Some questions for those who love TF art, part 1

This was a DeviantArt journal post by a young woman who calls herself Jokerfan79. At the end of the questions is a link to her DArt site.

Now then. Im doing this journal entry mostly for fun.

And before I start writing the questions —

just a quick thing to say.. If your not a tf art or tf story fan 
either ignore this journal entry or feel free to say something else as long as it’s not negative

(ps you don’t have to be a watcher of mine either if you want to participate in this)

(Question 1)

Whats your favourite animal or creature transformation to see or read about?
Dogs?/cats?/farm animals? /fish? Rodents?/ reptiles?/ werewolfs or other monsters?/

(Question 2)

What part of the animal or monster do you like seeing 
emerge first?

(Question 3)

Do you enjoy photo manipulations?.

(question 4)

Do you do tf art yourself?.

Those are Jokerfan79’s questions. I ask that you don’t answer the questions here on my blog, but, instead, go to Jokerfan79’s DeviantArt site here:

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