I’m a Chump

I recently found myself being transformed from a reasonably intelligent human being into a Chumpus Unbelievablus.

I fell for a phone scam. To the tune of $2700.

I don’t want to go into the details right now. But it’s part of the reason I haven’t posted anything lately. I have been writing and will have some stories and reviews soon. I apologize to my followers and beg their patience and understanding.

Thank you and bless you all.

Book review — “Confessions of a Teenage Frog” by Susan Smith

I was walking through the kids’ section of a bookstore way back in 1987 when I spotted this book. I snapped it up immediately, and then learned it was the second of what would be four-book series about a girl named Samantha Slade. The series is about a 12 – 13 year-old girl who, essentially, becomes babysitter to Addams Family-ish kids. The kids (and their mother) are weird, but they like their sitter. It was a cute series and I would’ve liked to have seen more.

In this book, Samantha runs for class president and Drake, the boy she sits for, gives her a potion to make her great. What happens, however, is that, whenever she tries to be great, she turns into a frog.

The book handles her frog-ness well. It elaborates on what kind of frog she turns into, a green tree frog. This is a frog with sticky pads on its fingers, which allows Samantha to stick to most things. She retains her human mind, and voice, with a few frog instincts thrown in as well. Can’t have a girl become a frog without her eating a few bugs, after all.

Samantha changes into a frog and then back into a human several times throughout the book. Contrary to what the cover above shows, Samantha’s clothes do not change with her. But she usually has changes of clothes nearby for when she regains her humanity. (I’d be willing to bet that, somewhere out there, are boys and girls who read this who were sent down the path of metamorphilia by this book.)

The book goes back and forth between Samantha’s human life (especially her campaign for class president) and her amphibian state. But she can’t help the latter interfering with the former. And, at the book’s climax, when she has to give her major campaign speech while stuck as a frog, there’s a definite tension the reader feels for her.

There is a resolution to her transformations, though it is one that can be undone. This never happens in the two subsequent books in the series, which is one reason I would’ve liked to have seen the series continue.

Still, whether you’re a fan of frog transformations or transformations in general, this book is for you. It’s still available through Amazon and/or eBay. (Later editions do not have the cover illustration, so if that’s one thing selling you on this book, be careful.)

If you’re a parent,( aunt, uncle, whatever), I recommend this book, or, if you can find it, the entire series. (And, for TG fans, Ms. Smith also wrote Changing Places, the story of a body-swap between girlfriend and boyfriend. You can find it here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0590447238/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i5 )

The touchy transformations: Age regression and age progression

The uppermost of these two pieces of art got me suspended from DeviantArt for a week. The art itself was removed. The objection was apparently that the art depicted full-frontal nudity of an underage character. I tried to explain that underage nudes are not automatically pornographic. If they were, every parent who had ever taken photos of their kids taking baths or toddling around the house in their birthday suits would be in trouble.

I’m of the age where I, and others, saw a LOT of age regression art and stories. From at least the mid-1950s to a decade later, I don’t think there was a year where, at some point, Superman or one of his friends were turned into babies. Superman underwent the change a lot. Lois Lane did it at least three times. Jimmy Olsen and Perry White, and even Batman, all were regressed at least once. (The first Supergirl story I ever read, had HER being turned into a baby.)

Years ago, I was on a message board (remember them?) devoted to giantesses. I posted one message where I mentioned my interest in all transformations, including age regression. I got a response saying I was only interested in women being regressed “so you can fuck them!” And that, in a nutshell, is why so many people object to age regression art and stories.

There may be people who fantasize about age regression for that reason. I’m not one of them. For me, the interest is in seeing how the regressed deals with the regression. It’s why I went to see the movie Little earlier this year. And it’s why I wrote my novel Skye Sparkler, tossing in with it the added complication of the regressed character also being the strongest person on the planet.

Magic sand, magic sand, make me small at my command!

Then, there’s age progression. The art above (done by artist Steve Sullivan) deals with that concept, taking the strip “Mary Jane and Sniffles” that was a back-up feature in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies comic book from years ago. This strip took Sniffles, the annoying little kid mouse from the Warner Brothers cartoons, and teamed him with a little girl named Mary Jane. Mary Jane could make herself Sniffles-sized, originally by sprinkling magic sand on herself and reciting the words in the caption above. Later (probably after complaints from parents about their kids sprinkling salt on themselves while playing Mary Jane and Sniffles), the size change came about by Mary Jane saying

Now I close my eyes real tight, and then I wish with all my might, magic words of poof, poof, piffles, make me just as small as Sniffles!

I remember one story where Mary Jane made herself even smaller by adding the words
And make Sniffles as small as a bug!

Proving the fetish was with me back then, I can remember finding it interesting that Mary Jane would shrink herself in every story, and then go on adventures with Sniffles.

About 20 years ago, I was reminded of that strip and immediately again became enamored of Mary Jane. But I came up with this twist on the subject to do an age progression which Mary Jane’s dress did not survive. That’s as far as it went, imagining an adult, nude Mary Jane. (And, I’m sure that right now, there are people reading this imagining comics’ more famous Mary Jane, MJ Watson, shrinking herself.)

Age progression transformations have been popular over the years with things like 13 Going on 30 and the movie and stage musical Big. It’s never appealed to me that much because AP happens for real, naturally, to all of us. Sometimes a good AP story comes along, however. One of the best AP and AR stories that I know of was “It’s a Gas,” which you can read here: http://www.ararchive.com/gallery3/Comics/It-s-A-Gas

I have gone through an entire night of being unable to sleep, but am now feeling tired and hope to be able to go to bed. So, once again, I must utter those words “I know there’s a lot more to be written on this subject, and I hope to do so someday.” But for now, I’ve got to go to bed.

As always, I welcome all thoughts and comments on this subject.

Transformation and pain

Just over 25 years ago, I found an ad from someone doing custom stories for people. You told him what you wanted, how much you were willing to pay (I think it was originally $3 per page), and an artist would add a story-related drawing for every third page you paid for.

Well, it didn’t take me long to ask for a story about a woman undergoing various transformations. The story arrived and I eagerly began reading. I enjoyed it greatly (and would order more stories from him) — except for one thing.

When it got to the first transformation, the main character (from whose point-of-view the story was told) described being wracked with pain. She could feel her bones being reshaped, her face pulling out (the first TF was into a dog), her body condensing in size.

The character underwent two more changes, into a mouse and, later, a pegasus. Each time, the pain returned. (I don’t remember if there was pain when she returned to her normal self or not.)

I had not wanted the transformation to cause pain, hadn’t even considered it. I told the writer to not have future transformations linked to pain in future stories.

In the years since, I’ve considered how many TFs cause pain for the subject in stories. And I realize there’s a lot of pain going along with TFs. A transformation into a werewolf, for example. An American Werewolf in London‘s lycanthrope, if memory serves, is writhing on the floor or ground as he changes. Bruce Banner’s transformation into The Hulk is often not pleasant, nor is changing back into Banner. (Unless it comes by The Hulk relaxing, and then he often sleeps as he returns to Banner’s form.)

This past week, I finally saw the Black Mirror episode “Callister.” Without giving too much away, it’s about a computer whiz who brings about his own private universe of something akin to Star Trek‘s holodeck, crossed with giving himself powers like Charlie X in the original series episode of that name. Like Charlie, the whiz at one point wipes out the face of a crew member, but keeps her alive though she has skin over her mouth and nose. Later, however, he turns another lady crew member into a huge insectoid creature, and it’s obvious the change is agonizing to her.

I remember a story from Greek mythology in which a woman accidentally kills a water spirit and she is changed into a tree (while holding her baby!). The pain isn’t so bad, but the story tells in detail how the bark covers her body, with some pain especially in the limbs. The baby, who was being nursed at the time, starts wailing when the milk suddenly stops flowing.

There are some transformations you’d expect would be painful, but aren’t — at least not physically. The boys changing into donkeys in Pinocchio don’t seem to feel anything in their bodies. Psychologically, however, Lampwick’s transformation terrifies and haunts kids to this day.

I haven’t begun to cover this topic, I know. Anyone remember any transformations that looked painful to them, please share.

Teacher-parent conference

In response to a comment that what happens to the main character in this story was more severe than she deserved, I have edited the story slightly so that “the punishment fits the crime.” It now fits into the theory that there are few people, save possibly parents, that can screw people up in their childhoods more than teachers.

Once again, I must apologize for taking such a long time between entries. It’s partly because of my going back to work after a lengthy sick leave.

Anyway, I hope this will make things up to my followers. This is a photo commission I had done back in 1986, when I found a photographer in a swinger’s magazine. (Remember those?) This is not something I’m going to post in my deviantART gallery, but am just sharing it with all of you who follow my blog. Look under photos for paragraphs that will explain what’s going on.

Oh, this was such a LONG week! That new girl in my class, the one with TWO mommies! Why did they let such perversions happen, and why did they let the results come into the schools! But I know-how to handle it. I put the girl in with the SLOW students. After all, any girl saying she had “two mommies” was going to naturally be behind the others. The “mommies” then asked for a conference. I waited for them to come talk to me, but they never showed, and —

— WHAT?! Where am I? How did I get here?

“So this is her? In pantyhose. And ‘sensible’ shoes?”

“She’s pretty, but those hose and shoes ARE ugly!”

“We can fix them, Nellie.”

Who are these women? And — what? Where did these — clothes? — on me come from? They’re something a, a SLUT might wear!

“Who are you?” I ask the women.

“We’re the mothers of your new student, Wilhemena. I’m Willie, and this is my wife, Nellie. We wanted to speak with you about our daughter. But we decided we’d rather speak with you here in our home.”

“I don’t know what you did to me. I’m guessing hypnosis was involved. But these are NOT the kind of clothes I wear! I demand you get these things off of me right now, or ELSE!!!”

“Get them off of you right now?” said Nellie, with a smile. “As you wish.”

I hadn’t liked the feel of the shoes that had suddenly been on my feet. But it was odd to suddenly NOT feel them on my feet, only the hose that had appeared with the shoes. Under those, suddenly, there was only the rug.

Then, I wasn’t feeling the hose anymore! Just my bare feet on the rug. I felt something a little strange around my waist, and looked down to see I still had a garter belt on. Before my eyes, THAT vanished, and I was just in my bra and panties — except they weren’t MY bra and panties. These were something out of that Adam and Eve catalogue I confiscated from Billy Egner last week.

As the bra vanished, I remembered my demand of these women. (Sorceresses? I thought. But that was impossible.)

Get these things off of me right now! I had said. And all of these indecent garments were vanishing off of my body. And I didn’t need to look down to know that I was standing in this unknown room completely naked!

“Oh, she IS adorable!” said Willy. “And such a cute little pussy!”

“She takes care of it, you can tell,” said Nelly. “Though I suspect it doesn’t get much use.”

I did the only thing I could think of and covered myself as best as I could with my hands. Then, I turned my front away from the women, though that just gave them a good view of my butt.

“Why are you doing this to me?” I asked.

“You demanded we remove the undies from you. Remember?”

“Yes, but why bring me here? And how are you doing this, bringing me here, changing my clothes on my body, stripping me naked?”

“We’re sorceresses!” said Willy. “Witches, if you prefer. And we’ve heard what you’ve been sharing with your fellow teachers about us!”

“Now, we just have to decide what we want to do with you,” said Nelly.

“Do with me?” I scoffed. “What, turn me into a frog or something?”

“She has no imagination, does she?”

“No. But let’s give her what she wants.”

I suddenly had a compulsion to sit down on the stool near me. But not just SIT down, but pull my feet up on the edge of the stool. And then, something buzzed in front of my face. I looked over and there was a fly sitting on the counter! A big, yummy-looking fly!

It was hard to move my neck, but I could lean over, stick out my tongue, and SNARE it! I spend a few seconds luxuriating in it! It was tasty, it was crunchy, it was juicy, it was —

IT WAS A FLY!!! I HAD SWALLOWED AND EATEN A FLY!!! I felt sick! “Stop doing this to me, you dyke bitches! Leave me alone!” My voice had a croak to it.

“Bitches?” said Nelly. “Us, bitches?”

“You’re the bitch!” said Willy. “Telling tales on us, treating our daughter badly because we love each other! I’ll show you what it’s like to be a bitch!”

I suddenly felt something on my neck, something that felt like — leather?

I was suddenly compelled to get on all fours. Not hands and knees, all fours, that sounded right to my mind. And my tongue had to hang out of my mouth. I tried to talk to the women, but, instead, I made a big WOOF! I didn’t want to do that, and I wanted to ask, again, that these — witches — stop doing things to me. But I couldn’t speak. So, instead I got on my knees and held my paws limply in front of me. I hoped they understood may message: Please?

“Look at that!” said Willy. “She knows how to beg! Can she do any other tricks?”

“Let’s see,” said Nelly. “Play dead, girl!”

Obediently, I laid on my side, closed my eyes, and let my tongue hang out.”

“What a good girl! Go ahead and sit!”

I obeyed again, but something human in the back of my head woke up. I could feel myself glaring at these two.

“Oh, oh, teacher is back!” said Willy. “Might as well release her!”

I felt the collar vanish from my neck. A little shakily for my tastes, I stood upright and wagged my finger at the witches.

“Leave me alone! I don’t care what you perverts do to me, I am NOT going to change my opinion of you two!” I cried, not caring that I was completely buck naked in front of them.

“She’s found some nerve!” said Nelly.

“That surprises me. She struck me as a little mousy.”

“Well, why not!”

I started to whimper. I knew what was coming, but I didn’t want to be a —

And then, everything was so huge. No. I was so small. But everything WAS scary! I stopped crouching and scampered about, looking for some place to hide!

When my back was to them, I head Willy say “She does have a cute tail!” Nelly snickered.

I ran under the edge of a counter, and crouched there. I had never been so terrified in my life! But, then, the mouse left me and I stood up on my knees.

“Like I said, I’m not changing how I think about you witches! These are the values I was raised with, the values of a decent, NORMAL woman!”

“How she was raised,” said Nellie. “Hmm. Maybe if we sent her back to start over — ?”

I needed to reassure myself, somehow. I had an urge to suck my thumb. But then, a wave of sadness washed over me. How could they do this so me! It was mean! I pulled my thumb from my mouth and began, not just to cry, but to wail at all the unfairness of it! I wished I had a blanket.

Then, I DID have a blanket. It was just what I wanted. I was me again, Baby Teacher, hugging and sucking my blankie! I felt secure.

Suddenly, I wanted to play! I looked between my legs and there was a set of jacks! And a ball! I LOVE JACKS!

An’ sunn’ly, I was back on my bed with the jacks. I wooked up at da two nice wadies, and day was wunnerin’ if I was married. They’d check back on me tomorrow and make sure I wath okay. And if I din’t have a husband’ t’ take care o’ me (him the daddy ‘n’ me the mommy!), deyed take me home wi’ dec an care for me here.


TFs and partners

Recently, for the second time, I had contact with someone who had transformation fantasies about his wife. He liked to imagine her with muscle mass transformations, the kind, I’m guessing, where the subject has had so much musculature added to her body that, in the real world, it would impossible for her to move.

The previous instance was with a man who imagined his wife shrinking, sometimes turning into a mouse, maybe sometimes regressing in age, though I preferred not to press to learn more about THAT fantasy.

I had a healthy correspondence with this earlier fan until it abruptly stopped. Efforts to contact the man resulted in my getting “Permanent error” messages back from his server. He had told me that his wife did not know about his transformation fantasies. I suspect she found out about them and that may have led to the termination of his e-mails.

As for the more recent TF fan, I asked him if his wife knew about his fantasies, and never got a response from him on that question.

Which leads to this question for those who follow this blog: If you are married or have been in a long-term relationship with a partner, does your partner know about your interest in transformation?

I myself have never been married, but I have had a couple of relationships. One of these was with female roommates in college. There was no sex, we shared apartments for financial reasons only. I did tell them about my fascination with transformation, which they found strange. I had a couple of TF dreams about one of them, and I told her about them. Her reaction was disgust, and she made it clear she didn’t want to hear about such dreams, didn’t want to even know I’d had them.

The other relationship was with a lovely lady of color, a former exotic dancer. She didn’t understand the fantasy either, but she didn’t judge me over it. We tried to do a little transformation role-playing, but, again, she didn’t quite understand what I wanted. I tried to get her to imagine I had a magic-using ex-girlfriend who was extremely jealous and would use her powers to transform my lady. But the former dancer couldn’t get into pretending she was changing. She’d do some meowing, but into a cat instead of a dog, which wasn’t what I wanted.

There was one time where she allowed one of my favorite fantasies, where she was a teacher who had a student that first made her clothing disappear and then turned her mentally into a dog. I don’t post or share those photos, however, as I don’t do revenge porn.

But I’m curious and would like to know, again, if anyone reading this has a partner with whom they share such fantasies. Or do they have the fantasies but keep quiet about them because the partner wouldn’t understand? And if you have the fantasies, what do you like to imagine your partner turning into?

Or are your fantasies about yourself transforming and then interacting with your partner? No names will be used. I’d like to know what some of us use the fetish for.

I hope to hear from my followers on this subject soon.

Why frogs?

Before I get started on this topic, I feel I must apologize for the delay since my last blog entry. As has already been stated in a previous entry, I had to have a cat put to sleep recently. In addition, I’ve been having some severe financial problems. The combination of these factors made it hard for me to write anything. But it’s been over a month now, and I’m going to try getting back to creating entries for this blog.

Sometimes, it will just occur to me to commission an idea of a transformation. As I write this, I’m having the urge to have art done of a particular super-heroine done as a morph between girl and frog.

Why are frogs so popular as creatures for people to be turned into? I did some research online and discovered that frog transformation stories go back at least to Roman times. (It was the Romans, via Aesop, who also came up with the idea of the frogs who wished for a king. Look it up if you aren’t familiar with it.) I posted the basic question on my deviantART website here: https://www.deviantart.com/fmtfluver And I got this answer from chained knee: “Because they are usually considered ugly critters?  So it would be a punishment for someone who is vain or a test of someone who loved the TFed?”

That could be part of it, though it depends greatly on the frog. A bullfrog can be repulsive to human eyes, unless you’re a herpetologist. But there are many breeds of frog (over 7,000 different kinds altogether) with colors that make them quite beautiful. (Beware, though: Some of the most colorful frogs are also quite poisonous.) It is the frog cousin, the toad, which tends to be more unattractive to us.

There is a difference in size. The largest frog known is the goliath frog, the body of which by itself can be over 12.5 inches long and weigh in excess of seven pounds. That would certainly give pause to anyone who encountered it.

There is the frog diet. Going from human food to bugs (and other frogs as well) would certainly be unpleasant to any part of the brain that was still human. And having to spend your life in a pond wouldn’t be much fun. (Let’s assume that our turned-into-a-frog subject still mostly has a human mind for the rest of this little essay.) And it’s terrifying for the frog to ponder how it’s on the menu for a lot of other creatures in the wild, including people. I’ve eaten frog legs once in my life. Among other things, I had a problem with felling the frog’s knees as I nibbled on the bones.

In fact, I think one reason people like to imagine transformation into a frog is that the frog body is similar to a human’s. You still have arms and legs with joints, eyes and mouth roughly where they are on a human face. True, you get where you need to go by hopping or swimming, but movement is basically achieved without too much adjustment.

There are differences. I learned that the tongues of most (all?) frogs are attached to the front of the roof of the mouth. When the tongue is used to catch prey, it flips out backwards. And there’s a stickiness that aids in the snatching. (I’ve got a feeling I’m going to be hearing from several frog fans about what I’ve gotten wrong.)

I’ve had many frog-women done over the years, and nearly every one of them is busy with her tongue. (Many of these are from my dART gallery.)

I just learned that you still have your tonsils!

I wish I hadn’t taken THAT phone call!
Evil little rascal.
Yes, this artist probably WAS too young to draw this picture@!

These last two pictures were some of the earliest transformation art I ever commissioned. With the one just above, which I called “Begging frog,” I learned artists don’t necessarily have references for animals, nor do they have the initiative to go out and find references. Among other things, the artist who drew this only gave her half of a frog’s legs. As I’ve already said, frog legs aren’t that different from human legs. They have knees and can elongate the legs to achieve hopping. And, while I asked for the clothing to include shoes, I don’t know why the artist seemed to think the footwear should look like a cross between high-button and sensible shoes.

But I digress.

Thirty-two years ago, I got it in my head to do a modern day telling of a frog-princess story as a comic-book script. I finished the story, but it was never published. I posted it to my deviant art website here: https://www.deviantart.com/fmtfluver/art/The-Year-of-the-Frog-444925525 And I learned a lot while researching this story. For example, if a frog were kissed, its reaction would probably be to pee on whoever was kissing it. This is a frog defense mechanism, something that keeps the frog from being eaten by making itself taste bad.

I also must share this piece from another dART artist, TKDoherty. This is part of a sequence where a princess kisses a frog to find it’s really another princess. But then the former frog demonstrates why Princess 1 isn’t that bad off:

There are stories and essays about frogs somehow representing sexual organs. Why this is so, I don’t know. Frogs are asexual. The female secretes eggs, the male fertilizes them. That’s it.

Year ago, I wrote a short story in which the lustful Princess Madonna decides to find out what it feels like when other species have sex. She gained the power to change into whatever animal she mentions, and then change back by having the animal make its sound three times. (Yes, I used the same basic idea in my story “The Mouse Queen.”) But, eventually, she changes herself into a frog, but it’s a species which has no vocal chords. So she’s screwed. Or not, as the case may be.

Then, there are frogs that, when they stop being tadpoles, shed their skin and eat it. That might be a way of getting yourself fresh, clear skin after changing back.

While I’m at it, there are two young adult books I must mention. One is Confessions of a Teenage Frog. This is one of the best novels dealing with transformation I’ve ever read. It is the second in a four-book series about Samantha Slade, a girl who babysits for two children from an Addams-like family. In this book, Samantha is talked into taking a potion for greatness. But, instead, whenever she tries to be great, she turns into a frog. Yes, she goes back and forth several times from human to frog in the book. (She’s running for class president.) She has her human mind the entire time. And how she deals with the situation is fascinating.

The other is actually a series of books, The Frog Princess books by Ed Baker. These were the basis for The Princess and the Frog, though they were thoroughly Disney-ized for the movie.

I have also, several times, run across an animated version of the folk tale “The Frog Princess.” I think it was done in Europe, but I’m not sure. One scene in this does an excellent job of showing the Princess’ face going from human to frog. Maybe someday I can add the scene to the blog.

We’ve gotten a start, but there’s a lot more to discuss on THIS subject. As always, I look forward to hearing from all of you in response to this post.