millie,” she said.  “Are you okay?  None of that got into your mouth or eyes, did it?”

Donna had never even thought what it might be like to be sprayed by a skunk.  To her relief, Millie shook her head to Suzie’s question.

“Do you need help?” asked Donna.

Suzie shook her head.  “We’ve got kits in the shed to take care of this.”

“You’d better get one for Mrs. Hopkins, too.  I think she’s going to need it.”

While the brownies left to help Millie, Donna put dimes in the pop machine and pulled out two bottles of Coke.  She used the machine’s bottle opener to pop the caps off.  Then she walked to the lake and waded into the water.  She stayed by the dock and, when the water was near the top of her thighs, she set one bottle down on the dock, and put her thumb over the opening of the other bottle,

She shook the bottle vigorously, keeping her thumb over the opening TIGHT!  Then, she moved the bottle between her legs, took her thumb off of the top, and jammed the bottle into her vagina.  She wondered if anyone at the Coca-Cola company knew about this use of their product.  A lot of the women there probably did.  She wasn’t sure if her romp with Chitchat could produce anything, but she didn’t want to take the change.  The Coke was quick, simple, cheap, and convenient, and should flush out Chitchat’s sperm as good as any douche.  Just to make sure, she repeated the procedure with the second bottle.  Then, she waded further into the lake until the water was up to her neck.  She let herself float, her legs as far apart as they would go, shaking them to get water inside her to wash any remaining Coke and squirrel jism out of her.  then, she swam for a little while to try and relax herself.  Donna was still feeling afterglow from her time with Chitchat.

Donna thought she should probably get another pair of Cokes for Hazel for when she changed back.

If she changed back.

And were there any male skunks nearby?

Donna glanced at where Hazel’s clothes lay on the ground.  The camera Hazel had taken photos with were lying on the ground by the clothing.  And there, also on the ground, was the picture Hazel had taken of Donna.  Donna picked up the photo and stared at it, when she heard a voice behind her.

A movement near the edge of the woods caught her eye. There was Hazel the Skunk, crouched in the weeds. Another skunk, a male, Donna was sure, was scampering away. Hazel began to change again, her fur and tail and general skunk-ness went away. Soon, Hazel the woman was laying naked in the weeds.

It will be a while before THIS stink goes away!

Hazel, with a contrite expression on her face, looked at Donna. “Go ahead and tear the photo up.  I’m sorry now that I took it.”

Hazel held her arms away from her body, as if something very distasteful had happened.  When Hazel was close enough, Donna could smell what had happened,  Hazel reeked worse than Millie had.

“Did I just go through what you went through?” asked Hazel.  “Is that why you ended up naked?”

“Yes,” said Donna.  “But with me, it was a squirrel, not a skunk.  I think this camp is situated in woods where Mother Nature is VERY much in charge.”

“That’s the voice I heard!  Mother Nature!”

“I think so, yes.  Anyway, the girls are treating Millie for when you sprayed her.  They should be able to ‘de-skunk’ you.”

“I sprayed Millie! ?  Oh, no!  I’ve been so mean to my poor little girl!”

“You couldn’t help it.  You were a skunk and there were firecrackers.”

“Not just that!  I’ve been so neglectful!  The voice made me realize that!  I’m going to be a better mother, a better person from now on!”

“I’d hug you right now,” said Donna.  “But I think it can wait until after you’re de-skunked!”

That night, in her cabin, Donna thought about the day.  Her transformation, her time with Chitchat, Hazel’s reformation, everything.  Hazel confessed that, whenever she thought about her scent as a skunk, the thought made her horny.  (At Donna’s suggestion, Hazel had also treated herself with Coca Cola.)  And they both agreed that, around the campfire soon, they’d explain the facts of life to the girls.

Donna was finding it hard to sleep.  She kept thinking of Chitchat.  It wasn’t love, but there was a definite arousal with the thought.  She stripped off her pajamas and began to finger herself.  But it wasn’t the same, something was missing.  Suddenly, she felt the same sensation she had felt before when she had shrunk out of her clothes.  Quickly, she got up, strode to the cabin door, opened it, and stepped outside.  A moment later, a squirrel scampered into the woods, calling for Chitchat.

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