Nasty “Unexpected” TF

Looking at another comic book transformation story, but this one is kinda nasty, especially when you consider that it appeared in a code-approved comic book. The comic was Unexpected #193, published with a cover date of October 1979.

This cover has nothing to do with the story involved, I’m just adding it to this posting so fans will know what to look for. I got this copy cheap for $4.75. I had the original, but it’s in storage.

At this time, Unexpected was one of DC’s Dollar Comics. Back in 1976, when most comic books had a cover price of 35 cents, DC decided to publish some comic books that cost $1. This was because newsstand owners were complaining that comic books were not bringing in enough revenue. So DC began publishing some titles that were $1, 64-pages long, and ad-free. Some of the Dollar titles included Superman Family, G.I. Combat, and House of Mystery. Nearly all annuals at this time were also Dollar Comics. Unexpected (formerly Tales of the Unexpected) actually combined three of DC’s horror comics of the time. Besides Unexpected itself, House of Secrets and Witching Hour also continued under the Dollar Unexpected title.

This story was in the “House of Secrets” section of the comic book. For this reason, the host of the story was Abel, who had been the host of the House of Secrets title. (It would be a few years before Alan Moore established that Abel, and his brother, Cain, who hosted House of Mystery, were THE Cain and Abel, with Cain condemned to kill Abel again and again and again over the ages.) The title of the story was “The Beautiful and the Damned.” The splash page sets up the story.

Any story that opens with grave-robbing is not going to have a happy ending. It’s just a matter of how unhappy the ending is going to be and for who. We meet Nora and her husband, Miles, who dig up the grave of Anderson, a chemist looking for a formula that would create eternal youth, something Nora is very interested in. So, she talks Miles (who has a bad case of whippedus unbelievablus) into excavating Anderson’s grave, which has the book with the formula in it. That Anderson had the formula buried with him because he didn’t want anyone to learn it emphasizes what a bad idea this is.

And Miles tells his wife what was wrong with the formula.

That warning should’ve been enough for anyone else, but Nora is so vain abut her looks, she pushes Miles into more experimentation.

It’s at this time that we meet Miles’ mother, who is living with him and Nora. She’s a little creepy, but is otherwise the only good character in the story.

Nora pleads with Miles to continue the experiments, telling him how much she loves him. He gives in, but the results are not pretty.

Miles, sickened by what’s happening to his test animals, wants to give up. And, as most readers expected, we finally see Nora for what she really is.

Finally, the formula is tested on a monkey, who doesn’t end up a puddle, so the test is successful on him!

You have to wonder why Miles doesn’t give Nora what she wants and test it on her! If it’s successful, she’ll get off his back. If not, well, too bad. And Nora thinks she has a better idea anyway — test the formula on Miles’ mother!

And Miles’ mother is willing. If it will mean Miles and Nora’s conflict will be done, his mother will take the chance. But Miles is NOT willing. He finally grows a pair and starts to break things off with Nora. But then, he acts suspiciously — to Nora, at least.

Miles gives himself an injection, and it seems to do him a world of good! (Earlier in the story, he mentioned he had a bad heart.) Nora is convinced Miles is holding out on her, has used the formula on himself, and is about to ditch her. So she takes action!

Unfortunately, it was the wrong action! She becomes the latest test subject for the formula — and suffers the same results as the poor animals that had come before her.

Why is her dress melting with her body? Was the formula THAT powerful? Yes. Because one of its ingredients was a VERY powerful force in its day — the Comics Code Authority! I can hear the conversation now.

CCA: The dress needs to melt, too!

ARTIST: What!? But why?

CCA: Without the dress, she’s naked!

ARTIST: But she’s a blob!

CCA: She’s still naked, and the Code forbids naked women in comics, and that’s that!

And so, all that remained was for Nora to deal with her fate —

While Miles walks away —

And Abel gives us a sort of moral.

But, Abel, the whole point is that Nora doesn’t HAVE bones anymore!

Like a lot (and I do mea n a LOT) of DC’s horror comics, they reach where a character has been transformed or punished in some way, and that’s that. But, in this case, I envisioned a possible extension that I liked — though Nora would not.

Nora was still thinking of her new situation when, to her surprise, Miles returned. He had another man with him.

“My God,” said the man. “This is her?”

“It is,” said Miles. “You see her eyes, blinking, going back and forth between us?”

“Yes, I do.” He reached down and touched Nora’s face, which made her flinch. Then, the man touched the blob she had become. To his surprise, it felt like human flesh. He picked up a handful of Nora and let it flow back to its source.

“Does she still eat?” the man asked.

“Oh, yes,” said Miles. “I’ve put together a formula that should be injected into her twice a day, once in the morning, once in the afternoon. The ingredients are quite inexpensive, and I can arrange for you to get a good supply of needles.”

“Sounds good. I’ll get some men in here to take her away.”

After the man left, Miles looked at Nora. “I’ve been examining our test subjects over the months,” said Miles. “The eternal youth part of the formula worked! You’ll be forever young, although you’ll be a young BLOB!

“And I’ve made arrangements for you to get nutrients, water, everything to keep you alive!”

The man re-entered with four other men, each one looking strong and rough. They surrounded Nora and, with some effort, lifted her and placed her in a wheelbarrow.

What are they going to do with me? wondered Nora.

A few weeks later, Nora was in her tent when the man came in with a large piece of cloth. He unfurled it and showed it to Nora.

“It’s all set!” said the man. “This will bet the rubes coming in. You’ll be the most popular attraction in the side-show!”

Nora, as best she could, looked at the banner.

Not for the faint of heart or stomach!


Nora wanted to scream, but gurgling was the best she could do.

This story is copyright 1979 by DC Comics. I in no way claim ownership of it.

The Yappy Little Dog

“Look,there she is!”

“Supergirl!  Yay, Supergirl!”

The Girl of Steel had to smile as she came in for a landing at the Midvale Orphanage.  She remembered her time there just after she arrived on Earth.  She hadn’t wanted to upset her cousin Kal-El, so she never told him.  But Earth was so scary at first.  She was so happy to have found out how loving and caring they were at the orphanage.  It was just what she had needed.  And, now, every chance she got, she was glad to visit her former home.

“It’s so nice to see you all, again!  Jenette, is that a new dress?  Joey, I like your haircut!”

“Thank you for coming, Supergirl” said Mrs. Nelson, the headmistress.  “The children are always so happy to see you!  You’re a — “

“She’s a manstealer!” came a voice from overhead.  Supergirl looked up and saw an odd little woman.  She was instantly reminded of Superman’s interdimensional foe, Mr.  Mxyzptlk.

“Who are you?”” asked Supergirl.

“I’m Gsptlsnz, the real girlfriend of Mxyzptlk, the man you’ve been trying to steal from me!”

“Mxyzptlk?  I haven’t been trying to steal him!  He tried to force me to marry him once, but I didn’t want to!”

“A likely story!  I found your photo in his house!  You’re a rival!  Or you were!  Now, you’re going to be a — a …”

Supergirl was apprehensive as Gsptlsnz looked around the crowd.  Then, the lady imp saw the t-shirt of one woman.

50% sweetheart

49 % bitch

Don’t push it!

“That’s it!” said Gsptlsnz.  The female imp gestured at Supergirl.  Instantly, the Maid of Steel shrank until she was enveloped in her costume.  After a few seconds’ struggle, Supergirl hopped out of her clothes.  But she was no longer quite Supergirl.

When she realized she didn’t have her clothes on anymore, Supergirl tried to cover herself, but her body wasn’t working as it should.  She noticed her blonde hair seemed to have gotten longer, was almost hugging her body.

“I can see her boobies!” a boy in the crowd cried.  She noticed the orphanage workers trying to cover the eyes of the boys, while some of the male workers were having a hard time averting theirs.  But everyone was looking at Supergirl strangely, as if something about her was wrong.

Supergirl decided to say something, to apologize for her immodesty if nothing else.  She opened her mouth and —


Supergirl shut herself up in surprise.  Everyone in the crowd was covering their ears.  They were all wincing to some extent.

“Yap?” said Supergirl uncertainly, more quietly, though the noise she made obviously couldn’t be completely contained.

“That’s it!” siad Gsptlsnz.  “Dog acts are such fun!  And yours is both entertaining and sexy!  See for yourself, Super-Mutt!”

Gsptlsnz made a mirror materialize in front of Supergirl, and now the Maid of Steel could see what the snickering Imp had done to her.  Supergirl’s head, her shoulders, and, yes (to her embarrassment), her breasts were human and on display.  But the rest of her, was a dog!  Her, ulp! hindquarters, complete with tail, her front paws instead of her arms and hands, all of it was a dog’s!  She had been turned into a dog-sphinx!

Supergirl suddenly had to howl in dismay, making everyone, even Gsptlsnz, cover their ears.

“Oh, were you trying to win over everyone’s sympathy with your words?  Fat chance, bitch!  All you can make are the most annoying ‘yaps’ I could conjure up from you!”

Some of the children, and the women, in the  crowd were crying over Supergirl’s plight.  But some of the older boys, and men, seemed to actually be aroused seeing her head and boobs on a dog’s body.  Unable to take the situation in front of the orphanage anymore, Supergirl flew up into the sky and away from the crowd.

What can I do? she wondered.  Cousin Kal was off in space on a mission.  She’d been meant to cover for him while he was away.  But what could she do as she was now?

Suddenly, she heard a cry from below her.  “Gracie!”  Supergirl looked down to see a little girl following a ball into the street, ignoring the car bearing down on her.  The super-dog-girl went flying down at super-speed and, with her teeth, grabbed the nape of the little girl’s dress, pulling her safely out of the way of the car just in time.

“Thank you!” said a dark-haired woman with a very nasal voice, “ — Supergirl?  Krypto?  What happened to you?”

Supergirl gently set the little girl down on the ground.  The girl stared at Supergirl for a second, then smiled and patted her on the head.  To Supergirl’s surprise, she began to lick the girl’s face.  As she did, Supergirl could tell her tongue was canine, too.

“Stop that!” cried a blonde woman nearby.  “We don’t know where she’s been or what she is!”

“It’s Supergirl, Ms. Babcock,” said the nasal woman.  “She’s obviously been changed by red kryptonine, or what’s-is-name, Mixxle-plik or something.”

Supergirl tried to explain that it was his girlfriend, but, again, all that came out was “Yap, yap, yap!”  And, again, everyone around her instantly put their hands over their ears.

“Supergirl, what happened to you?”

”It doesn’t matter,” said a middle-aged man with a British accent.  “What’s important is that she saved our Gracie.  And, here, I think I’ve got something for her.”

He reached into a shopping bag and brought out something wrapped in butcher’s paper.  He unwrapped it and brought out several large, thick, raw steaks.

“But that’s our supper tonight!” said Babcock.

“I’m sure Mr. Sheffield would approve,” said British Man.

Supergirl still had a Kryptonian consitution, so she didn’t really need to eat.  But the steaks smelled so good, especially to her new doggy senses.  She pounced on them and wolfed (Supergirl relfected on how appropriate that expression suddenly was) them down.  Then, she looked at the people she had helped and began to yap! away again before she was reminded by the pained expressions what she sounded like.

“Hey, you, uh, boy!” said Babcock.  Supergirl then noticed there was a boy with them, a boy who was eagerly staring at the Breasts of Steel.

”Supergirl,” said Nasal Woman.  “Thanks, but, maybe you should leave before you completely corrupt Brighton here.”

Supergirl yapped out an apology and then flew away.

“Can you imagiine what it must be like to open your mouth and having something so irritating coming out of it?” said the brunette.  The others looked at Fran, but said nothing.

Supergirl flew aimlessly for a few minutes.  She stopped a bank robbery in Metropolis by again yapping and causing the crooks to drop their weapons so they could cover their ears.  As she left, she noticed a dismayed Jimmy Olsen gaping at her, but still with enough wits to take her picture.  He’d never have the Daily Planet publish it, not with her boobs showing — she hoped.

She was part dog, her voice annoyed everyone, her boobs were flashing for everyone to see — she’d had enough.  She needed comfort, so she flew to the one place where she’d always been able to get it.  She flew just beyond Midvale, to the woods outside of the town.  She found the hatch she’d used so many times to enter her underground tunnel.  It was no harder to open as part dog as it was when she was fully a girl.  In a few seconds, she was in the home of her foster parents Fred and Edna Danvers.

“Linda!” said Edna when she saw the human/dog hybrid that was her foster daughter.  “We heard it on the news.  Oh, my darling, what can we do?”

Supergirl flew up by her mother, who tearfully hugged her foster daughter.  Supergirl looked behind her mother to he foster father, Fred Danvers.  Her heart sank as he averted his gaze from her and left the room.  Could he not love her in this form?  But, then, he came back in the room, still looking away from Supergirl, and held out something in his hand.

“Edna, can you put this on her?” Fred asked his wife.  Supergirl smiled when she saw he had one of Linda’s bikini tops.  She realized how uncomfortable it might be for him to look at his topless daughter.

Edna took the top and began to fit it around Supergirl’s breasts.  She had to make a few adjustments for it to fit tightly enough, but it was soon a good fit.

“Mr. and Mrs. Danvers, what’s going on?” came a voice from someone entering the room.  Supergirl looked up and saw the Linda Lee Danvers robot which was used when Linida had to make an appearance at the same time as Supergirl.

Fogrgetting her current state, Supergirl tried to give commands to the robot.  Instead, the yaps came out.  Fred and Edna instantly covered their ears.

“Mom, Dad,” said the robot, taking on its role as Linda.  “If you want, I should be able to kick this creature to the moon.

”No!” cried Fred.  “This is the real Linda!  She was turned into this by magic!”

Supergirl had seen her parents covering their ears.  She hung her head to know that even her foster parents found her new voice so irritating.

“Linda,” said Edna.  “I’m sorry, but you can’t stay her.  If people saw you like this, it would give away your secret identity.”

Supergirl knew she was right, but her spirits fell again at the thought of having to leave her home.

”Have you seen your real parents, Zor-El and Allura”? askef Fred.  “Maybe they can do something to change you back?”

Supergirl nodded her head.  She left the Danvers’ house and  flew north.  Soon, she was inside the Fortress of Solitude.  

“What is it?” came a voice, like her cousin’s, but with a slight electronic tinge to it.  She turned and saw several of her cousin’s robots looking at her inquiringly.  Again forgetting what her voice was like, Supergirl tried to give the robots orders.

“We need to see if there’s anything we can do for others around the planet!” said one of the robots.

“Yes!” said another.  “Some other place that isn’t here!”  And all the robots flew away.  Even they can’t stand my voice, thought Supergirl.

Supergirl found the monitor that allowed communication between the outside and the Bottle City of Kandor.  All the controls were buttons, so Supergirl could work it with her paws.  She tapped in a specific code, and the faces of her parents, Zor-El and Allura, came on the screen.

“GASP!  Kara!  What’s happened to you?” said Allura when she saw what her daughter had been turned into.

Supergirl remembered not to try to speak this time.  She feared her yap might blow out a circuit on the communicator.

“Stay there,” said Zor-El.  (Supergirl wished it didn’t sound so much like he was telling her “Stay!”)  “We’ll send someone out to get you!”

A few minutes later, a member of the Superman Emergency Squad came from the bottle, enlarged himself, grabbed Supergirl, and then shrank the both of them and used a parachute to re-enter the bottle.  Soon, Supergirl was in a clinic with her parents.

“Kara, this is Dr. Pro-Owb,” said Zor-El, indicating a distinguished looking middle-aged man standing nearby.  “He’s here to examine you.”

“The first thing I’m going to do is put this headband on you, dear,” said the doctor.  “It will allow us to communicate with you telepathically.” 

“Mom!  Dad!” cried Supergirl as soon as the headband was placed on her.  “It was Gsptlsnz!”

“Who?” asked Zor-El.

“”Gsptlsnz!  She’s the girlfriend of Mxyzptlk!  You remember him?”

“Of course I do.”  Zor-El remembered how Mxyztplk had pulled Supergirl’s father out of the Survival Zone when Supergirl thought her parents were dead.  Zor-El managed to get the imp to say his name backwards to stop Mxyzptlk’s  marrying Kara.  He later learned it was a relief to Kara to know that Mxyzptlk could NOT bring back the dead.

“:She’s jealous of me, Dad!” continued Supergirl.  “She thinks I want to steal Mxyzptlk away from her!  So she turned me into — this!”

“Doctor,” said Alllura.  “Is there anything you can do for Kara?”

“Let me think,” said Dr. Pro-Owb.

“You don’t have to do that, Doc!  I know what you should do!”

Everyone turned to see Gsptlsnz was now in the room.  She gestured at Dr. Pro-Owb, who suddenly, a little jerkily, began to intently examine Supergirl.

“What’s going on?” he said.  “I can’t control my movements!”

“Now, like a good veterinarian, you should do a thorough examination of your patient!  Start with taking her temperature1”

Supergirl began to open her mouth, ready to accept the thermometer the way she normally would have.  But Dr. Pro-Owb turned her head away from him, and took her temperature. For once, Supergirl’s canine voice didn’t try to speak, bark, or howl.. Instead, it made a whimper as the thermometer was inserted into her anus.  It stayed there far too long until the doctor removed it and read the temperature, reacting as if all were normal.

“Next, make sure she’s had all of her shots,” said Gsptlsnz.

The doctor removed a half-dozen needles from a drawer and set up each one of them.  Then, Supergirl had to bear taking shots all over her backside.  She wasn’t sure how many diseases there were for Kryptonian dogs, but she was sure she was protected from all of them.

“Finally, she needs to be cuter,” said Gsptlsnz.  “I saw an Earth breed earlier, and I think our dear Supergirl should resemble it.”

Dr. Pro-Owb found himself removing a powered razor and clippers from another drawer.  Quickly, he began to shave Supergirl all over her body.  He kept the fur on top of her head, but put it in tiny, tight curlers.  He left hair just above her paws.  He trimmed all the fur off of her tail, except for a little tuft at the end.  Finally, he removed the curlers from the top of her head and placed a little bow, with the El family crest in the middle (the crest Earth people mistook for an S).  Supergirl could see her parents were aghast at what had happened to their daughter as the doctor moved her so she could see her reflection in a mirror.  She was no longer the Girl of Steel, not even a non-descript dog as she had thought she had been.  For there, in the mirror. was a Super-Poodle with a girl’s head and breasts.  There was no longer any fur to conceal her super-orbs.

“And none of this stuff!” said Gsptlsnz, gesturing away the headband and bikini top.  “I want everyone to see all of you, to see the goods that you tried to take Mxyzptlk away from me with! But, I’ll let you have these so everyone can identify you.”  

Fabric flew in from outside, along with a dog collar.  In seconds, Supergirl wore a cape much like the one worn by Krypto, her cousin’s super-dog.  

“And no communication except for the sounds I gave you to come out of your mouth!”

For  the first time in Kandor, Supergirl tried to give voice to her outrage, her shame, at her new form.

“Kara!  Stop it!” cried Zor-El.  “If you keep up that noise, you may shatter the bottle!”

“That’s right, girlie!” said Gsptlsnz.  “I’d get as far away from here as you can if you don’t want to hurt, maybe kill, all the nice people in this bottle!

“Now, I’m going to do some sight-seeing.  There’s a city on Earth I’ve been hearing a lot about that I want to visit!  It’s called Las Vegas!  I think I’ll have fun there!”  And, with that, the lady imp disappeared.

Supergirl became quiet, hanging her head, tucking her tail between her legs.  With help again from the Superman Emergency Squad, Supergirl left the bottle, regained her dog-girl size, and flew away from the Fortress.

In a daze, Supergirl performed her “chores.”  (She didn’t like how easily that phrase popped up in her head.)  She stopped more bank robbers, saved a town from an avalanche, diverted asteroids that were headed for Earth, and performed tricks for children in a park, concentrating on not letting a sound come from her mouth.

In the crater of an extinct volcano in the South Pacific, she rested.  Again, she didn’t really need rest, but it was a welcome relief from her ordeal.  It took a little effort to fall asleep in her new body, adjusting to the dog legs with her girl breasts.  Thank Rao, I’m not Power Girl, she thought.  The idea of Kara Zor-L moving, especially flying, around with her breasts actually made Supergirl chuckle.  Power Girl was supposed to be Supergirl’s  doppelganger from another Earth.  Why was she so much more developed than Supergirl? the Maid of Steel wondered.

She dreamed of past boyfriends.  There was Dick Malverne, originally Dick Wilson, a fellow orphan at Midvale.  He was nice, but she suspected he really wanted to prove that Linda was Supergirl.  Indeed, she suspected his biggest desire was to date Supergirl, not Linda.

There was Jerro, a mer-boy from Atlantis.  He was awfully nice, and Supergirl had a good time with him when red kryptonite turned her into a mermaid.  Still, he was, well, part fish!

Then, there was Bronco Bill Starr, Supergirl’s rodeo rider boyfriend.  She REALLY liked him, but he was gone so much of the time.  But he did know her, almost like he knew her in another life.  And she smiled to remember the time she used her x-ray vision on him, the only time she had ever done so with a man.  And was she surprised when she did that!   She had heard Earth girls use the expression “hung like a horse.”  Well, Bronco Bill was definitely “hung like a horse!”  She’d had some good dreams about him in the past.  One of the best, she wasn’t sure why, was one where he was trying to break Comet, her super-horse.  Maybe she should try to find Bronco Bill.  But how would he react to her as part dog?

Finally, among her serious boyfriends, there was Brainiac 5, Supergirl’s fellow member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th Century.  He could be cold, almost machine-like at times.  But there was a softer, gentler side to him, one even more special because he would only reveal it to her.  If only he knew magic as well as he did science.  He might be able to change her back to fully human.  And then, she’d be SO gratefui to him!

Supergirl awakened from the dream.  But her state of amorousness, of arousal, from the dreams was still with her.  And then, it hit her.

She was in heat.  All those boyfriends had appeared in her dream because she was in heat!

Her Supergirl brain struggled with her canine loins.  She knew what was needed to cope with this new situation.  But did she want to do it?  Did she want to lose her cherry like THAT?!

She heard a bark behind her.  It shouldn’t have surprised her, she thought.  She knew Krypto had a super-strong sense of smell, and that her current state would lead him right to her.  Sure enough, Krypto landed softly behind her.  Supergirl tried to fight off the urges in her, but her doggy sensibilities were too strong.  Turning her butt toward the dog of steel, she made the body signs to welcome him.  A moment later, he had mounted her.  The sensation gave her such joy, she yipped!

And Krypto dismounted.

Supergirl faced him, and saw that his ears were hoisted in pain, his doghood sheathed, and his tail between his legs.  He flew away, leaving a very frustrated super-bitch.

Supergirl tried to fly her arousal off, but couldn’t do it.  She eventually found herself flying over Las Vegas.  She decided to investigate if Gsptlsnz had made good on her threat to go there.  

It didn’t take long for her to find out.  There at one of the most popular hotel/casinos on the strip, Rainbow’ s End, Supergirl found a strange sight.  Outside the casino, which was named for it’s bright, multi-coored decor, was a makeshift, barbed-wire, fenced in area containing a couple-dozen cattle and swine.  When Supergirl landed, a casino employee spoke up.

“They’re our girls,” said the man.  “Our showgirls!  That awful little woman came here and didn’t like how our girls were ‘on display.’  So she did this to them.  Our beautiful, beautiful showgirls!  Now barnyard animals!”

“Zey are not so beautiful,” came a heavily accented voice.  “Not as beautiful as mon cherie!”

Supergirl saw the man who had spoken was a tall, handsome man with dark hair and a mustache who looked very debonair.  And, hanging onto him, clearly lovestruck, was Gsptlsnz.

“Oh, Anton!” said Gsptlsnz.  “How you do go on!”

“I only speak ze truth!” said Anton.  “You are, by far, zee cutest little  button I ‘ave evair seen!  I am zee envy of every man ‘oo sees me wiz you!”

Gsptlsnz giggled and blushed.  Then she saw Supergirl and laughed!

“Are you enjoying life as a dog?  Be happy you can’t steal Anton away from me as you are!  Then, I would have to turn you into a full dog and take you with me to the Fifth Dimension, where you would become my pet!  I’[d love to see Mxyzptlk’s reaction then!

“Anyway, Anton has been showing me all the games in his casino, letting me win all I want to!  And then, he is going to take me to his room for a, ahem, special private dinner!”

“Ah, but first,” said Anton.  “I ‘ave a new game to show you!  Zis way, please!  You may follow. too, Super-Mutt.”

That remark made Gsptlsnz bark with laughter.  Supergirl followed them to a table with several players around it.  In front of each player was a crossword puzzle, an electronic one, built into the table.

“Oh, crosswords!” cried Gsptlsnz, grinning at the sight.  “I love these!”

“Zis is zee ‘Scrabble!’  Do sit down, mon cherie!” said Anton.  “Zis is like zee bingo!  Burt ‘ere will call out letters.  If you get letters zat match one of yours on zee board, and zey make up zee word, just call zee word out, and you win!”

Gsptlsnz sat down by her crossword.  With great excitement, she and other players began to take tiles to cover letters.  She was told that the bigger the word, the bigger the jackpot if she got all the letters.  To her delight, she was covering all the letters of a vertical, eight-letter word.  She saw other players were getting close, too.  She was filled with excitement.

Finally, her eight-letter word was covered!  

“I did it!” Gsptlsnz cried.  “I won!  The word is ‘Znsltpsg!’”

Suddenly, Gsptlsnz clamped a hand over her mouth!  “No!  That’s my name backwards!”  she cried.  “You tricked me!  I’m doing  back to the Fifth Dime — !”

Gsptlsnz vanished.  As soon as she did, Supergirl felt her body shifting.  Shakily, she stood up, overjoyed to again be able to stand on all twos.  She heard laughter, sobs, and cries of joy not far away and found all of the farm animals had turned back into women.  They were nearly naked, but they were used to that.  Supergirl was naked (except for her tiny cape and dog collar, which stretched with her change), still with her poodle do, but she didn’t mind.  She was herself again!

“You did it!” she cried, looking at Anton.  “You sent her away!  How did you set this up?”

“I’ll explain,” he said.  “But first, let me remove this disguise.”

Supergirl looked at the man curiously, noting his accent, his entire voice, had changed.  He took off his wig, then removed the make-up that covered a VERY familiar set of freckles, and Supergirl grinned to see the face of —

“Jimmy Olsen!”

“When Gsptlsnz appeared in Vegas and started to wreak havoc, the Vegas authorities called me because they knew I had experience with her,” said Jimmy.  “I got out here and we came up with the idea of a Scrabble game.  We hoped Gsptlsnz would be so excited that she wouldn’t notice she was spelling out her name in reverse.”

Suddenly, Jimmy realized he was staring intently at Supergirl’s nude body.  He blushed and looked away.  “I’m sorry I was staring,” he said.  “And I also apologize for calling you ‘Super-Mutt’ earlier.  I  had to play my part so Gsptlsnz wouldn’t be suspicious.  

“Anyway, I was hoping you’d show up when Gsptlsnz went back to her home.  And I brought this.”

As Jimmy continued to look away, he held out Supergirl’s costume to her.  She took it from him, but didn’t put it on right away.

“Jimmy,” said Supergirl, “If any man deserves to see me naked, it’s you.  I was thinking earlier today of some of my boyfriends in the past.  I should’ve included you among them.”

Jimmy’s mouth dropped open as Supergirl let her costume drop to the floor.  He couldn’t help but think how attractive she was as she walked up, embraced him, and began to kiss him.  And then, Jimmy tried hard to push her away.

“Jimmy?” what’s wrong?” she asked.

“Well, it’s, uh — “ Jimmy stammered.

“It’s your breath,” said one of the showgirls nearby.  “When we changed back, several of us hugged and kissed each other.  And we discovered we all had animal breath.”

Supergirl put her hand to her mouth and huffed her breath out.  And she smelled what it was like after she’d been a dog for hours.

“Here, Supergirl,” said another showgirl, holding out a bottle of mouthwash.  Supergirl accepted it and gargled strongly for a minute.  Then, realizing she had no place to spit the mouthwash out, but also knowing it wouldn’t affect her, she just swallowed it.

Then, she gave Jimmy Olsen the most passionate kiss he’d ever experienced, a feeling only enhanced by her nudity.  Jimmy also found her poodle do aroused him even more.  After the kiss, Supergirl stepped back, and, for the second time in her life, gave in to the urge to check out a man with her x-ray vision.  She found that Jimmy, while no Bronco Bill, was still very impressive.

As she put her costume back on, Jimmy said “That private dinner I mentioned earlier is for real, a reward for my getting rid of Gsptlsnz.  For two. In a suite, the honeymoon suite, if I want. Would you like to join me?”

Supergirl grabbed Jimmy’s tie and gently pulled him to her.  She whispered in his ear “I’m still in heat. Let’s go.”

This was a bit of fan fiction written by me. I wrote it without any care for when it took place, or its place in DC continuity. I put some things in there for longtime Supergirl fans to enjoy. Stuff like the Linda Lee robot, the Superman robots, Supergirl’s boyfriends, and other things, were all part of Supergirl’s universe at one time.

Supergirl and the other characters all belong to DC Comics/Time Warner, and I do not claim any ownership of them. The same goes for characters from The Nanny, which belongs to Mill Creek Entertainment.

Also, many of you reading the name Gsptlsnz my picture the babe who first appeared in the animated Superman series back in the 90s. The version I was writing was from the 60s, and she looked like this:

Mostly, I wrote this for fun, if some naughtiness and humiliation for Supergirl, who I do love dearly. Better or worse, I wouldn’t be a comic book collector if not for her.

In Gaylord County

The art for this was done over a decade ago. I had said I wanted a student transforming his teacher, thinking grade school or higher. Instead, I got this galoot changing the teacher. It took me a while, but I rewrote the story in my head to what it is now. I know, the art is not the best, but it was inexpensive. Enjoy.

“I had asked for a true story from your sister about her family life. Instead, I get this nonsense about witchcraft and spells. For the instructions on an assignment to be so completely ignored really gets my goat!”
“Ah may just be a simple hick from the hills, Miz Babcock, but I know a cue when I hear one. ‘Really gets your goat?’ Well, why don’t you BE a goat? An’ my little sister was tellin’ the truth!”
“Ah cain’t make you eat your words, Miz Babcock. But you can eat these ‘lies’ you said mah little sister was tellin! An you kin have yer fine clothes as an entree!”
“Now, watch carefully, kids! You’ve all milked cows before, but I bet none of you’ve ever milked a goat! Ain’t much difference, ‘cept’n a cow don’t often get restless ‘n’ try t’ butt ya.”
“Whut in — ? Oh, Miz Babcock, izzn’t it? Ah’m guessing’ you got on the wrong side o’ one o’ the Cochran clan didn’t ya? Well, ya know better now!”
“Whoo – eee! Gots ta say, most o’ the Cochran’s lessons ain’t as pretty as you, Miz Babcock!”

The story behind a story

I’ve written several stories and commissioned art that’s in my gallery in which the subject of a transformation is  in the psychiatric profession.  I have been in therapy myself a few times, mostly for depression and/or anxiety.  I started seeing one psychologist just after I graduated from high school. I thought she was cute, and she looked a lot like a model I found in some men’s magazines in the 70s.  She had a nice face, but could look stern if she had to do so.  That model is here.

I saw her for about three years, and also a few times years later.  Along the way, I told her about my transformation fantasies.  These included dreams, and those included some dreams about her.  I can remember a couple where I turned her into a dog, one in which she was turned into a baby (and nursed by her receptionist), and one where she was turned into a mouse in a maze.  She found these dreams fascinating.

But there was one dream in particular which has stayed with me all these years.  Sometimes it retreats into the recesses of my mind, but eventually comes back.  I never told my therapist about this one.  It was a dark one and I was worried that, if I told her about this, she’d have me locked up and start calling others in the psychiatric professions to come and examine me and my weird fetish.

In this dream, we were in her office, which was small.  Seriously, I’ve had closets with more space.  (She practiced with her boss, who was a fully licensed psychiatrist.)  We were talking, but, as we did so, I was twitching one of my fingers, while hiding it from her.  (A gesture like this was often something I did to work magic in dreams.)  Nothing happened for a few seconds, when she suddenly gave a huge gasp, and then quickly shrank into her clothes.

I wasn’t sure at first if she had just disappeared or changed.  I went through her clothes, moving aside her mini-skirt until I found her panties.  I examined these and found, in the seat/crotch of her underpants, a big, plump, wriggling worm.  And I became aroused.

Please understand, arousal in my dreams, then and now, is/was not something that happened very frequesntly.  I picked the worm up and found myself thinking of how this squirming thing around my fingers was a woman, my therapist no less.  And, yes, it excited me.  (My apologies if this is too much information for anyone.)

Unfortunately, the rest of the dream was of a kind I’ve had too many of to my disappointment.  I set the worm down on her desk, watching it continue to wriggle while I began gesturing with my finger again to change her back.

She didn’t change back.

As much as I love my transformation dreams, all too often ,someone I have turned into siomething does not change back into themselves.  And I’ve had some dreams where the transformed, if something like a mouse or a bug, gets eaten, stepped on, etc, not the kind of end I like to see because of a transformation.  

Anyway, this is the dream which let to my writing the story “Annelid Analyst” and commissioning the art that went with it.  A little “story behind the story” as it was.  I hope people found it interesting and not too much of an exploration into just how crazy I am,

“Bewitched,” “I Dream of Jeannie,” and transformations

I’ve done my best to add as many images from the mentioned episodes as I could, but there were plenty that I could not add. Also, this entire posting is done from memory, which doesn’t serve me as well as it used to. But I hope everyone enjoys this post just the same.

As a lifelong transformation fan, you’d imagine I was a follower of the sitcoms Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie. And I was, but I was also often greatly disappointed much of the time by both series.

I started watching Bewitched with the very first episode, because I wanted to see transformations. But my preference was to see women transformed. But most of the transformations were of men. In fact, the first transformation in the series was in the third or fourth episode, when a client of Darrin’s got too frisky with Samantha, and she turned him into a poodle. He was taken to a vet and got a poodle do (he made a comment that his chest hair was “ruffled”), and finally, as a human, was punched by Darrin for trying to take liberties with Samantha.

A quick hint for those watching Bewitched for the first time, to let them know how to tell if an episode is worth watching:

Black-and-white: Very good, among other things Darrin and Endora could be civil to each other. (Look for the episode in which Tabitha is born.) It’s close in quality to the 40s movie I Married a Witch, which inspired the series. As this season progressed, Alice Pearce, the original Gladys Kravitz, passed away. She was awarded a posthumous Emmy for her work.

Color with Dick York as Darrin: Most of them are good. Especially look for the two-parter in which Aunt Clara accidentally bring Benjamin Franklin to the present day. During the fourth season, Marion Lorne, who played Aunt Clara, passed away, and SHE was awarded a posthumous Emmy.

Dick Sargent: Pass. Too many off them are remakes of earlier episodes, and the only female TF I can recall was when Mother Goose was accidentally brought to the Stephen’s house and accidentally turned into a real goose. And there’s the one you mentioned where Serena,Samantha’s lookalike cousin, was turned into a mermaid. But Bewitched was a kid’s show by then, and not a very good one.

As for female TFs in the rest of the series, there aren’t many. In the second season episode where Tabitha is born, there is a nurse played by Eve Arden whom Serena (her first appearance) turns into a frog. You don’t see the change into the frog, but you see the change back. 

Later in the season, a female client of Darrin’s is turned unto a cat by Endora. This is an exception to my dislike of woman-to-cat transformations. I found the client, played by an actress named Marion Thompson, to be very hot. Furthermore, when she is changed back, she is sitting on Darrin’s lap, her head against his chest, her hands held like paws, and there’s a shaking of the head afterwards.

I have been tempted sometimes to commission a comics page or two where this woman returns to her hotel room and exhibits feline behavior, starting with stripping off her clothes, ordering milk from room service which she then pours into a bowl and laps up, and finally curling up naked on top of the bed.

In the third season episode “The Crone of Cawdor,” there’s another client who finds herself body-swapped with an old woman.

In the fifth season, there’s one of the greatest disappointments for me in the series. In a two-part episode, “Cousin Serena Strikes Again,” Serena turns an Italian woman into a chimpanzee. They went so far as to dye the poor chimp blonde. The client was played by Nancy Kovack who was something of a TV sexpot in the Sixties.

If you know her from anything, it would be a “Star Trek” episode called “The Apple,” in which she played a chieftain’s wife who gets fatally phased.

What, you ask, is my problem with these episodes? They don’t show the transformations! The character was making a very obvious play for Darrin, and Serena freezes her and said “No one is making a monkey out of my cousin! In fact, my cousin’s cousin is going to make a monkey out of you!” There’s a scene between Darrin and his boss, then we see Samantha coming out to see Serena, and we see the chimpanzee stretched across the top of the roof of the house, already changed. Then, in the second episode, when the chimpanzee has ended up with an organ grinder, Samantha takes her into a ladie’s restroom. We then see Serena come out of the restroom, followed by the Italian woman, restored to humanity.

A later episode that season had Tabitha turning a little girl into a butterfly. And another had Endora turning her husband’s secretary into an old woman.

There were several episodes in which animals were turned into women. In the first season, Darrin is trying to find an Asian model for some advertisements. Samantha finds a siamese cat and turns it into a sexy Asian woman. For me, the payoff comes at the end when the woman is on all fours drinking from a saucer of milk that was set out for her cat self. Gladys Kravitz sees this and yells to her husband. But, of course, Samantha remembers to turn the woman back into a cat before Abner sees it.

In the second season, a horse wanders into the Stephens back yard and Samantha makes it a woman to find out where it came from. When it becomes human, we see her whinnying for a moment.

In the third season, there’s a frog turned into a man who’s trying to ge Samantha to change him back. We learn he’s been carrying around his frog girlfriend in his pocket and Samantha turns her into a woman. And in that season’s Halloween show, a warlock’s date is a cat who can become a woman, but changes back into a cat at midnight.

In Dick Sargent’s first season, there’s an episode where Tabitha gets a pet rabbit, which is accidentally turned into a woman (Carol Wayne, for year’s Johnny Carson’s Tea Time Lady) — in a Playboy Bunny outfit, of course.

And, in the last season, Julie Newmar (the first and best Catwoman on the 60s Batman) is a familiar who can change back and forth from a cat.

Oh, and there’s an episode in the fourth season where Endora looses her powers while Aunt Clara’s get a boost, and Clara turns Endora into a goose. And a fifth season episode where Serena turns Darrin’s mother into a cat.

I Dream of Jeannie wasn’t much better, though it ran only five seasons. Like Bewitched, the problem was that the main character was a man, astronaut Tony Nelson, who many men today think must’ve been the stupidest or the gayest man on television in the 60s.

There are a few females turned into things in the show. In a first season episode, “Jeannie and the Kidnap Caper,” Tony is kidnapped by Red Chinese agents planning to take him back to China with them. One of them is a beautiful woman who calls herself Princess. Near the end of the show, Jeannie turns her into a cockatoo and one of her male partners into a sheep.

In the second season, Roger sets himself and Tony up for a date with two beauty queens. Jeannie turns them both into dogs, but we don’t actually see the change!

In a later episode in that season, Tony has a date with a high school girlfriend. Jeannie turns her into a chimpanzee. It’s a point-and-poof change, but it’s a good one. The woman starts to sip champagne, then changes and is slurping it from the glass. They don’t show her changing back.

Jeannie turned herself into some things. In one episode, she made herself a bear operated by Janos Prohaska, who specialized in creature costumes. And there was, I thought, a missed chance for a transformation in an episode where Jeannie’s sister wants to replace a nightclub singer, who tells the sister that she, the singer, is going to sing. Jeannie’s sister just puts her to sleep. She could’ve let her sing by turning her into a caged canary.

And in the last season, when Jeannie is engaged to Tony, she gives Dr. Bellows’ wife a facial cream which makes Mrs. Bellows younger.

I’m sure there are other transformations that my followers will remember that I don’t. And, as I said, I’ve always been more interested in female than male transformations. And there just weren’t that many in these series.

But then, Bewitched went off the air in 1972. And there would be a with of 24 years before we got the Sabrina the Teenage Witch TV movie and series.

But that’s a future posting.

Some questions for those who love TF art, part 1

This was a DeviantArt journal post by a young woman who calls herself Jokerfan79. At the end of the questions is a link to her DArt site.

Now then. Im doing this journal entry mostly for fun.

And before I start writing the questions —

just a quick thing to say.. If your not a tf art or tf story fan 
either ignore this journal entry or feel free to say something else as long as it’s not negative

(ps you don’t have to be a watcher of mine either if you want to participate in this)

(Question 1)

Whats your favourite animal or creature transformation to see or read about?
Dogs?/cats?/farm animals? /fish? Rodents?/ reptiles?/ werewolfs or other monsters?/

(Question 2)

What part of the animal or monster do you like seeing 
emerge first?

(Question 3)

Do you enjoy photo manipulations?.

(question 4)

Do you do tf art yourself?.

Those are Jokerfan79’s questions. I ask that you don’t answer the questions here on my blog, but, instead, go to Jokerfan79’s DeviantArt site here:

Toying with the therapist

I posted a GREATLY condensed version of this story last November, based on a photo shoot I commissioned decades ago. It is another therapist transformation story, but, this time, with a LOT more photos to it, and many of the photos dealing with my case of what I call BennyHill-itis.

I think I should explain here why I like to transform psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychotherapists so much. I think it goes back to this: This is from the June 1967 issue of Playboy. At that time, Playboy had an ongoing series, “Sex in the Cinema.” Several times a year, they’d have a pictorial about the times when movies had more risqué themed and scenes in them. (Sex in the Cinema still shows up, usually in the last and first Playboys of the year to cover the hotter movies and stars of the year.) The photo that the link above links to was very arousing to me, and especially imprinted the idea of a woman with her legs crossed and naked, as if her clothes had vanished. I have ever since found a legs-crossed nude sexy, and you’ll see a lot of that in this photo story.

For several years, starting in 1971, I saw a psychologist for reasons of depression and tension that led to severe stomach pain. (A quick classification here that I learned from an issue of Psychology Today that I read in the waiting room for my psychologist. A psychiatrist is a licensed medical doctor who can prescribe medication for a patient and prescribe treatment. A psychologist is licensed and can suggest and analyze, but they cannot prescribe mediation. A psychotherapist does not need a license and can suggest therapies.) And, yes, I told her about my fetish, which she found fascinating. I had the occasional dreams that I told her about, including one where she turned into a black poodle and another where I made her breasts grow in size.

The woman in these photos looks something like my psychologist. She had long hair, parted in the middle. Her breasts (no, I never saw them uncovered) weren’t large, weren’t flat, they were somewhere in-between .

I have decided to make the woman in my story a psychotherapist to allow me a little leeway to make her less than professional. I have another photo story in my blog about a teacher where, as it was originally written, someone said she didn’t deserve what was done to her. This one, I hope. is one where the subject gets her proper just desserts.

I hope Everyone enjoys this one. Be warned, LOTS of nudity in this one.

June Mettler tried hard to keep a serious face whenever “Lady Circe” had a session. She knew that, here before her was a true LOON! Her “Ladyship” sometimes treated their sessions like a confessional. But WHAT confessions! She had turned a lady cop into a horse! A lawyer into a goat that ate all of his legal files! And a leg model was now a hybrid of human and slug! At least, that’s what Lady Circe said.

Lately, June had tried to get Lady Circe to demonstrate her magic. To no surprise, Lady Circe said she couldn’t do any magic right now. For her transgressions in such casual, magical punishments, the other magical lords and ladies had stripped her of any magic for a month. Today, Lady Circe had promised she would have her magic powers again and would give June a demonstration. June couldn’t wait to see how Lady Circe got out of that promise.

The session began and Lady Circe promised to start with something mild. When June asked her to do magic, Lady Circe said she already had. June was confused, and she knew something was not right. But she couldn’t put her finger on what it was There was something strange about her feet. as if she was no longer wearing shoes. But that was silly.

Lady Circe began to smile, almost a smirk, at June.

“You’re looking extra lovely today,” said Lady Circe.

“Thank you,” said June, brushing off the compliment. She knew Lady Circe to be bisexual, had even claimed to have changed the genders of her partners with her “magic.” Lady Circe, thought June, was out there!

The feeling that something wrong increased inside June. She noticed Lady Circe was staring at June’s legs. June glanced down at herself to make sure nothing was exposed. In her mind, everything was fine, her blouse, skirt, shoes were all in place. But, again , something felt wrong.

She had a sudden urge to hold her clipboard to her chest. Something was wrong, nothing was wrong, something was wrong, nothing was wrong. Which was right?

“Breathtaking,” said Lady Circe. “So good to have my magic back.”

“What do you mean? Why are you staring at me like that?” asked June.

“You aren’t taking any notes,” said Lady Circe.

June grabbed her clipboard and pen and began writing note. But she began to write “What has this crazy lady done to me? Something is VERY wrong!”

“Is something the matter?” asked Lady Circe.

“It’s so strange. My head’s been in a fog for several minutes now. I know something’s not right, but I don’t know what it is!”

“I can fix it,” said Lady Circe. “It’s time you see what my magic has done.”

June awakened, as if from a dream. One of those dreams where she was in her office stark naked! And, looking down at herself, she realized she really WAS stark naked! She tried to cover herself with her arms. She looked at Lady Circe and screamed.

“I don’t know how you did this, but I’m gonna have you locked away for a long time! You won’t get away with humiliating me like this!”

“And what will you tell people?” asked Lady Circe.

“I’m gonna tell them QUACK!”

June looked at Lady Circe in surprise. June had put her hand to her mouth, trying not to let escape again what had just escaped from it.

“What was that?” said Lady Circe, a mean smile on her face.

“I mean QUACK!”

Suddenly, June slid out of her chair and onto the floor. But she didn’t sit or stand on the floor. Instead, she crouched on her legs, put her hands over her breasts and began flapping her elbows. Like wings! She began to waddle around her office, looking intently at the floor. Lady Circe reached into her purse, pulled out a bag of bread crumbs, and tossed them on the floor in front of June, wo eagerly bent over, grabbed them in her mouths, chewed and swallowed them.

Her “duckness” suddenly left her, and June sat on the floor and glared at Lady Circe. June stood, put her hands on her hips, and assumed a very indignant attitude toward Lady Circe.

“You will not do this to me!” she said. “I have a thriving practice, very wealthy clients, and I’m even going to start a podcast! And, if you keep this up, I will be the biggest bitch you’ve ever seen!”

“A bitch, eh?” said Lady Circe. “Very well.”

June didn’t want to stand anymore, at least not on two legs.

Lady Circe gasped when she saw the side view June presented before her. June’s hair and arms mostly covered her breast, but that only made the sight more erotic to Lady Circe. And the bum! So firm and comely! Lady Circe saw that June was looking down at herself, taking in what she was becoming, but not quite there yet.

Then, June’s mind went canine. She got on all fours and let her tongue hang out, trying to cool herself. Her brain had dulled some, and her only thoughts were to please her mistress. Lady Circe considered lowering her pants to June COULD please her. But, maybe later.

“You’re a good girl,” said Lady Circe. “Can you follow commands? Can you beg?”

June got to her knees, let her hands hang limp from her arms, and let her tongue hang out.

“Good girl!” cried Lady Circe. She reached into her purse and pulled out a treat. She tossed it to June, who caught it in her mouth, crunched it into bits, and then gulped them down. “Is that what you wanted? Or would you like something else? To be a woman again?”

June cried “Yip!” and got on all fours again, shaking her booty. No, realized Lady Circe. June was wagging her tail.

Suddenly, June was herself again. She stayed on all fours, trembling with the memory of her ordeal.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I won’t tell anyone about you. Just, please, stop.”

“If that is what you wish,” said Lady Circe.

“What I wish is for you to just leave me alone. Just leave me as I originally was.”

Lady Circe smiled her nasty smile again, nodded, and gestured at June. Suddenly, June felt something happening to her mind. Thoughts, memories, words, the simplest ideas were slipping from her. Innocence filled her brain, though a small part of her was still aware what was happening to her. She felt unsure of things and, for security, she took on a pose that enabled her to calm herself and just observe the world around her.

Lady Circe left June’s office, walked up to the receptionist, and handed her a bottle Lady Circe had just taken from her purse.

“Has your boss had lunch yet?” Lady Circe asked the receptionist. The girl shook her head. Circe indicated the bottle and said “June will want that soon.”

Lady Circe left the room, and the receptionist got up and walked to June’s office. June looked at the receptionist with pleading eyes.

Transformations in comic books

Ever since the medium began in the 1930s, comic books have had transformation stories. Maybe not at first. The earliest comic books, Funnies on Parade and Famous Funnies, reprinted comic strips from newspapers. Then, in 1935, New Fun, New Adventure, and Detective Comics would appear and they may well have had stories involving transformations. (Detective Comics‘ initials would later give its publisher the name DC Comics.) And, in 1938, the first issue of Action Comics would give the world Superman and the first appearance of the magician Zatara, whose genuine magic powers he would pass on decades later to his better-known daughter, Zatanna, who has been responsible for some transformations in her time.

As the medium continued, more transformations came along. There were the characters for whom transformation into their super-powered alter-egos were a big part of their series, such as Billy Batson into the original Captain Marvel (now Shazam!) or Dr. Robert Bruce Banner into The Hulk.

But there were also stories, stand-alone one-shots,which involved transformations. Most of these were in the horror anthologies of the time, House of Mystery, House of Secrets, The Witching Hour, Tales of the Unexpected/The Unexpected could be found at DC alone. Especially in the 1970s, after DC had abandoned their science-fiction anthologies and using such titles for super-folk. (House of Mystery devoted several issues to a great transforming hero, Robby “Sockamagee!” Reed in “Dial H for Hero”)

I followed a lot of the anthologies, looking for decent transformation stories, though many of them were not to my liking. I’m fussy about my transformation stories, and, one problem with many TFs in the comics is that the transformed doesn’t survive the change. I remember one story in which a wicked sailor is turned into a king crab, his tattoo prominent on the crab’s claw. I believe the crab was smashed and its shell cracked. Another story had a lady herpetologist testing an anti-venom cure on herself, which turned her into a snake. She was then tossed into a pit of test snakes, and bitten by several venomous species. There was a teacher telling his students that there was no such thing as magic while one student’s witchy relative turned the teacher into a frog. The boy, at the end of the story, talked about learning how to dissect a frog. I don’t like such stories because I consider death the easy way out of transformations. I prefer the transformed to live and deal with his or her change.

What follows are overviews of two comic-book transformation stories that I do like.

The first is from House of Mystery No. 264, cover dated June 0f 1973. This was the cover:

This cover was by Berni Wrighton, more about whom will come along in this posting.

The story I’m referring to is “The Shaggy Dog” (how’d DC keep Disney from learning about THAT title?), a six-pager by Steve Skeates with art by Nestor Redondo. The story is about Myra, a neat-freak housewife who does her best to keep her home spotless, and she considers her husband’s dog, Morgan, to be the biggest problem to her efforts. So she starts the story with a solution to the problem.

She covers up her deeds, and goes back to having a spotless home. But then, she experiences — problems.

And more problems.

She started to lose it, diving at the hairs, and trying to pull them up while sitting in manner kind of reminiscent of — something.

Her house wasn’t CLEAN anymore!

But then, SHE wasn’t spotless either — though you could say that she was now SPOT!

At this time, Cain was billed as the caretaker for the House of Mystery. It would be not quite two decades before Alan Moore established that Cain was THE Cain and his brother, Abel, caretaker of the House of Secrets, was THE Abel, and the former was cursed to kill the latter over and over again for eternity. The brothers there became regulars in Sandman and The Dreaming.

The other story is from House of Mystery No. 186, cover dated 1970. I had to settle on a fair/good copy of this, because a near-mint copy can run about $1500. Part of the reason for this is the cover.

This cover is by Neal Adams, who, about this time, was establishing himself as THE Batman artist, He would later illustrate the classic DC Collector’s Edition Superman vs. Muhammed Ali. Adams also drew the story accompanying this cover, about a statue of Pan coming to life.

But what I’m interested in is the other story in this comic, illustrated by Berni Wrightson. It would be another year before Wrightson, with Len Wein, did the story that would introduce to DC Comics the concept of Swamp Thing. But Wrightson had done some stories for DC, including this story.

It starts with Caretaker Cain going out to investigate a cat.

As I’ve said before in this blog, I’m not normally a fan of woman-to-cat transformations. They’re such a cliche. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate those cat/woman stories that rise above the rest. This is one of them, as we learn its its splash pages, which give us a jaw-dropping cat-to-woman transformation.

We learn the cat is actually an Egyptian priestess, Isha, charged with caring for a temple to a cat god. But the story’s villain falls in lust with the priestess and isn’t going to let a little thing like potential blasphemy get in the way of his desire.

After coming back and slaying the guards, the badd guy applies a powerful potion to there priestess’ face, which leads —

— to maybe the BEST woman-to-cat step-by-step transformation I’ve ever seen!

Although, one has to wonder why a woman should be so alarmed about being turned into a cat when she serves a cat-god.

The woman and the sorcerer spend millennia together, never aging,while the sorcerer does everything he can to torment his “love,” including disposing of a potential cat-rival.

But, finally, the priestess manages to put together an antidote that returns her to her man state — and another that transforms the sorcerer in a way that enables her former cat-friends to avenge her and her dead lover.

I don’t mind stories where a transformed person is killed if the death is the serving of justice.

There are other comic-book stories involving transformation that I like. And I do plan to share in the future.

Two Tales of Gulls

These two stories came about when a fellow patron of deviant told me of a fantasy he used to have about one of his teachers. I decided to share the results here on the blog. I may have illustrations done for one or both of these. The person I wrote these for is Senorincognito69 and his deviant art page is here:

It had been a long, languid afternoon.  Several of Sra. Carmen’s students had fallen asleep in earlier classes.  What’s worse, Sra. Carmen herself had almost fallen asleep once.  As her next-to-last class ended ,she looked out the window toward the sea, at the seagulls lazily hovering in the sky.

That gave her an idea.  Between classes, she ran to the principal’s office and asked if she could take the day’s final class outside.  To her delight, the principal gave her permission.  Sra.  Carmen thanked her and left.  She suspected the principal understood Carmen’s feelings.

“Everyone grab pencils and your sketch pads!” Sra. Carmen called out after all the students had gathered in the classroom.  “We’re going to have class at the beach today!”

The laughter of the students as they left the school told Sra. Carmen she’d had the right idea.  She told the students to draw something that they saw at the beach.  And, as she figured, the beach was dotted with seagulls, gliding, frolicking, scavenging all over the sand.  The students hung back and sat down in the sand to begin sketching.  Sra. Carmen continued to stand, the better to keep an eye on her charges.

“Sra. Carmen?” said a voice behind her.  She turned and saw Jorge, a small boy in the class.  He was holding a branch he had found on the beach.  “Can I draw this?”

“Whatever you want to draw,” she said.

“I like this branch,” said Jorge.  “It’s like the one in <i>Little</i>.  It was a movie last year about a little girl who waved a branch like this at a woman and said ‘I wish you were little!’  And the woman turned into a little girl!

“Sra. Carmen?”

“I’m sorry, Jorge.  I’ve been watching the seagulls.  They seem so happy, and free.  I envy them.  I think I’d like to be a seagull.”

Jorge laughed and, waving the branch at Sra. Carmen in a circular motion, just like the girl in <i>Little</i> had done, he said ”Abracadabra!  You’re a seagull!“

Sra. Carmen’s eyes suddenly went wide.  She began to shrink in size.  She became so small that her clothing engulfed her, hiding the rest of her changes.  But she was moving inside her now huge clothing.   Suddenly, she popped out of the neck of her blouse, but she was no longer Sra. Carmen.  Instead, just as Jorge commanded her to be, Sra. Carmen had turned into a seagull!  Her avian head jerked around, obviously confused by what had just happened to her.

Jorge gasped and cried “Sra. Carmen!  No!  I didn’t want to really do that!  Just a moment, I’ll change you back!”  Jorge pointed the branch at the seagull and began to wave it at the bird.  But, before he could speak the words, the seagull took off into the sky and began to fly away.  Jorge knew he could not change the seagull back into Sra. Carmen, or she would fall from the sky.  He grabbed her clothes to carry with him so she could put them back on when she was a woman again, when he caught up with her.

If he could catch up with her.

All of the students had been looking at what they were drawing so they hadn’t seen the change.  They paid no attention to Jorge as he ran past them with Sra. Carmen’s clothing.  The seagull flew over the crest of a sand dune and Jorge followed, hopeful.  It looked as if the seagull was going to land.  Jorge ran over the top of the dune, looked down —

— and his heart sank.

There on the ground, he guessed, was the seagull —along with dozens of others.  He had no way of knowing which one was Sra. Carmen.

Jorge thought he was going to cry.  He liked Sra. Carmen.  All of her students liked Sra. Carmen.  She was nice, she was very pretty.  But now, she was just another bird.  And it was his fault.  

He walked up to the nearest seagull, dejectedly waved the branch at it and said “Abracadabra!  You’re Sra. Carmen!”  

Slowly, the bird began to grow.  Its body absorbed the feathers, the feet lost their webbing, the beak turned into a human mouth and nose.  Jorge was so happy, he had found Sra. Carmen right away.  She was naked, but he had found her.

But then, he noticed her head was moving oddly, jerkily, like a bird’s head.  It looked down at the ground, where a sand beetle was crawling.  “Sra. Carmen” bent over, opened her mouth,  snatched up the beetle and eagerly chewed it up.

It wasn’t Sra. Carmen.  It was a seagull Jorge had turned into a double of Sra Carmen.  Disappointed, Jorge waved the branch and turned the double back into a seagull.

Jorge thought for a moment.  He waved the branch at another seagull and said “Abracadabra!  If you’re Sra. Carmen, change back into her!”

Nothing happened.

Jorge repeated the process and the words, several times.  Each time, nothing happened.

And then, the flock took off, circled around, and landed further up the beach.  Jorge followed them up the beach.  He began to cry.  Sra. Carmen was lost to him, to everyone.  People would talk, wondering what happened to the pretty teacher who had disappeared.  And, though Jorge wanted to tell people what had happened, no one would believe him.  And Sra. Carmen would have flown away by then, on another beach, taking food from people, swooping down to get small fish. maybe finding a mate, maybe laying and hatching eggs, maybe becoming a mother to flocks of chicks.  Would she remember who she had been, what she had been?

Jorge was ready to throw the branch out into the ocean, to let the waves wash it away.  But he had to try a few more times.  He walked up and down the beach, studying each seagull.  They all looked the same.  He wandered to a landfill where several birds were snacking on food they found in it.

They were all the same.  The same feathers, the same beaks, the same eyes —

Wait!  The same eyes?  No!  He  noticed a seagull that was in the process of finishing up a banana peel, chewing it, swallowing it.  But its eyes weren’t like the other seagulls.  Their eyes were dark brown, almost black.  But <i>this</i> seagull’s eyes were BLUE!  Just like Sra. Carmen’s!

Jorge took a moment to pray, and then he waved the branch at the seagull in a circular motion and said “If you’re Sra. Carmen, change back into her!”

The seagull, which had just begun to snack on a piece of maggot-infested meat, froze.  It’s feet and legs changed, into human legs and feet, pretty human legs and feet — but small, the right size  for if a seagull had human legs and feet — which this one did.  The beak began to shrink, turning into a human  mouth and nose.  The eyes grew and became more human.  Jorge held his breath momentarily as the feathers on the body receded and a pair of women’s breasts appeared on its front of the body.  Slowly, but ecstatically to Jorge. the body went from seagull to a very HOT woman’s body.  Her hair grew back, shoulder-length and full of body.  Finally, the last touch, Jorge could see tailfeathers over Sra. Carmen’s bottom, shrinking into her tailbone.  A moment later, Jorge couldn’t take his eyes off the site of his pretty — no, BEAUTIFUL — teacher, Sra. Carmen, standing in front of him, completely naked.  She was still chewing on the meat and maggots and she then swallowed all of it.  She smiled for a second, then her expression abruptly changed.  Jorge guessed that Sra. Carmen’s brain had just changed back to human.

Jorge didn’t care about any of that.  He was just happy that his teacher was a woman again.  Her ran up and hugged her body, not caring that she was bare.  Then, pushing himself away to look at her, he realized what he was looking at, turned away from it, and held out Sra. Carmen’s clothes to her.

“I’m sorry, Sra. Carmen,” he said.  “I didn’t mean to stare at you.”

“It’s okay, Jorge,” said Sra. Carmen, taking her clothes and starting to put them on.  “I’d be a little worried about myself if you didn’t want to stare at me.”

Sra. Carmen quickly dressed and then faced Jorge.  “I want you to stay after school,” she told him.  

“But, I’ll destroy the branch”  he said.  “I’ll burn it.”

“No, keep it.  Bring it with us.  But I want to talk to you later.  All right?”

Jorge nodded,and, after school ended for the day, Jorge stayed in the room with Sra. Carmen.  

“I’ll be just a moment,” said Sra. Carmen.  “Then, you’re coming to my house with me.”

This surprised and puzzled Jorge.  He knew where Sra. Carmen’s house was, it was close to his.  In fact, his bedroom window looked out over Sra. Carmen’s back yard, which was fenced in and no one else could see into it.  Sra. Carmen made a quick phone call to Jorge’s mother, letting her know that Jorge would be doing some work for the profesora.  Then, he got in her car and Sra. Carmen drove them both to her home.

“Jorge,” she said when they got inside.  “I remember everything, though some of it is a little fuzzy.  But I remember that you used that branch turned me into a seagull.  And, when you changed me back, I was naked!”

Jorge hung his head.  He was clearly, genuinely ashamed.  “Yes, I did, and I’m so sorry.  I was afraid that you were going to fly away and I wouldn’t be able to change you back into yourself.”

“Jorge, it’s all right.  I kind of enjoyed it.  I even remember eating the meat with the maggots in it.  That was tasty!  I wouldn’t have chosen to do it, but there were parts of me that wanted to do it.  I would’ve liked it more if I knew I could change back and forth whenever I wanted to do so.”

On impulse, Jorge waved the branch at Sra. Carmen again and said “Abracadabra!  You can turn into a seagull and back into yourself whenever you want to!”

“What?  How do I do it, just say ‘I want to be a seagull?’”

As soon as she said it, Sra. Carmen shrank into her clothing again.  A moment later, the seagull hopped out of the clothing.  She waddled into her bedroom, where one side of the walls was mirrored doors that opened into a big closet.  The seagull looked at herself carefully.  Jorge realized it was the first time Sra. Carmen had seen what she looked like as a bird.  While she studied herself, she gave three seagull cries and, when she stopped, she suddenly grew in size and turned back into Sra. Carmen.  A completely naked Sra. Carmen!  Jorge couldn’t believe he was seeing his teacher bare again.  And he didn’t think to turn his head away right away.

“I look that good to you?” said Sra. Carmen.

“Yes. But I especially liked how, for just a moment, you naked but with tailfeathers growing out over your butt.”

Sra. Carmen thought a moment and then said “I want to have seagull tailfeathers over my bottom.”

Both her mouth and Jorge’s fell open as tailfeathers, in a size to match her human form, grew out of the base of her spine, right over her buttocks.  It was strange, bizarre, and, Jorge thought, VERY sexy sight on Sra.  Carmen.  She turned back and forth to see her  new plumage in the mirror.  She laughed when she was able to spread the tailfeathers out wide behind her.  

Then she noticed Jorge staring at her.  And she noticed he was VERY pleased with how she looked.

She scrunched on her knees and pulled Jorge to her, hugging him and pressing his face between her breasts

“Now, you know not to tell anyone about turning me into a seagull, and, especially, about my being naked in front of you,” said Sra. Carmen.  “ If you tell anyone that, we’ll both be in BIG trouble.”

“I know.  I don’t think anyone would believe what happened anyway,” said Jorge. 

“But I thank you for giving me this gift, Jorge.  And, in a few years, if you still want to, come see me.”

Jorge went on home, trying hard not to think of everything that had happened, especially seeing Sra. Carmen naked, and the invitation she had made for him to accept “in a few years.”

That night, after going to bed and turning off the light in his room, Jorge heard something outside.  He looked out the window and there, in her yard, was Sra. Carmen, once again naked.  She looked toward Jorge’s window, saw him, and smiled.

Then, she extended her arms as feathers grew on them, turning them into wings.  Feathers began to cover her waist and hips, but not her breasts, legs, or face.  Jorge knew his profesora was giving him a show deiiberately.  Then, she trotted ver the yard and pushed up.  Her legs, chest, head, and mouth all changed until she was completely a seagull, soaring into the night sky.

Jorge had some VERY nice dreams that night.


The second bell had just rung to signal the beginning of class. Sra. Velez looked over the classroom at her students, thinking of how they would be graduating and going out into the world in just a few weeks. Then Sra. Velez suddenly took her arm and swept everything off of the top of her desk.  The action surprised all of the students.  And, by the look on her face, it surprised Sra. Velez, too.

“I’m sorry,” she said to the class.  “I don’t know why I did that.

“Or <i>this!</i>”

Sra. Velez got on top of the desk and started to dance.  And, as she danced, she began to unbutton her blouse.  She looked down at herself as her fingers began to undo the buttons, one by one.  She looked at her class.  Every student was even more shocked than she was at what she was doing.

Sra. Velez didn’t consider herself that attractive.  She didn’t think she was ugly, either.  Plain, as pretty as she needed to be as a schoolteacher, which wasn’t very pretty in her mind.  But then, what about in the minds of the students?  Just seeing their teacher stripping might be enough to get some of them aroused.

She took off the blouse and tossed it at Jorge in the class.  He didn’t really try to catch it, but just let it hang over part of his head.  He wasn’t sure what was going on.  He was focused on the beige bra that Sra. Velez had uncovered by removing her blouse.

She took off the belt that held her skirt, and then she began to unzip the back of the skirt.  As she did so, she began swaying her hips, her butt in a way she thought must look provocative.  She didn’t want it to look that way, but couldn’t help herself.  Nor could she keep herself from humming “The Stripper.”

Then, Sra. Velez took off her bra and began to pull her panties down her legs.  After they passed her hips, she let them slowly slide down her thighs, until they got to her knees.  Then, she let them just drop to her feet.  She stepped out of them, picked them up, and dropped them to the floor.  She stood on top of her desk, on display to all of the class, wearing nothing but her shoes.  She did a revolution, again against her will, letting her class take in her entire body.

“Sra. Velez, what are you doing?” came a voice from the door,  It was Senora Hernandez, the school principal.

“I don’t know,” said Sra. Velez.  “I mean, I know, but I can’t stop it!  It’s like I have no control of my body from the neck down.  I can’t SQUAWK!”

Everyone in the classroom could tell that Sra. Velez didn’t mean to make the noise that just came from her mouth.  It didn’t even sound human.

“Sra. Velez,” said Rosa, a girl in the front row of her class.  “What’s that on your bum?”

The question confused Sra. Velez at first.  She brushed her hand just over her bottom, and felt something very strange.  It was definitely a part of her, as trying to move it created pain.  Then, she let her hand run over it.  Feathers?  Tail-feathers?  She tried again to pull them off, but that just resulted in pain and another loud SQUAWK! from her mouth.

Something strange was happening to her feet.  Her shoes no longer fit, and she stepped out of them.  When she looked down at her feet, she saw they had become webbed feet, like some sort of waterfowl’s feet.  

Then, she noticed her field of vision was dropping.  She had to stretch out her arms, and saw that they were growing feathers, the same color as her — she could barely bother to think it — tail-feathers.

Several students had taken heir phones out and were taking videos of what was happening to Sra.  Velez.  Even Senora Hernandez was recording it.  Sra. Velez saw this and tried to ask “Why?” but all that came out was a cry — like a bird?

“Senora Hernandez, why is this happening?” asked a boy in the class.

“I don’t know,” said Senora Hernandez.

Sra. Velez felt an odd sensation, a tingle-itch on her legs and midsection.  She bent over to look at herself, but she already knew what she’d see — feathers were growing all over her body.  Only her head and, she winced at the thought, her breasts were still human.

Then, her teeth began to push themselves out of her mouth.  They were merging together, turning orange, becoming pointed — becoming a beak, she knew.  At the front, the upper beak hooked over the lower beak.  Then, she felt the tingle-itch on her chest as it flattened.  In panic, she began to flap her, her <i>wings</i> and flew around the room.

“Close the door!” cried Jorge, but it was too late.  Sra. Velez, the seagull, was out of the room.  She flew down the hallway, just missing collisions with students and teachers.  One of them, not knowing this bird was part of the faculty, opened the entrance to the school, and Sra. Velez flew outside the building.

Sra. Velez’s class, along with Senora Hernandez, chased after the seagull as best they could.  It knocked over a trashcan and began to eat some of the contents, including an orange peel she seemed to find particularly delicious.  Pedro, one of the students, took off his shirt and tried to catch her.  At the last minute, she saw what he was trying to do, screeched, and flew off into the air.

The beach was nearby, and she flew some distance down it, and over the top of a sand dune.  The class, and others who had joined it, wondering what was going on, got to the top of the dune and stopped.

There, below them on the beach, was a colony of dozens of seagulls and no way to tell which one was Sra. Velez.  Many of the girls, and some of the boys, began to cry.  Some of the class tried going quietly up to the flock.  But the seagulls suddenly flew up and away into the sky.  There was no way to catch up to them — and Sra. Velez — now.

Over the next few weeks, the school mourned Sra. Velez.  No, it wasn’t mourning.  It was a painful uncertainty, with the faculty and student body not sure what to think of Sra. Velez’s fate.

So it was with great relief when, one day, a seagull flew through an open window and into what had been Sra. Velez’s classroom.  Everyone knew it had to be Sra. Velez.  As she had before, but as a bird this time, she cleared her desk.  But then, he began to gather sheets of paper with her beak.  She shredded the paper and piled it on top of her desk.  After a while, it was in a neat circle.  That she sat upon.  She was still for several minutes, giving an occasional loud cry. 

“Is she doing what I think she’s doing?” asked Rosa.

Senora Hernandez was about to say something, when the seagull began to shift in shape.  She grew, and her feathers began to recede into her body, leaving human-colored flesh exposed.  Her legs became longer, and her feet turned back into a woman’s feet.  Her beak shrank back into her mouth, becoming teeth.  Her wingsd change back into arms. her breasts grew back, as did the hair on her head.  She was Sra. Velez again, naked again, looking curiously at the classroom.

Senora Hernandez approached Sra. Vlelex, who had sat down on the paper again, her legs crossed under her.  Sra. Velez gave one of her SQUAWKS and lunged toward Senora Hernandez.  In doing so, she left she shredded paper, and Senora Hernandez could see a clutch of three eggs in the nest.  Sra. Velez was a mother.

Scientists who had seen the footage of Srs. Velez’s transformation into a seagull (and later footage of her return to human form) came to the school and managed to take Sra. Velez away for study.  But they had to bring the eggs with them or she would fight her “capture.”


Beth Smith, RIP and “The Cruise and the Idol”

Our dear friend, Beth Smith, known on DeviantART as ms969, passed away this past Saturday, February 1.  Her partner of 40 years let me know of Beth’s passing.  Beth’s dART page can still be found here:

I’ve been told Beth wanted me to continue her dART site.  Not sure what direction she wanted things to go in.  If any of her WATCHers are reading this, please let me know what you’d like to see on that site.

Beth shared my interest in transformations, and was definitely a follower on my blog.  I wrote a short story just for her that, when I find it, I will share with everyone.

I really only knew Beth for over a year, but I feel lucky to have known her for that long.  I read her stories on shrinking Supergirl and enjoyed them.

When I take over her dART site, I will let everyone know.

For now, this is a short story I wrote for Beth back in November. I thought I’d share it with everyone in the hopes that they’d like it:


It had come as a complete surprise when Beth learned she had won the cruise. An entire month on the S.S. South Pacific. At first, she and Cherry weren’t sure they wanted to accept it. But they looked the contest up online and discovered it was legitimate. What’s more, the liner was very friendly and accommodating to the LGBTQ community. So, the two lovers packed their bags, loaded up on sunscreen and lots and LOTS of Dramamine! It took them a couple of days to get their sea legs. But they soon found themselves sailing around some of the most beautiful and exotic islands imaginable. They were allowed to go ashore on some of them. And, hear the end of the first week, the ship’s theater performed the play South Pacific. The audience was encouraged to sing along to “There Is Nothing Like A Dame,” and Beth and Cherry agreed that Nellie Forbush was VERY cute! 

The meals were exquisite, catering to every taste and diet imaginable. 

But the most interesting thing to happen came during a stop at one island, when husband-and-wife couple of explorers boarded with an idol they had found. The idol consisted of two human figures bonded to a large gem. The explorers, each with weathered features that made them look even more impressive, gave a lecture about the idol and their adventures. They then had the idol locked away in the ships safe and most of the passengers soon went to bed.

Beth and Cherry climbed into bed and turned out the light. When they fell asleep, they both dreamed about the idol, and both envisioned the gem glowing, its light filling their stateroom.

Beth was awakened the next morning by someone running down the corridor and a little girl shouting something. There were screams from many voices. Putting a robe on (and it was very ill-fitting), Beth stepped into the corridor (and they were unsteady steps, as if Beth were losing her balance) just in time to see her fellow passenger, Mrs. Whitestone, run by her stark naked! She had a big grin on her face and her breasts were bouncing as she ran by. Behind her, also running, was her daughter, Susie.

“Susie, get back here!” SAID Susie. “Come back with my body, right now!”

“No!” said Mrs. Whetstone. “I like how your boobies feel when I run!”

Beth was confused by this, and more confused when she saw Mr. and Mrs. Rayner come down the corridor. Mr. Raynor, who had always seemed like a “man’s man” was crying hard. His wife seemed to be trying to comfort him, saying “Don’t worry, honey, we’ll find out how to fix this.”

Then Beth heard a strange barking and scratching at a door. She opened it, and the actress who had played Nellie Forbush came out. She was naked on all fours. Behind her came a little Pekingese, whimpering and, apparently, trying to walk on its hind legs.

Beth returned to her stateroom and closed the door.

“What’s going on?” someone asked. The voice sounded familiar, but it wasn’t Cherry.

“I don’t know,” said Beth. But her voice sounded funny. And she noticed her field of vision was higher than normal. She turned to talk to whoever had spoken before, but no words could come out.

And then she screamed, as did Cherry. Because Beth found herself looking at herself, and Cherry was looking at herself.

They had switched bodies.

“Here,” said Beth, taking off the robe which was too small for Cherry’s body. Then, she looked around and grabbed and donned Cherry’s robe. They left the room.

“Please, everyone, stay calm,” said the husband explorer. But he looked as if he were uncertain about his body, and Beth realized it was the wife in the husband’s body. Beth looked around the lecture room and saw everyone looking sad, scared, some people giggling childishly, and assorted animals trying to adjust to their new, non-human bodies.

“What happened is, the ship sailed under an intersection of ley lines, powerful forces of magic. They activated the idol and caused everyone sharing a room to switch bodies.”

“We’ve examined the idol, and it looks like the process will be reversed tomorrow morning,” said the “woman.” 

“Take things easy today, and you’ll be back to normal tomorrow.”

Beth and Cherry returned to their stateroom. They literally disrobed and spent several minutes studying themselves.

“Well, what do you want to do?” Cherry asked.

Beth smiled and said “You know how sometimes during our pillow talk, we wonder how we taste to each other?”

They locked the door to their room and spent that day conducting their own explorations.