What TFs have stayed with you?

Okay, going to try posting something I hope will be interactive for the followers of this blog.

What transformations have you seen depicted in literature, movies, TV, or any media over the years that, for some reason have stayed with you? Maybe they really terrified you, or turned you on, or you loved the story that came with them, but you haven’t been able to forget them.

My all time favorite TF on Bewitched was from a second season episode called “The Catnapper.” In it, a sensational-looking lady client of Darrin’s was turned into a cat by Endora, who thought the client was putting the moves on Darrin. (The client was quite cold, actually, wanting to only get down to business.) What did it for me was, when the woman was changed back, the cat was on Darrin, so the woman was sitting on Darrin’s lap and she was posed like a cat. One of the best examples of timing for a TF ever. (Timing will be a subject for this blog soon.)

The transformation that most freaked me out is in one of the scariest books ever written: The Bible. The story of Lot’s Wife, to be exact. The thought that, if I ever stepped out of line in God’s eyes, I might be turned into a pillar of salt really weirded me out. (And, God knows there are plenty of other scary things God might do, at least according to The Old Testament.)

A few years ago, I read that “turned to salt” was slang in Biblical times for becoming infertile. That helped me finally get over the idea.

But what about the rest of you? What’s a transformation you learned of some time ago that you can’t forget?

4 thoughts on “What TFs have stayed with you?

  1. I was always fairly Interested in TFs as a child. If I remember correctly, one of the first pieces of TF media that I used to love was the Animorphs book covers. I never read the books themselves, but used to look at the book covers when I visited the book store and libraries. In other media, I do remember being fascinated by Transformations in the “Aladdin” animated series. Episodes that come to mind are:
    “Do The Rat Thing” – Jasmine get’s turned into a rat after stealing a magic mirror.
    “Eye of the Beholder” – Jasmine (and later Aladdin) get turned into Snake Creatures (Lamia/Nagas?). Jasmine slowly transforms over the course of the episode.
    “Shark Treatment” – Aladdin turns into a shark. You don’t see many shark transformations.
    I’m sure there are some other transformations that have stuck with me, but these are some of the earliest ones.


  2. Jack L. Chalker and Chris Claremont left a lasting impression on me. Superfriends had a few good ones. I am surprised that with all the new technological wizardry that we have not had better visual tfs.


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