Toying with the therapist

I posted a GREATLY condensed version of this story last November, based on a photo shoot I commissioned decades ago. It is another therapist transformation story, but, this time, with a LOT more photos to it, and many of the photos dealing with my case of what I call BennyHill-itis.

I think I should explain here why I like to transform psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychotherapists so much. I think it goes back to this: This is from the June 1967 issue of Playboy. At that time, Playboy had an ongoing series, “Sex in the Cinema.” Several times a year, they’d have a pictorial about the times when movies had more risqué themed and scenes in them. (Sex in the Cinema still shows up, usually in the last and first Playboys of the year to cover the hotter movies and stars of the year.) The photo that the link above links to was very arousing to me, and especially imprinted the idea of a woman with her legs crossed and naked, as if her clothes had vanished. I have ever since found a legs-crossed nude sexy, and you’ll see a lot of that in this photo story.

For several years, starting in 1971, I saw a psychologist for reasons of depression and tension that led to severe stomach pain. (A quick classification here that I learned from an issue of Psychology Today that I read in the waiting room for my psychologist. A psychiatrist is a licensed medical doctor who can prescribe medication for a patient and prescribe treatment. A psychologist is licensed and can suggest and analyze, but they cannot prescribe mediation. A psychotherapist does not need a license and can suggest therapies.) And, yes, I told her about my fetish, which she found fascinating. I had the occasional dreams that I told her about, including one where she turned into a black poodle and another where I made her breasts grow in size.

The woman in these photos looks something like my psychologist. She had long hair, parted in the middle. Her breasts (no, I never saw them uncovered) weren’t large, weren’t flat, they were somewhere in-between .

I have decided to make the woman in my story a psychotherapist to allow me a little leeway to make her less than professional. I have another photo story in my blog about a teacher where, as it was originally written, someone said she didn’t deserve what was done to her. This one, I hope. is one where the subject gets her proper just desserts.

I hope Everyone enjoys this one. Be warned, LOTS of nudity in this one.

June Mettler tried hard to keep a serious face whenever “Lady Circe” had a session. She knew that, here before her was a true LOON! Her “Ladyship” sometimes treated their sessions like a confessional. But WHAT confessions! She had turned a lady cop into a horse! A lawyer into a goat that ate all of his legal files! And a leg model was now a hybrid of human and slug! At least, that’s what Lady Circe said.

Lately, June had tried to get Lady Circe to demonstrate her magic. To no surprise, Lady Circe said she couldn’t do any magic right now. For her transgressions in such casual, magical punishments, the other magical lords and ladies had stripped her of any magic for a month. Today, Lady Circe had promised she would have her magic powers again and would give June a demonstration. June couldn’t wait to see how Lady Circe got out of that promise.

The session began and Lady Circe promised to start with something mild. When June asked her to do magic, Lady Circe said she already had. June was confused, and she knew something was not right. But she couldn’t put her finger on what it was There was something strange about her feet. as if she was no longer wearing shoes. But that was silly.

Lady Circe began to smile, almost a smirk, at June.

“You’re looking extra lovely today,” said Lady Circe.

“Thank you,” said June, brushing off the compliment. She knew Lady Circe to be bisexual, had even claimed to have changed the genders of her partners with her “magic.” Lady Circe, thought June, was out there!

The feeling that something wrong increased inside June. She noticed Lady Circe was staring at June’s legs. June glanced down at herself to make sure nothing was exposed. In her mind, everything was fine, her blouse, skirt, shoes were all in place. But, again , something felt wrong.

She had a sudden urge to hold her clipboard to her chest. Something was wrong, nothing was wrong, something was wrong, nothing was wrong. Which was right?

“Breathtaking,” said Lady Circe. “So good to have my magic back.”

“What do you mean? Why are you staring at me like that?” asked June.

“You aren’t taking any notes,” said Lady Circe.

June grabbed her clipboard and pen and began writing note. But she began to write “What has this crazy lady done to me? Something is VERY wrong!”

“Is something the matter?” asked Lady Circe.

“It’s so strange. My head’s been in a fog for several minutes now. I know something’s not right, but I don’t know what it is!”

“I can fix it,” said Lady Circe. “It’s time you see what my magic has done.”

June awakened, as if from a dream. One of those dreams where she was in her office stark naked! And, looking down at herself, she realized she really WAS stark naked! She tried to cover herself with her arms. She looked at Lady Circe and screamed.

“I don’t know how you did this, but I’m gonna have you locked away for a long time! You won’t get away with humiliating me like this!”

“And what will you tell people?” asked Lady Circe.

“I’m gonna tell them QUACK!”

June looked at Lady Circe in surprise. June had put her hand to her mouth, trying not to let escape again what had just escaped from it.

“What was that?” said Lady Circe, a mean smile on her face.

“I mean QUACK!”

Suddenly, June slid out of her chair and onto the floor. But she didn’t sit or stand on the floor. Instead, she crouched on her legs, put her hands over her breasts and began flapping her elbows. Like wings! She began to waddle around her office, looking intently at the floor. Lady Circe reached into her purse, pulled out a bag of bread crumbs, and tossed them on the floor in front of June, wo eagerly bent over, grabbed them in her mouths, chewed and swallowed them.

Her “duckness” suddenly left her, and June sat on the floor and glared at Lady Circe. June stood, put her hands on her hips, and assumed a very indignant attitude toward Lady Circe.

“You will not do this to me!” she said. “I have a thriving practice, very wealthy clients, and I’m even going to start a podcast! And, if you keep this up, I will be the biggest bitch you’ve ever seen!”

“A bitch, eh?” said Lady Circe. “Very well.”

June didn’t want to stand anymore, at least not on two legs.

Lady Circe gasped when she saw the side view June presented before her. June’s hair and arms mostly covered her breast, but that only made the sight more erotic to Lady Circe. And the bum! So firm and comely! Lady Circe saw that June was looking down at herself, taking in what she was becoming, but not quite there yet.

Then, June’s mind went canine. She got on all fours and let her tongue hang out, trying to cool herself. Her brain had dulled some, and her only thoughts were to please her mistress. Lady Circe considered lowering her pants to June COULD please her. But, maybe later.

“You’re a good girl,” said Lady Circe. “Can you follow commands? Can you beg?”

June got to her knees, let her hands hang limp from her arms, and let her tongue hang out.

“Good girl!” cried Lady Circe. She reached into her purse and pulled out a treat. She tossed it to June, who caught it in her mouth, crunched it into bits, and then gulped them down. “Is that what you wanted? Or would you like something else? To be a woman again?”

June cried “Yip!” and got on all fours again, shaking her booty. No, realized Lady Circe. June was wagging her tail.

Suddenly, June was herself again. She stayed on all fours, trembling with the memory of her ordeal.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I won’t tell anyone about you. Just, please, stop.”

“If that is what you wish,” said Lady Circe.

“What I wish is for you to just leave me alone. Just leave me as I originally was.”

Lady Circe smiled her nasty smile again, nodded, and gestured at June. Suddenly, June felt something happening to her mind. Thoughts, memories, words, the simplest ideas were slipping from her. Innocence filled her brain, though a small part of her was still aware what was happening to her. She felt unsure of things and, for security, she took on a pose that enabled her to calm herself and just observe the world around her.

Lady Circe left June’s office, walked up to the receptionist, and handed her a bottle Lady Circe had just taken from her purse.

“Has your boss had lunch yet?” Lady Circe asked the receptionist. The girl shook her head. Circe indicated the bottle and said “June will want that soon.”

Lady Circe left the room, and the receptionist got up and walked to June’s office. June looked at the receptionist with pleading eyes.

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