The Yappy Little Dog

“Look,there she is!”

“Supergirl!  Yay, Supergirl!”

The Girl of Steel had to smile as she came in for a landing at the Midvale Orphanage.  She remembered her time there just after she arrived on Earth.  She hadn’t wanted to upset her cousin Kal-El, so she never told him.  But Earth was so scary at first.  She was so happy to have found out how loving and caring they were at the orphanage.  It was just what she had needed.  And, now, every chance she got, she was glad to visit her former home.

“It’s so nice to see you all, again!  Jenette, is that a new dress?  Joey, I like your haircut!”

“Thank you for coming, Supergirl” said Mrs. Nelson, the headmistress.  “The children are always so happy to see you!  You’re a — “

“She’s a manstealer!” came a voice from overhead.  Supergirl looked up and saw an odd little woman.  She was instantly reminded of Superman’s interdimensional foe, Mr.  Mxyzptlk.

“Who are you?”” asked Supergirl.

“I’m Gsptlsnz, the real girlfriend of Mxyzptlk, the man you’ve been trying to steal from me!”

“Mxyzptlk?  I haven’t been trying to steal him!  He tried to force me to marry him once, but I didn’t want to!”

“A likely story!  I found your photo in his house!  You’re a rival!  Or you were!  Now, you’re going to be a — a …”

Supergirl was apprehensive as Gsptlsnz looked around the crowd.  Then, the lady imp saw the t-shirt of one woman.

50% sweetheart

49 % bitch

Don’t push it!

“That’s it!” said Gsptlsnz.  The female imp gestured at Supergirl.  Instantly, the Maid of Steel shrank until she was enveloped in her costume.  After a few seconds’ struggle, Supergirl hopped out of her clothes.  But she was no longer quite Supergirl.

When she realized she didn’t have her clothes on anymore, Supergirl tried to cover herself, but her body wasn’t working as it should.  She noticed her blonde hair seemed to have gotten longer, was almost hugging her body.

“I can see her boobies!” a boy in the crowd cried.  She noticed the orphanage workers trying to cover the eyes of the boys, while some of the male workers were having a hard time averting theirs.  But everyone was looking at Supergirl strangely, as if something about her was wrong.

Supergirl decided to say something, to apologize for her immodesty if nothing else.  She opened her mouth and —


Supergirl shut herself up in surprise.  Everyone in the crowd was covering their ears.  They were all wincing to some extent.

“Yap?” said Supergirl uncertainly, more quietly, though the noise she made obviously couldn’t be completely contained.

“That’s it!” siad Gsptlsnz.  “Dog acts are such fun!  And yours is both entertaining and sexy!  See for yourself, Super-Mutt!”

Gsptlsnz made a mirror materialize in front of Supergirl, and now the Maid of Steel could see what the snickering Imp had done to her.  Supergirl’s head, her shoulders, and, yes (to her embarrassment), her breasts were human and on display.  But the rest of her, was a dog!  Her, ulp! hindquarters, complete with tail, her front paws instead of her arms and hands, all of it was a dog’s!  She had been turned into a dog-sphinx!

Supergirl suddenly had to howl in dismay, making everyone, even Gsptlsnz, cover their ears.

“Oh, were you trying to win over everyone’s sympathy with your words?  Fat chance, bitch!  All you can make are the most annoying ‘yaps’ I could conjure up from you!”

Some of the children, and the women, in the  crowd were crying over Supergirl’s plight.  But some of the older boys, and men, seemed to actually be aroused seeing her head and boobs on a dog’s body.  Unable to take the situation in front of the orphanage anymore, Supergirl flew up into the sky and away from the crowd.

What can I do? she wondered.  Cousin Kal was off in space on a mission.  She’d been meant to cover for him while he was away.  But what could she do as she was now?

Suddenly, she heard a cry from below her.  “Gracie!”  Supergirl looked down to see a little girl following a ball into the street, ignoring the car bearing down on her.  The super-dog-girl went flying down at super-speed and, with her teeth, grabbed the nape of the little girl’s dress, pulling her safely out of the way of the car just in time.

“Thank you!” said a dark-haired woman with a very nasal voice, “ — Supergirl?  Krypto?  What happened to you?”

Supergirl gently set the little girl down on the ground.  The girl stared at Supergirl for a second, then smiled and patted her on the head.  To Supergirl’s surprise, she began to lick the girl’s face.  As she did, Supergirl could tell her tongue was canine, too.

“Stop that!” cried a blonde woman nearby.  “We don’t know where she’s been or what she is!”

“It’s Supergirl, Ms. Babcock,” said the nasal woman.  “She’s obviously been changed by red kryptonine, or what’s-is-name, Mixxle-plik or something.”

Supergirl tried to explain that it was his girlfriend, but, again, all that came out was “Yap, yap, yap!”  And, again, everyone around her instantly put their hands over their ears.

“Supergirl, what happened to you?”

”It doesn’t matter,” said a middle-aged man with a British accent.  “What’s important is that she saved our Gracie.  And, here, I think I’ve got something for her.”

He reached into a shopping bag and brought out something wrapped in butcher’s paper.  He unwrapped it and brought out several large, thick, raw steaks.

“But that’s our supper tonight!” said Babcock.

“I’m sure Mr. Sheffield would approve,” said British Man.

Supergirl still had a Kryptonian consitution, so she didn’t really need to eat.  But the steaks smelled so good, especially to her new doggy senses.  She pounced on them and wolfed (Supergirl relfected on how appropriate that expression suddenly was) them down.  Then, she looked at the people she had helped and began to yap! away again before she was reminded by the pained expressions what she sounded like.

“Hey, you, uh, boy!” said Babcock.  Supergirl then noticed there was a boy with them, a boy who was eagerly staring at the Breasts of Steel.

”Supergirl,” said Nasal Woman.  “Thanks, but, maybe you should leave before you completely corrupt Brighton here.”

Supergirl yapped out an apology and then flew away.

“Can you imagiine what it must be like to open your mouth and having something so irritating coming out of it?” said the brunette.  The others looked at Fran, but said nothing.

Supergirl flew aimlessly for a few minutes.  She stopped a bank robbery in Metropolis by again yapping and causing the crooks to drop their weapons so they could cover their ears.  As she left, she noticed a dismayed Jimmy Olsen gaping at her, but still with enough wits to take her picture.  He’d never have the Daily Planet publish it, not with her boobs showing — she hoped.

She was part dog, her voice annoyed everyone, her boobs were flashing for everyone to see — she’d had enough.  She needed comfort, so she flew to the one place where she’d always been able to get it.  She flew just beyond Midvale, to the woods outside of the town.  She found the hatch she’d used so many times to enter her underground tunnel.  It was no harder to open as part dog as it was when she was fully a girl.  In a few seconds, she was in the home of her foster parents Fred and Edna Danvers.

“Linda!” said Edna when she saw the human/dog hybrid that was her foster daughter.  “We heard it on the news.  Oh, my darling, what can we do?”

Supergirl flew up by her mother, who tearfully hugged her foster daughter.  Supergirl looked behind her mother to he foster father, Fred Danvers.  Her heart sank as he averted his gaze from her and left the room.  Could he not love her in this form?  But, then, he came back in the room, still looking away from Supergirl, and held out something in his hand.

“Edna, can you put this on her?” Fred asked his wife.  Supergirl smiled when she saw he had one of Linda’s bikini tops.  She realized how uncomfortable it might be for him to look at his topless daughter.

Edna took the top and began to fit it around Supergirl’s breasts.  She had to make a few adjustments for it to fit tightly enough, but it was soon a good fit.

“Mr. and Mrs. Danvers, what’s going on?” came a voice from someone entering the room.  Supergirl looked up and saw the Linda Lee Danvers robot which was used when Linida had to make an appearance at the same time as Supergirl.

Fogrgetting her current state, Supergirl tried to give commands to the robot.  Instead, the yaps came out.  Fred and Edna instantly covered their ears.

“Mom, Dad,” said the robot, taking on its role as Linda.  “If you want, I should be able to kick this creature to the moon.

”No!” cried Fred.  “This is the real Linda!  She was turned into this by magic!”

Supergirl had seen her parents covering their ears.  She hung her head to know that even her foster parents found her new voice so irritating.

“Linda,” said Edna.  “I’m sorry, but you can’t stay her.  If people saw you like this, it would give away your secret identity.”

Supergirl knew she was right, but her spirits fell again at the thought of having to leave her home.

”Have you seen your real parents, Zor-El and Allura”? askef Fred.  “Maybe they can do something to change you back?”

Supergirl nodded her head.  She left the Danvers’ house and  flew north.  Soon, she was inside the Fortress of Solitude.  

“What is it?” came a voice, like her cousin’s, but with a slight electronic tinge to it.  She turned and saw several of her cousin’s robots looking at her inquiringly.  Again forgetting what her voice was like, Supergirl tried to give the robots orders.

“We need to see if there’s anything we can do for others around the planet!” said one of the robots.

“Yes!” said another.  “Some other place that isn’t here!”  And all the robots flew away.  Even they can’t stand my voice, thought Supergirl.

Supergirl found the monitor that allowed communication between the outside and the Bottle City of Kandor.  All the controls were buttons, so Supergirl could work it with her paws.  She tapped in a specific code, and the faces of her parents, Zor-El and Allura, came on the screen.

“GASP!  Kara!  What’s happened to you?” said Allura when she saw what her daughter had been turned into.

Supergirl remembered not to try to speak this time.  She feared her yap might blow out a circuit on the communicator.

“Stay there,” said Zor-El.  (Supergirl wished it didn’t sound so much like he was telling her “Stay!”)  “We’ll send someone out to get you!”

A few minutes later, a member of the Superman Emergency Squad came from the bottle, enlarged himself, grabbed Supergirl, and then shrank the both of them and used a parachute to re-enter the bottle.  Soon, Supergirl was in a clinic with her parents.

“Kara, this is Dr. Pro-Owb,” said Zor-El, indicating a distinguished looking middle-aged man standing nearby.  “He’s here to examine you.”

“The first thing I’m going to do is put this headband on you, dear,” said the doctor.  “It will allow us to communicate with you telepathically.” 

“Mom!  Dad!” cried Supergirl as soon as the headband was placed on her.  “It was Gsptlsnz!”

“Who?” asked Zor-El.

“”Gsptlsnz!  She’s the girlfriend of Mxyzptlk!  You remember him?”

“Of course I do.”  Zor-El remembered how Mxyztplk had pulled Supergirl’s father out of the Survival Zone when Supergirl thought her parents were dead.  Zor-El managed to get the imp to say his name backwards to stop Mxyzptlk’s  marrying Kara.  He later learned it was a relief to Kara to know that Mxyzptlk could NOT bring back the dead.

“:She’s jealous of me, Dad!” continued Supergirl.  “She thinks I want to steal Mxyzptlk away from her!  So she turned me into — this!”

“Doctor,” said Alllura.  “Is there anything you can do for Kara?”

“Let me think,” said Dr. Pro-Owb.

“You don’t have to do that, Doc!  I know what you should do!”

Everyone turned to see Gsptlsnz was now in the room.  She gestured at Dr. Pro-Owb, who suddenly, a little jerkily, began to intently examine Supergirl.

“What’s going on?” he said.  “I can’t control my movements!”

“Now, like a good veterinarian, you should do a thorough examination of your patient!  Start with taking her temperature1”

Supergirl began to open her mouth, ready to accept the thermometer the way she normally would have.  But Dr. Pro-Owb turned her head away from him, and took her temperature. For once, Supergirl’s canine voice didn’t try to speak, bark, or howl.. Instead, it made a whimper as the thermometer was inserted into her anus.  It stayed there far too long until the doctor removed it and read the temperature, reacting as if all were normal.

“Next, make sure she’s had all of her shots,” said Gsptlsnz.

The doctor removed a half-dozen needles from a drawer and set up each one of them.  Then, Supergirl had to bear taking shots all over her backside.  She wasn’t sure how many diseases there were for Kryptonian dogs, but she was sure she was protected from all of them.

“Finally, she needs to be cuter,” said Gsptlsnz.  “I saw an Earth breed earlier, and I think our dear Supergirl should resemble it.”

Dr. Pro-Owb found himself removing a powered razor and clippers from another drawer.  Quickly, he began to shave Supergirl all over her body.  He kept the fur on top of her head, but put it in tiny, tight curlers.  He left hair just above her paws.  He trimmed all the fur off of her tail, except for a little tuft at the end.  Finally, he removed the curlers from the top of her head and placed a little bow, with the El family crest in the middle (the crest Earth people mistook for an S).  Supergirl could see her parents were aghast at what had happened to their daughter as the doctor moved her so she could see her reflection in a mirror.  She was no longer the Girl of Steel, not even a non-descript dog as she had thought she had been.  For there, in the mirror. was a Super-Poodle with a girl’s head and breasts.  There was no longer any fur to conceal her super-orbs.

“And none of this stuff!” said Gsptlsnz, gesturing away the headband and bikini top.  “I want everyone to see all of you, to see the goods that you tried to take Mxyzptlk away from me with! But, I’ll let you have these so everyone can identify you.”  

Fabric flew in from outside, along with a dog collar.  In seconds, Supergirl wore a cape much like the one worn by Krypto, her cousin’s super-dog.  

“And no communication except for the sounds I gave you to come out of your mouth!”

For  the first time in Kandor, Supergirl tried to give voice to her outrage, her shame, at her new form.

“Kara!  Stop it!” cried Zor-El.  “If you keep up that noise, you may shatter the bottle!”

“That’s right, girlie!” said Gsptlsnz.  “I’d get as far away from here as you can if you don’t want to hurt, maybe kill, all the nice people in this bottle!

“Now, I’m going to do some sight-seeing.  There’s a city on Earth I’ve been hearing a lot about that I want to visit!  It’s called Las Vegas!  I think I’ll have fun there!”  And, with that, the lady imp disappeared.

Supergirl became quiet, hanging her head, tucking her tail between her legs.  With help again from the Superman Emergency Squad, Supergirl left the bottle, regained her dog-girl size, and flew away from the Fortress.

In a daze, Supergirl performed her “chores.”  (She didn’t like how easily that phrase popped up in her head.)  She stopped more bank robbers, saved a town from an avalanche, diverted asteroids that were headed for Earth, and performed tricks for children in a park, concentrating on not letting a sound come from her mouth.

In the crater of an extinct volcano in the South Pacific, she rested.  Again, she didn’t really need rest, but it was a welcome relief from her ordeal.  It took a little effort to fall asleep in her new body, adjusting to the dog legs with her girl breasts.  Thank Rao, I’m not Power Girl, she thought.  The idea of Kara Zor-L moving, especially flying, around with her breasts actually made Supergirl chuckle.  Power Girl was supposed to be Supergirl’s  doppelganger from another Earth.  Why was she so much more developed than Supergirl? the Maid of Steel wondered.

She dreamed of past boyfriends.  There was Dick Malverne, originally Dick Wilson, a fellow orphan at Midvale.  He was nice, but she suspected he really wanted to prove that Linda was Supergirl.  Indeed, she suspected his biggest desire was to date Supergirl, not Linda.

There was Jerro, a mer-boy from Atlantis.  He was awfully nice, and Supergirl had a good time with him when red kryptonite turned her into a mermaid.  Still, he was, well, part fish!

Then, there was Bronco Bill Starr, Supergirl’s rodeo rider boyfriend.  She REALLY liked him, but he was gone so much of the time.  But he did know her, almost like he knew her in another life.  And she smiled to remember the time she used her x-ray vision on him, the only time she had ever done so with a man.  And was she surprised when she did that!   She had heard Earth girls use the expression “hung like a horse.”  Well, Bronco Bill was definitely “hung like a horse!”  She’d had some good dreams about him in the past.  One of the best, she wasn’t sure why, was one where he was trying to break Comet, her super-horse.  Maybe she should try to find Bronco Bill.  But how would he react to her as part dog?

Finally, among her serious boyfriends, there was Brainiac 5, Supergirl’s fellow member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th Century.  He could be cold, almost machine-like at times.  But there was a softer, gentler side to him, one even more special because he would only reveal it to her.  If only he knew magic as well as he did science.  He might be able to change her back to fully human.  And then, she’d be SO gratefui to him!

Supergirl awakened from the dream.  But her state of amorousness, of arousal, from the dreams was still with her.  And then, it hit her.

She was in heat.  All those boyfriends had appeared in her dream because she was in heat!

Her Supergirl brain struggled with her canine loins.  She knew what was needed to cope with this new situation.  But did she want to do it?  Did she want to lose her cherry like THAT?!

She heard a bark behind her.  It shouldn’t have surprised her, she thought.  She knew Krypto had a super-strong sense of smell, and that her current state would lead him right to her.  Sure enough, Krypto landed softly behind her.  Supergirl tried to fight off the urges in her, but her doggy sensibilities were too strong.  Turning her butt toward the dog of steel, she made the body signs to welcome him.  A moment later, he had mounted her.  The sensation gave her such joy, she yipped!

And Krypto dismounted.

Supergirl faced him, and saw that his ears were hoisted in pain, his doghood sheathed, and his tail between his legs.  He flew away, leaving a very frustrated super-bitch.

Supergirl tried to fly her arousal off, but couldn’t do it.  She eventually found herself flying over Las Vegas.  She decided to investigate if Gsptlsnz had made good on her threat to go there.  

It didn’t take long for her to find out.  There at one of the most popular hotel/casinos on the strip, Rainbow’ s End, Supergirl found a strange sight.  Outside the casino, which was named for it’s bright, multi-coored decor, was a makeshift, barbed-wire, fenced in area containing a couple-dozen cattle and swine.  When Supergirl landed, a casino employee spoke up.

“They’re our girls,” said the man.  “Our showgirls!  That awful little woman came here and didn’t like how our girls were ‘on display.’  So she did this to them.  Our beautiful, beautiful showgirls!  Now barnyard animals!”

“Zey are not so beautiful,” came a heavily accented voice.  “Not as beautiful as mon cherie!”

Supergirl saw the man who had spoken was a tall, handsome man with dark hair and a mustache who looked very debonair.  And, hanging onto him, clearly lovestruck, was Gsptlsnz.

“Oh, Anton!” said Gsptlsnz.  “How you do go on!”

“I only speak ze truth!” said Anton.  “You are, by far, zee cutest little  button I ‘ave evair seen!  I am zee envy of every man ‘oo sees me wiz you!”

Gsptlsnz giggled and blushed.  Then she saw Supergirl and laughed!

“Are you enjoying life as a dog?  Be happy you can’t steal Anton away from me as you are!  Then, I would have to turn you into a full dog and take you with me to the Fifth Dimension, where you would become my pet!  I’[d love to see Mxyzptlk’s reaction then!

“Anyway, Anton has been showing me all the games in his casino, letting me win all I want to!  And then, he is going to take me to his room for a, ahem, special private dinner!”

“Ah, but first,” said Anton.  “I ‘ave a new game to show you!  Zis way, please!  You may follow. too, Super-Mutt.”

That remark made Gsptlsnz bark with laughter.  Supergirl followed them to a table with several players around it.  In front of each player was a crossword puzzle, an electronic one, built into the table.

“Oh, crosswords!” cried Gsptlsnz, grinning at the sight.  “I love these!”

“Zis is zee ‘Scrabble!’  Do sit down, mon cherie!” said Anton.  “Zis is like zee bingo!  Burt ‘ere will call out letters.  If you get letters zat match one of yours on zee board, and zey make up zee word, just call zee word out, and you win!”

Gsptlsnz sat down by her crossword.  With great excitement, she and other players began to take tiles to cover letters.  She was told that the bigger the word, the bigger the jackpot if she got all the letters.  To her delight, she was covering all the letters of a vertical, eight-letter word.  She saw other players were getting close, too.  She was filled with excitement.

Finally, her eight-letter word was covered!  

“I did it!” Gsptlsnz cried.  “I won!  The word is ‘Znsltpsg!’”

Suddenly, Gsptlsnz clamped a hand over her mouth!  “No!  That’s my name backwards!”  she cried.  “You tricked me!  I’m doing  back to the Fifth Dime — !”

Gsptlsnz vanished.  As soon as she did, Supergirl felt her body shifting.  Shakily, she stood up, overjoyed to again be able to stand on all twos.  She heard laughter, sobs, and cries of joy not far away and found all of the farm animals had turned back into women.  They were nearly naked, but they were used to that.  Supergirl was naked (except for her tiny cape and dog collar, which stretched with her change), still with her poodle do, but she didn’t mind.  She was herself again!

“You did it!” she cried, looking at Anton.  “You sent her away!  How did you set this up?”

“I’ll explain,” he said.  “But first, let me remove this disguise.”

Supergirl looked at the man curiously, noting his accent, his entire voice, had changed.  He took off his wig, then removed the make-up that covered a VERY familiar set of freckles, and Supergirl grinned to see the face of —

“Jimmy Olsen!”

“When Gsptlsnz appeared in Vegas and started to wreak havoc, the Vegas authorities called me because they knew I had experience with her,” said Jimmy.  “I got out here and we came up with the idea of a Scrabble game.  We hoped Gsptlsnz would be so excited that she wouldn’t notice she was spelling out her name in reverse.”

Suddenly, Jimmy realized he was staring intently at Supergirl’s nude body.  He blushed and looked away.  “I’m sorry I was staring,” he said.  “And I also apologize for calling you ‘Super-Mutt’ earlier.  I  had to play my part so Gsptlsnz wouldn’t be suspicious.  

“Anyway, I was hoping you’d show up when Gsptlsnz went back to her home.  And I brought this.”

As Jimmy continued to look away, he held out Supergirl’s costume to her.  She took it from him, but didn’t put it on right away.

“Jimmy,” said Supergirl, “If any man deserves to see me naked, it’s you.  I was thinking earlier today of some of my boyfriends in the past.  I should’ve included you among them.”

Jimmy’s mouth dropped open as Supergirl let her costume drop to the floor.  He couldn’t help but think how attractive she was as she walked up, embraced him, and began to kiss him.  And then, Jimmy tried hard to push her away.

“Jimmy?” what’s wrong?” she asked.

“Well, it’s, uh — “ Jimmy stammered.

“It’s your breath,” said one of the showgirls nearby.  “When we changed back, several of us hugged and kissed each other.  And we discovered we all had animal breath.”

Supergirl put her hand to her mouth and huffed her breath out.  And she smelled what it was like after she’d been a dog for hours.

“Here, Supergirl,” said another showgirl, holding out a bottle of mouthwash.  Supergirl accepted it and gargled strongly for a minute.  Then, realizing she had no place to spit the mouthwash out, but also knowing it wouldn’t affect her, she just swallowed it.

Then, she gave Jimmy Olsen the most passionate kiss he’d ever experienced, a feeling only enhanced by her nudity.  Jimmy also found her poodle do aroused him even more.  After the kiss, Supergirl stepped back, and, for the second time in her life, gave in to the urge to check out a man with her x-ray vision.  She found that Jimmy, while no Bronco Bill, was still very impressive.

As she put her costume back on, Jimmy said “That private dinner I mentioned earlier is for real, a reward for my getting rid of Gsptlsnz.  For two. In a suite, the honeymoon suite, if I want. Would you like to join me?”

Supergirl grabbed Jimmy’s tie and gently pulled him to her.  She whispered in his ear “I’m still in heat. Let’s go.”

This was a bit of fan fiction written by me. I wrote it without any care for when it took place, or its place in DC continuity. I put some things in there for longtime Supergirl fans to enjoy. Stuff like the Linda Lee robot, the Superman robots, Supergirl’s boyfriends, and other things, were all part of Supergirl’s universe at one time.

Supergirl and the other characters all belong to DC Comics/Time Warner, and I do not claim any ownership of them. The same goes for characters from The Nanny, which belongs to Mill Creek Entertainment.

Also, many of you reading the name Gsptlsnz my picture the babe who first appeared in the animated Superman series back in the 90s. The version I was writing was from the 60s, and she looked like this:

Mostly, I wrote this for fun, if some naughtiness and humiliation for Supergirl, who I do love dearly. Better or worse, I wouldn’t be a comic book collector if not for her.

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