In Gaylord County

The art for this was done over a decade ago. I had said I wanted a student transforming his teacher, thinking grade school or higher. Instead, I got this galoot changing the teacher. It took me a while, but I rewrote the story in my head to what it is now. I know, the art is not the best, but it was inexpensive. Enjoy.

“I had asked for a true story from your sister about her family life. Instead, I get this nonsense about witchcraft and spells. For the instructions on an assignment to be so completely ignored really gets my goat!”
“Ah may just be a simple hick from the hills, Miz Babcock, but I know a cue when I hear one. ‘Really gets your goat?’ Well, why don’t you BE a goat? An’ my little sister was tellin’ the truth!”
“Ah cain’t make you eat your words, Miz Babcock. But you can eat these ‘lies’ you said mah little sister was tellin! An you kin have yer fine clothes as an entree!”
“Now, watch carefully, kids! You’ve all milked cows before, but I bet none of you’ve ever milked a goat! Ain’t much difference, ‘cept’n a cow don’t often get restless ‘n’ try t’ butt ya.”
“Whut in — ? Oh, Miz Babcock, izzn’t it? Ah’m guessing’ you got on the wrong side o’ one o’ the Cochran clan didn’t ya? Well, ya know better now!”
“Whoo – eee! Gots ta say, most o’ the Cochran’s lessons ain’t as pretty as you, Miz Babcock!”

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